My Third Reply To Shri Ajita

Apr 9, 2008 | Silent War, Social Justice


“If you had remained silent, you would have remained wiser” (folklore)

Dear Ajita,

I am surprised that after you read what I wrote to you, you continued with dirty and ungrounded accusations. From what you wrote I understand that you gave in to the temptation (by the way, nothing new about this in the world we live in today) of criticising that which you do not understand because in this way you have more chances to remain on the side of “power” and of not taking the risk to be in the first line of the coming transformation. I understand and I have deep compassion for this spiritual failure of yours. I hope that those who are lucid will learn from the sad example you are giving that it is not allowed to make compromises on the spiritual path even if we consider the path of transformation as being too difficult.

Once again, your accusations show a flagrant lack of knowledge of the moral principles of spirituality (especially considering the position you want to have in the international community). You make accusations starting from assumptions. This shows either bad spiritual education or bad intention and I confess that I do not even know which of these is preferable in your case. In the letters I have answered to you so far I told you about the way in which I understand the Tantric path and what I have done in order to apply these principles. If, after the open presentation of these aspects, you say that I am involved in “sex-business”, I see clearly that I need to remind you about the ancient saying: “The pervert one judges the world according to his own perversity”.

What is even more serious, you make assumptions and then you draw conclusions based on these ungrounded assumptions: “As sex business is profit oriented, you have all reasons to stimulate desire in your customers and to be attached to money.”

What you say here is definitely not the attitude of a spiritual person, but rather the attitude of a person full of resentments, showing even a certain amount of stupidity. After all the explanations I gave (and you could have asked for more clarifications if you feel needed) you must be lacking some intelligence since you make such limping reasoning and indulge yourself into such a state of spiritual prostitution. What interests are you serving, Ajita, when you make such accusations?

Reading the first lines of your last letter, I could have believed that you did not read carefully what I have answered to you and you just replied back in a rush (rush is also not the expression of a state of wisdom). But at a certain moment you prove that you did read carefully what I wrote to you and that you even learned something about Tantra from what you read. In order to help you become aware of this aspect, I will insert two quotes, one from your first letter and then another from your last one. Thus, one can easily notice how you transformed your vision about Tantra. I am happy about that, because at least it shows that you did read carefully what I wrote to you:
In your first letter you say:

“Using sexual desire to attain internal life is an extremely demanding art, where the practitioner has to be fully detached, with his mind under total control. Failing to achieve that, the practitioner will fall in external life, which is the cycle of reincarnation.”

In your last letter you come back to this opinion with more nuances and outline it by saying:

“But a real Tantra Yoga teacher does only use desire, controlling it better and better by means
of detachment, as to reach enlightenment by transformation of the energy of desire.”

I am really happy you understood something about Tantra from this dialogue, yet I cannot help noting that this change in your point of view is not the attitude of a wise man. You could have at least say that you understood something more about Tantra and that now, from the new perspective – which is more nuanced and more encompassing (which you have got from my answers to you) – you have more questions. The fact that you do not mention this and that you pretend you had this opinion from the beginning, only to fix a certain image about yourself does not honour you as a man and yoga teacher. Still, it is clear that I was right to give you a more detailed answer, insisting on the spiritual aspects, because you (and maybe also others who had the same confusion like you) had something to learn. This is why I will continue this dialogue with you and I will give details in my answers about spiritual subjects.

Your affirmation: “: “Assuming that you are a Tantra Yoga teacher, who can believe that you will detach yourself from your profit goal in sex business when you teach? Nobody.” is a contradiction to what you said in the previous sentence. First, you say that a Tantra teacher uses desire, transforming it gradually, in order to be able to transcend, and immediately afterwards you say that if I had been a Tantra teacher nobody could believe this is possible to be done. Don’t you read what you wrote yourself, before sending publicly such flagrant mistakes, which disqualify you in front of those who read them? It seems that facing your own sexual inhibitions is out of your control and you have started to do things which for sure you will regret later on, when people will read carefully what you wrote now, while you are under the influence of these strange things coming out of your subconscious. I friendly advice you to stop and read for several times what you plan to send out publicly. You can even ask a friend, who is not so caught up in this game of inferior desires and ego, to read what you want to send in order to give you a feedback and to avoid further mistakes. In this way you can avoid to become embarrassing in a way that will be much more difficult to be fixed later on, even if you want it.

The proof that things are completely out of your control comes from the continuation of your letter, when you start insulting and making serious accusations that not even a man without a spiritual education can say without being punished as bad intended or as lacking common sense.

You say: “”using an uncontrollable “methodology” consisting of a mishmash of techniques and so called revelations, which are not in accordance with the standards of the International Yoga Federation.” This affirmation is surprising, considering you yourself do not know any standard of the International Yoga Federation that was broken by the techniques and methods that we use, and this is because such a “standard” does not exist.

If this standard had existed and we had broken it, then for sure the leaders of this Federation would have had an instant reaction long time ago. But you, in a pervert way, mislead people into understanding that we use strange methods and techniques which break an imaginary standard of the International Federation. Using insinuations, without bringing any arguments puts you in an extremely bad light. From this I realize how serious these problems that you are facing are and I intend to propose to those who want to make a series of 7 blessings for you, in order to help you get out of this moral decay of hatred and calumny, in which you have willingly entered.

Besides, if you had had minimum common sense to study what we teach in this yoga school, you would have seen that in fact we use the same methods as in the classic treaties – most of them – and in certain particular cases (very little, compared to the huge quantity of spiritual knowledge that is taught in this school) we also use esoteric methods which are rarely found and which are for a limited group of initiates. For these special aspects, special selections are done in order to maintain the esoteric character of those methods. According to my studies, these are the ways used by all esoteric schools in the world and I do not know of having broken any standard of any International Federation. It is true, in the ones who are rigid and squared minded, our school has caused anger or even excessive use of insults, but this does not justify the tone of your letters.

All in all, you present a dogmatic attitude, even with fanatic tendencies, very close to that of the middle eve inquisitors. Where is yogic tolerance and wisdom? Where is the good will to first make a deep study and then talk to me? You will probably say you have waited for 1 year to make such affirmations, but my question is: what have you done during this year to contact me and tell me about all these doubts and anxieties you have? The answer is simple and it takes off your mask: during all this time you did not do anything in order to get to know this subject better. Now you rushed into having a reaction in a singular way, when certain people in the Romanian Secret Services published all those calumnies about our school. You had this reaction not because of your beliefs, but due to your inhibitions at the sexual level which had been reactivated by these ordinary gossips. Don’t you find it strange that you reacted just now and that your reaction is only to bring accusations without any proofs, just like the calumnies brought by those calumny “professionals”?

As a supplementary proof that what you say is absurd, talking to the Leadership if the International Federation I found out that the plan regarding the congress in Bucharest stays the same and they are preparing to participate directly to this manifestation. If you had spoken in their name, how come that nobody supports you?

Doesn’t this situation make you think, or for you it is enough that your affirmations are supported by the calumnies uttered by certain suspicious individuals and by the absurd attacks of Romanian authorities?

Another strange aspect in your answer: although I have asked you twice, you never make reference to the illegal files against Gregorian Bivolaru and 50 other yoga teachers in MISA. This leads to the understanding that in fact you agree with these abuses and that you are on the side of the authorities who made these abuses, condemned at international level. Why don’t you at least have the courage to admit openly this opinion? The explanation for me is easy: if you admit this position, then your opinions will be judged by the others from the beginning, knowing that you are the spokesman of some criminals. But if you keep silence about these obvious aspects, you hope to draw the attention from the real serious aspects of this situation, making absurd accusations and personal attacks, tarnished by a cheap and superficial philosophy. But, as you could notice from the multiple reactions received both from other yoga teachers within MISA as well as from other people that have no connection to our school, your strategy failed and your mask was taken off. The only ones who continue to feed you with absurd calumnies and accusations are the ones who tricked you into doing their game, based on your lack of discernment. Unfortunately, as we all could see, you manifested this fully in these three letters you wrote.

In the end, it is hypocrisy from you when you say: “”I thank you for the opportunity of making more light in myself.” I wonder: If after you made more light into yourself you could say such absurd things, full of hatred and absurd accusations, how does your inside looked like before the light was made?

With deep compassion,

Mihai Stoian

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