Overwhelming and Definitive Triumph of the Divine Justice in the Unfair Trials Against Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru

Mar 27, 2011 | Silent War, Social Justice

Gregorian Bivolaru is Innocent!

On the 23rd April 2010 I was announcing ‘a great victory for our yoga school’ since at that moment the court decided that my spiritual guide Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru is innocent. Since Monday the 14th March I can now even more happily announce the final triumph in the court, since the appeal formulated by the Sibiu Prosecutor’s Office against the decision of acquittal of Gregorian Bivolaru was rejected. The meaning of this, for anyone who is familiar with the international law – and this is valid everywhere in the world – is that that Gregorian Bivolaru’s innocence is undeniably and definitively proved! Before quoting the official press release text from our school’s internet site and the relevant parts of my analysis of the 2010 April decision of the court, I will comment on this act of true justice in Romania’s contemporary law scenery and on the way it is received by the Romanian media. This act of justice from the 14th March 2011 in Alba-Iulia marks another step forward towards the complete and fair act of justice in the series of strange trials against the MISA yoga school and its spiritual guide, Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru. The pre-fabricated accusations in their intended ‘heaviest’ breakpoints have just fallen into pieces.Luni, 14 martie 2011, Curtea de Apel Alba Iulia a respins apelul formulat de Parchetul Sibiu împotriva hotărârii de achitare a lui Gregorian Bivolaru.

Reamintim că în data de 23 aprilie 2010, Instanţa Tribunalului Sibiu a dispus achitarea lui Gregorian Bivolaru în dosarul 405/85/2005. Parchetul a formulat imediat apel, contestând decizia instanţei. Astăzi, după aproape un an, hotărârea Curţii de Apel Alba Iulia certifică faptul că achitarea lui Gregorian Bivolaru este corectă şi legală şi prin urmare rămâne valabilă.

Hotărârea Curţii de Apel Alba Iulia certifică încă o dată nevinovăţia lui Gregorian Bivolaru şi este un nou pas înainte spre a se face dreptate şi a se repara măcar moral nedreptăţile şi abuzurile la care Gregorian Bivolaru şi mişcarea de yoga din România sunt supuşi de ani de zile din partea autorităţilor române.

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The way the media has prepared this moment and acted afterwards continue to show their sad predictability. The classical manipulation manual steps are followed with the regular ‘zeal’ of the politically commanded news: a little more than two weeks ago the Evenimentul Zilei national newspaper and the Evenimentul Zilei newsportal have started the ‘smoke-throwing’ action for the non-attentive ones coming with an article with a title suggesting in Romanian the idea of sure ‘sentence’ for Gregorian Bivolaru. Then on the 10th of March 2011 another article from the same newspaper and portal try to increase the pressure on the judges with another imaginary story about a girl who supposedly have left her family to join the yoga school. This very weak and slightly tangent accusation – having nothing to do with the reality – see the official reply of MISA’s press office – shows the desperate attempts of the media to hide the truth again. Immediately the day after the acquittal of Gregorian Bivolaru, on the 14th of March, the ‘article’ sent out by Mediafax demonstrates again the classical manipulation tricks applied so that the Romanian public be convinced that this decision is not definitive and that the victory was only because of the time limitation before the decision to be taken. Ironically enough, some versions of the Mediafax release transcribed the true reason for Gregorian Bivolaru’s acquittal ‘considering that the act doesn’t exist’ – that is, the invented acts of sexual perversion and human traffic in reality does not exist.
Today the rhetorical question I asked 11 months ago stays the same as about the first victory in the Sibiu Court in April 2010: how many trials have to end in M.I.S.A and Grieg’s favor, how many courts have to declare them innocent for justice to be made and the harrasment to stop?

The Alba Iulia Court of Appeal rejected the appeal formulated by the Sibiu Prosecutor’s Office

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Monday, 14th of March 2010, The Alba Iulia Court of Appeal rejected the appeal formulated by the Sibiu Prosecutor’s Office against the decision of acquittal of Gregorian Bivolaru.

We remind you that on the 23rd of April 2010, the Sibiu Court ruled the acquittal of Gregorian Bivolaru in the 405/85/2005 file. The Prosecutor’s Office immediately formulated an appeal, contesting the Court’s decision. Today, after almost one year, the decision of the Alba Iulia Court of Appeal certifies the fact that the acquittal of Gregorian Bivolaru is correct and legal and therefore remains valid.

The decision of the Alba Iulia Court of Appeal once again certifies the innocence of Gregorian Bivolaru and it is a new step forward towards justice and at least a moral reparation of the injustices and abuses to which Gregorian Bivolaru and the yoga movement in Romania have been subjected to by the Romanian authorities for years.

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