Publically Admitted – The High Level Corruption in The Gregorian Bivolaru – Misa Case

Mar 18, 2012 | Silent War, Social Justice

The Political Class of Romania Publically Admits Its Involvement in The Gregorian Bivolaru – Misa Case

There have already been several years since the Gregorian Bivolaru and MISA case made waves in many countries of Europe and has been giving hard times to those that created it. Nevertheless, the opinions and problems faced by the yogis were barely shown at all, and Mr Bivolaru was always presented only through the lies of others, which were far from objectively reflecting reality.

That there were interests behind the entire action of demonization of Gregorian Bivolaru and the MISA yoga school is now obvious also for high European dignitaries but nevertheless no one was taken this into consideration in order to consider the authenticity of the legal action. Even when at the time of the investigations against Gregorian Bivolaru and the MISA yoga school, the Prime Minister of Romania (Adrian Năstase) admitted that it was nothing more than a great mistake, still nothing moves in the narrow minds of the Bucharest leaders. They continue with the same attitude which they learned from their communist parents: to lie until the adversary is completely annihilated and then you will be the only one that can say something and your lie will become the historical truth.

This is a patent that was not first used by communists, but they raised it to the rank of state policy. So, we witness the public declaration on television of one of the ex-leaders of the regime that triggered the abusive investigations of Gregorian Bivolaru and the MISA yoga school and all that we have today are still on-going trials that, to on top of everything, are brought to the High Court of Cassation and Justice by the prosecutors that are still driven by the mentality of Romanian tanks: full steam ahead because any step backwards is a proof of weakness! In other countries, this video recording, that you can watch below, would have created an earthquake in the state institutions and would have led to apologies being given to those people who were abused for so many years, (there are already 8 years of humiliating trials and terrible abuses that are added to over 30 years of continuous oppression).

But not in Romania – which is already in the EU and is now knocking at the gate of the Schengen Area. Here, in Romania, this video recording, like many others, went virtually unnoticed by everybody except the victims that ineffectually shout for righteousness and justice. Here is this recording. It is followed by another short movie that presents other statements that should have led (in a normal state, with the least amount of decency) to the closing of the files and the investigation of those that committed such abuses. I hope that bringing such aspects now to the attention of the international public will help unmask the lies that the Romanian justice still hides. Already the support of European officials shows that that lie has a short life in Bucharest also.

Source : Misa-Yoga Blog

Adrian Năstase Admits That Raids Against MISA Were a “Great Mistake” On the TV show “Ştirea Zilei” (News of the Day) from Antena 3 on April 8th, 2009, Adrian Năstase admitted that the raids of the masked armed teams against MISA in 2004 were a great mistake.

The ex-Prime Minister nevertheless still continues to shamelessly lie, saying that he was not involved in their organization. But we have not forgotten the PSD stenographs that prove the fact that the diversion against MISA was done on his order, a fact which is indirectly confirmed by Marian Vanghelie.

Below, you have the transcription of the interview and the video recording with English subtitles:

Ion Cristoiu: “Forgive me for a second. Two minutes and I’m done. I look at you and can’t believe I defended you. First of all, you miserably misjudged my intentions. I did not say that Mr.Guşă ordered the arrest. I said that Mr. Guşă is the author of an electoral strategy. I neither criticized, nor praised him. A strategy that aims to attribute a person, who may be Adrian Năstase, Gabriela Firea, Ion Cristoiu or Traian Băsescu, to alleged wrongdoings. I remind you that you lost the elections, among others, also because the same police – and it was led by you Minister of Internal Affairs – and the same prosecutors ordered a brutal search with masked special armed force teams on TV, against MISA. I remind you… perhaps I’m wrong!?”

Adrian Năstase: “It’s true.”

Ion Cristoiu: “And then it was attributed to you. I did nothing else…and I have something to ask you, don’t question my intentions. I told you in the following way. I agree to criticize a political character, in the same way like you, and I defended you from this point of view, but not with propagandistic means. At least I am not playing this piece.”

Adrian Năstase: “Mr. Cristoiu, I agree to what you are saying and perhaps you have listened, at a certain point, I made a comment and you have probably seen that I was not among those who criticized Traian Băsescu’s family, and mostly his daughters. And I said, if I have something against Traian Băsescu, it’s against him personally, not his children. And this seems a question of principle and I am still true to this. And concerning MISA and the masked officers, you are perfectly right. I did not know about that operation, I found out subsequently and I believe what happened to them was a great mistake. And I paid for it. And I think undeservedly. I also paid for some deserved things, but in that affair I had no part at all. And I think it was an absolutely stupid thing, the way it was built. I don’t want to discuss anything further about what the people there did, what they did, how they gathered in circles and made all sorts of prayers and transmitted all sorts of energies. This does not concern me. And it was indeed a thing that did not have, should not have occurred.” But I believe also now… what I can tell you about what happened during the time I was Prime Minister and I regret also that thing with Mugur Ciuvică, and I, that episode… I did not order his arrest. I couldn’t have.”

In the end of the show, Adrian Năstase declared: Surely, keeping the same hope that such stupid things will never happen in Romania. I repeat, I assume a part of the guilt for some of the things during 2000-2004. But I think that such things should not occur anymore.

Here Is Some Other Shocking Proof of The Way in Which The Romanian Justice Hides The Truth (Under The Cover Of The Authorities)

Foto Source Adrian Nastase’s Blog

In alte tari aceasta inregistrare video pe care o puteti vedea mai jos ar fi produs un cutremur de proportii in institutiile statului si ar fi dus la scuzele de rigoare fata de cei abuzati timp de atatia ani (sunt deja 8 ani de procese umilitoare si abuzuri teribile care se adauga la peste 30 de ani de opresiune continua). Nu insa si in Romania care se vede intrata in UE si acum bate si la portine spatiului Schengen. Aici, in Romania, aceasta inregistrare ca si multe altele a trecut neluata in seama de nimeni altcineva decat de catre victimele care striga in zadar pentru dreptate si justitie. Iata in continuare aceasta inregistrare. Ea este urmata de un scurt film care prezinta si alte afirmatii care ar fi trebuit sa duca (intr-un stat normal si care ar avea o cat de mica decenta) la inchiderea dosarelor si anchetarea celor care au comis asemenea abuzuri. Sper ca aducerea acestor aspecte acum in atentia publicului international va ajuta la demascarea minciunilor pe care justitia din Romania inca le ascunde. Deja sprijinul oficialilor arata ca minciuna are picioare scurte si la Bucuresti. Sursa : Misa-Yoga Blog

Clasa Politica Din Romania Isi Recunoste Public Implicarea In Cazul Gregorian Bivolaru – Misa

Sunt deja mai multi ani de cand cazul Gregorian Bivolaru si MISA a facut valuri in multe tari din Europa si a adus multa bataie de cap celor care l-au creat. Cu toate acestea opiniile si problemele yoghinilor nu au fost aproape deloc aratate, iar d-nul Bivolaru a fost prezentat mereu numai prin minciunile altora care erau departe de a reflecta in mod obiectiv realitatea. Ca au existat interese in spatele intregii actiuni de demonizare a lui Gregorian Bivolaru si a scolii de yoga MISA este acum evident si pentru inalti demnitari europeni insa, nimeni nu a luat aceasta in considerare pentru a vedea autenticitatea demersului legal. Chiar si atunci cand fostul prim ministru al Romaniei (Adrian Nastase), din timpul demararii anchetelor impotriva lui Gregorian Bivolaru si a scolii de yoga MISA, recunoaste ca totul nu a fost decat o mare greseala totusi nimic nu se misca in mintea anchilozata a celor de la Bucuresti. Ei continua cu aceeasi atitudine invatata de la parintii lor comunisti: sa minti pana cand adversarul va fi anihilat cu totul si atunci tu vei fi singurul care poate sa spuna ceva iar minciuna ta va deveni adevarul istoric. Acesta este un brevet pe care nu l-au folosit comunistii prima data insa pe care ei l-au ridicat la rang de politica de stat. Astazi iata ca avem declaratia publica, televizata, a unuia dintre liderii regimului care a declansat anchetele abuzive impotriva lui Gregorian Bivolaru si a scolii de yoga MISA si tot astazi avem inca procese in instanta care culmea, sunt aduse pana la Curtea de Casatie si Justitie de catre procurorii care sunt inca manati de mentalitatea tancurilor sovietice: tot inainte pentru ca orice pas inapoi este o dovada de slabiciune!

Adrian Nastase Recunoaste Ca Descinderile Impotriva MISA Au Fost ‘O Mare Greseala’

In cadrul emisiunii “Stirea Zilei” de la Antena 3 din data de 8 aprilie 2009, Adrian Nastase a recunoscut ca descinderile mascatilor impotriva MISA din anul 2004 au fost o mare greseala. Fostul prim ministru continua totusi sa minta cu nerusinare ca nu a fost implicat in organizarea lor. Noi insa n-am uitat de stenogramele PSD care dovedesc faptul ca diversiunea contra MISA a fost realizata la ordinul sau, fapt confirmat indirect de catre Marian Vanghelie. Mai jos aveti transcrierea interviului si apoi inregistrarea video. “Ion Cristoiu: Iertaţi-mă o secundă. Două minute şi-am terminat. Mă uit la dumneavoastră şi nu-mi vine să cred că v-am apărat. În primul rând, că dumneavoastră mi-aţi făcut un proces de intenţie pe care-l consider mizer. Eu nu am spus că domnul Guşă a ordonat arestarea. Am spus că domnul Guşă este autorul unei strategii electorale. Nici nu l-am criticat, nici nu l-am lăudat. Care vizează atribuirea unei persoane, care poate fi Adrian Năstase, Gabriela Vrânceanu Firea, Ion Cristoiu sau Traian Băsescu, a unor vini presupuse. Vă reamintesc că dumneavoastră aţi pierdut alegerile, printre altele, şi pentru că aceeaşi poliţie – şi chiar era condusă de ministrul dumneavoastră de Interne – şi aceiaşi procurori au ordonat o percheziţie cu mascaţi, brutală, la televizor, la MISA. Vă reamintesc… poate greşesc!?… Adrian Năstase: Aşa este. Ion Cristoiu: Şi după asta vi s-a atribuit dumneavoastră. Eu n-am făcut altceva… şi am o rugăminte, nu-mi faceţi procese de intenţie. Eu am spus în felul următor. Sunt de acord să criticăm un personaj politic, ca şi pe dumneavoastră şi v-am luat apărarea din acest punct de vedere, dar nu cu mijloace propagandistice. Eu cel puţin nu mă înscriu în piesa asta. Adrian Năstase: Domnul Cristoiu, sunt de acord cu ce spuneţi şi dacă poate aţi ascultat la un moment dat, am făcut un comentariu şi aţi văzut probabil că eu n-am intrat în rândul celor care au criticat familia lui Traian Băsescu, şi mai ales pe fetele lui. Şi am spus, dacă am ceva cu Traian Băsescu am cu el, şi nu cu copiii lui. Şi asta mi se pare o chestiune de principiu şi ţin în continuare la acest lucru. Iar în ceea ce priveşte MISA şi mascaţii aveţi perfectă dreptate. Eu n-am ştiut de acea operaţiune, am aflat ulterior şi cred că a fost o mare greşeală ce s-a întâmplat atunci. Şi eu am plătit pentru ea. Şi cred că nemeritat. Am plătit şi pentru unele lucruri meritate, dar în acea chestiune chiar n-am avut nici un fel de rol. Şi cred că a fost o chestiune absolut stupidă, aşa cum a fost construită. Nu vreau să discut nimic în continuare despre ce-au făcut cei de-acolo, ce făceau, cum se strângeau în cercuri şi făceau tot felul de rugăciuni şi transmiteau tot felul de energii. Nu asta mă interesează. A fost însă un lucru într-adevăr care nu avea, nu trebuia să se întâmple. Dar cred şi acum… ceea ce pot să spun despre ceea ce s-a întâmplat pe vremea când eram prim-ministru şi regret şi chestiunea aceea cu Mugur Ciuvică, iar eu, episodul acela… eu n-am dat un ordin ca el să fie arestat. Nici nu puteam s-o fac.”

In finalul emisiunii Adrian Nastase declara: “Sigur, în aceeaşi speranţă că astfel de lucruri stupide nu se vor mai întâmpla în România. Repet, îmi asum şi eu o vină pentru unele din lucrurile din perioada 2000-2004. Dar cred că astfel de lucruri n-ar trebui să se mai întâmple.”

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