New Examples of Certain Techniques of Disinformation in the Campaign Against Natha and M.I.S.A

Apr 14, 2010 | Silent War, Social Justice

A false article signed in my name on the Internet

In the conference “Who is Jesper?”, which I kept on August 16th 2009 in Copenhagen, I presented certain professional techniques of disinformation used in the media campaign against the yoga center Natha, in Denmark. It is about the same techniques that have been used in almost the last 2 decades in the media campaign against M.I.S.A, in Romania. Here you can watch this conference, in English:

In the media campaign against M.I.S.A in Romania, my name is often referred to and, obviously, not in a positive way. I was recently surprised to see a new maneuver organized by M.I.S.A’s defamers. This maneuver once again outlines the considerable resources they have for this disinformation campaign. The activists on the sites against M.I.S.A have published on the internet a clone of M.I.S.A’s official website,, in other words a partial copy of this site, with a different web address. In fact, they reactivated an older clone that existed in May 2008. On this site they published an article, claiming to be signed by me, which is completely absurd and which I have added below.

Apparently, this was presented as a joke on April 1st – April Fool’s Day, but in fact the hidden intention is well calculated, using the joke of April 1st as an excuse.

This situation shows the double maneuver: on one side, during this sensitive period certain false ideas and rumors are being spread, and on the other side, M.I.S.A’s defamers attack us because of these public stupidities, as if it was us who made these affirmations. After the publishing of this article on April 1st 2010, Cecilia Tiz, the well-known anti-M.I.S.A activist who never hesitates to expose in a rather obscene way her incomprehensible meanness and hatred against our yoga school, immediately published her acid, offending and vulgar comments. Even though she was later told by other users that the respective article is an “April 1st joke”, Cecilia did not withdrew her opinions and comments. Therefore, both the false article and her comments are still posted on the site and, for an inattentive reader, they can seem real. Obviously, both of them are attacking my personal image as well as M.I.S.A’s image.

In fact, these actions are done on purpose, in order to draw the attention of those for whom my name awakens their interest, considering the fact that the audience of the actions of these anti-MISA activists is rapidly decreasing. It is hoped that through these maneuvers, such as publishing certain articles using the names of some of us, they will increase the activity on the forums which publicly defame our school.

Fortunately, this article which is signed in my name is clearly strange, complicated and boring. I cannot imagine anyone willingly reading it all the way through or, at the very least, out of curiosity. Long, twisted phrases, big words lacking essence, and perverted ideas, are mixed with a few more credible fragments, in which the history of M.I.S.A is presented together with a few general elements about the judicial case of Gregorian Bivolaru. Besides this, the article conveys certain absurd, sectarian ideas which I definitely did not have and with which I do not agree.


Here are the main absurd ideas presented in this article:

Through its ridiculous tendency towards conspiracy, the article attempts to mock our affirmation that the virulent attacks against M.I.S.A are due, among other things, to the shocking revelations that Gregorian Bivolaru made about the satanic sect of worldwide freemasonry.

Through the twisted pseudo-philosophical way of expressing factual reality, the article aims to make us appear strange and lunatic, completely disconnected from reality and extreme. Creating this image of Natha Yoga School of lunatics with anarchic tendencies was also the goal in the media attacks in Denmark. In this instance, the strings pulled in the case of M.I.S.A and Gregorian Bivolaru were even more obvious. Through the way it  presents our branches in other countries and the fact that “our movement cannot be beheaded” induces the idea that the fact that Gregorian Bivolaru is our spiritual leader is not so important for us, and that we are a kind of militant political organization with a spiritual flavour. Discrediting the role of our spiritual guide is not a new element in these campaigns. The same tendencies were also promoted to a greater extent by the Danish newspaper that, a few years ago, hypocritically posed as a defender of the right to freedom of speech.

Through the way they speak about the formation of our overseas schools as a “discreet spiritual plan”, as if it is a conspiracy, they create a false impression. In fact, the one who wrote the article gave himself away with regard to the life principles and preconceived ideas he has about M.I.S.A. The depiction of the yoga schools as occult groups with an individual agenda could only spring out of the mind of a person who sees conspiracy as a legitimate way of action. The truth is that all these overseas schools which teach yoga in the system promoted by M.I.S.A and Gregorian Bivolaru are legal schools, and obviously, they are independent associations in their respective countries.

In the same way, they use affirmations that sound rather as if they are taken from the Protocols of the Masters of Freemasonry, such as: “we should continue together towards reaching our goal, without any deviation”, with the purpose to induce again the idea that we have a hidden secret agenda. This gives to these defamers the possibility to make scandals, based on these tricks which they themselves invent.

Through its twisted, blown up and meaningless expression, the article aims to point out the idea that we – me, especially – pay tribute to some sectarian spirit, the proselytes of which we would be. See, for example, the pathetic affirmation For those of you who feel disappointed in these moments, I remind you once more that we are here for all those who need spiritual guidance, or the pioneer enthusiasm that states: “the power of example of the initiator of the Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute, which we will also exemplify with the same ardor”. These absurdities need no comments. Nevertheless, they are presented in order to put us in a bad light – that of being strange, fanatic, and mentally disturbed.

I cannot help noticing, in this article, the foreshadowing – in a quite subtle way – of the moral profile of the fanatic, which these agents of denigration and calumny try to impose on me, at all costs.

In this way, they aim, by any means, to put in the collective subconscious the idea that those who practice yoga with M.I.S.A Yoga School are strange and radical fanatics, and this is the first step towards public accusations and demonizing.

Despite the desperate efforts to imprint these absurd images in the collective subconscious, I notice also that many people start to deny these maneuvers and they no longer read the absurdities of these professional calumniators. This is the reason why now they even use such manipulation strategies, risking exposure.

Below you can read the false article signed in my name by MISA’s denigrators. In this “game” without any rules or scruples, they throw the ball into the game, they dribble, they pass, but, fortunately, they cannot manage to score any points.

We shall continue with what we started against the malefic plans reflected in the instability at the physical level and its meaningless events

By Mihai Stoian

As an undeniable proof of the vile maneuvers from the dark backstage of Romanian justice, which had reached suffocating heights regarding political corruption and servitude, the hastened recent events of the abusive trial against our spiritual guide are a sui-generis action coordinated by the security and the secret services that serve the freemasonry, who commanded the abusive searches in March 2004. This event was the first visible signal of the Masonic structures seriously disturbed by the unprecedented revelations of Gregorian Bivolaru. As you know, the action in March 2004 was not accidentally called the Christ Action.

We remind everyone the advice of Lukas: (1,1): “Many have undertaken to draw up an account of the things that have been fulfilledamong us, just as they were handed down to us by those who from the first were eyewitnesses and servants of the Word. Therefore, since I myself have carefully investigated everything from the beginning, it seemed good also to me to write an orderly account for you, most excellent Theophilus, so that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught.”

Please remember that already before the “Revolution” in 1989, Gregorian Bivolaru was constantly checked by the Security, due to his yoga practice and teachings. He was imprisoned twice, and then, during the communist regime, he was forcefully confined in a psychiatric hospital (in those times, this was the solution for getting rid of unwanted persons, since communist ideology forebode political prisoners). What exactly was the fault of Gregorian Bivolaru? His correspondence with Mircea Eliade, and the fact that he continued to practice and to teach yoga in private, during 1982 – 1989, which proved the fact that he can always handle the subtle and physical attacks of the freemasons.

After the Revolution, Gregorian Bivolaru, together with a group of yogi friends, founded MISA. The first yoga courses and conferences took place in January 1990 and had an extraordinary success. Thousands of people joined the yoga courses opened by M.I.S.A in Bucharest, Cluj, Iasi and Brasov, in the first months of 1990. In the following years, more courses were open in many other cities in Romania and then also abroad. What we now call the M.I.S.A phenomenon grew bigger and bigger, despite the continuous aggressions, tricks and abuses of the authorities, with the servile help of the mass-media. As it was showed in a report presented in the plenum of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, during 1997 – 2006 there appeared a number of 2.700 defaming and calumnious articles in Romanian newspapers, all against our yoga school.

Not surprisingly, especially considering the disputable authenticity of the events in 1989, Gregorian Bivolaru continued to be on the list of unwanted people also after 1989. Regularly, the mass-media is launching virulent, poisonous attacks, based only on lies – genuine press campaigns with the purpose of denigrating and discrediting MISA and Gregorian Bivolaru. In these, we can see the aberrant accusations and the mentality of the Security. Since he was the target of these press campaigns, Gregorian Bivolaru withdrew from M.I.S.A’s leadership in 1995 and later on he even stopped teaching the yoga courses personally.

The entire gang of denigrators, sold for a handful of silver, stubbornly refuses to see the meaning of all these situations: the Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute is stronger and more powerful then ever, having 70.000 attendees and followers in more then 30 countries. This number is twice bigger then when Gregorian Bivolaru left Romania willingly, in order to give himself in to Justice, being eventually found not guilty by the Supreme Court of Justice in Sweden. This was an unprecedented spiritual slap on the corrupt cheek of Romanian justice.

The servants of freemasonry, whose plans have been defeated, simply refuse to see that the Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute is a complex spiritual phenomenon and it cannot be beheaded by any decisions, however radical, against one single man who faced them successfully so far. In any situation, such as the present one, our exemplary mobilization is necessary. Only a blind man cannot notice that M.I.S.A is a shelter for those who long for an authentic spiritual life and they cannot stop this way through the probable imprisoning of one person. In fact, this was the discreet spiritual plan, when we decided to open the courses of our yoga school as independent branches, with their own power and ability to regenerate and function on their own, regardless of the physical level and its circumstances, characterized by instability. We will continue our spiritual mission with increased force and self-sacrifice.

In this way, I announce you that M.I.S.A is an exemplary spirit and sacrifice and we will have to overcome the events in the physical level, as they are revealed to us, through the complete acceptance of these situational games. We should not lose hope, as we do not miss anything and we should continue together towards reaching our goal, without any deviation. For those of you feel disappointed in these moments, I remind you once more that we are here for all those need spiritual guidance during these moments that we need to overcome without any deviation from our spiritual goal, through the power of example of the Initiator of the Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute here, the phrase “which we will also exemplify with the same ardor”, which appears quoted above, is missing… We will prove that we can be at height, despite the difficulty of the spiritual tests that are planned against us in this instable physical level!

31 martie 2010

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