“Operation Christ” Exposed in the European Parliament

Apr 19, 2012 | Silent War, Social Justice

On April 11 2012, the human rights NGO – Soteria International – hosted a remarkable event right in the very heart of Europe: the European Parliament in Brussels.

The event marked the completing of the private investigation of the MISA-Gregorian Bivolaru case which has been ongoing now for more than eight years. I was invited to this event to present the point of view of the victims of the abuses and judicial mistakes generated by the romanian authorities in their witch-hunt against the Romanian yogis. MEPs, journalists, and others listened to the presentation made by the hosts about the current situation in what is coming out more and more to the western awareness in the long story of abuses of the Romanian authorities in the Gregorian Bivolaru case. Participants were stunned to find out the details of an ongoing totalitarian state persecution against its own citizens, a situation that the romanians try to hide in order to save the public image.

The big surprise of the day was the main guest speaker of this event of the Romanian historian, writer, and political anti-communist dissident, Gabriel Andreescu. Dr. Andreescu, founder of the APADOR- Helsinki Committee (one of the first associations for the protection of human rights in Romania), has made a comprehensive study of the case on his own, and has also written an extraordinary book (The Repression of the Yoga Movement in the ‘80s) in two volumes, the second of which is currently being published. His independent analysis of the case, completed by the general background of corruption in the Romanian public arena left the entire audience speechless.

Even if there was not enough time for the subject to be explained in great detail, the information offered was so stunning that several participants asked for more information and offered support to clear the fog of injustice. Some of them even signed and immediately sent letters of concern to the Romanian Prime Minister and Minister of Justice. (pictures from the event will soon follow)Operation-Christ-Exposed

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