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Advaitananda is the founder and principal teacher at the Institute for Quantum Transformation, where he currently leads high-performance programmes for executives, leaders, and visionaries who aim for 360-degree success – including the profound positive impact on society.

The Institute for Quantum Transformation exists to empower those who are ready to tap into their innate inner brilliance, going beyond the ordinary limits of the mind and using the superior wisdom of the heart. Weaving together the practical with the intuitive, the Institute offers systematic, proven techniques for utilising universal laws for the benefit of all, constantly shifting paradigms and upgrading perspectives in all areas of life.

As the founder and principal teacher of the Institute for Quantum Transformation, Advaitananda designs programmes on integral success and leadership by drawing on universal principles and laws in order to help people work in a fully integrated way, in line with their true selves, to get the most out of life and career at all levels and to tap into and master the full potential of the brain and consciousness.


With an array of programmes suitable for various stages of the self-discovery journey, we aim to share groundbreaking perspectives on topics vital to modern daily life. Our offerings primarily address executives, visionaries and entrepreneurs for whom the efficient management of time and resources, responsible leadership and decision-making are crucial.

In a time when true leadership is lacking and outdated social systems are crashing, our higher level programmes provide guidance to help those with influence and power to, first-and-foremost, lead their own lives, thus fulfilling their purpose of leading others in the most efficient and transformative way possible.

The Institute’s courses culminate with the Quantum Transformation Advanced Programme that lends its name to the entire project. Founded on the principle of continuous transformation, our flagship programme specifically addresses those who have already achieved a certain kind of success and wisely intuit there is even more to experience and deepen.


All our courses and programmes encourage a process of spherical growth, which implies a willingness to look in all directions of life experience for accelerated, holistic and non-preferential, beneficial transformation.

We know that lasting change doesn’t happen over a weekend or in just one week, which is why our courses and programmes are not intended as ‘quick-fixes’. We aim to offer a kick-start or boost to your journey, which together with inner commitment and personal effort offers you the possibility to achieve truly life-changing results.

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Online courses

The Eye of the Storm 21-day programme promises greater harmony, success and fulfilment in all areas of life, supported by dedicated learning and practice.


Designed to boost and deepen your personal transformation in the frame of a two-and-a-half day intensive, residential retreat with like-minded people, and follow-up support and guidance.


The Executive Immersion course offers an “inside-out” approach to change, where instead of trying to control the environment, success becomes accessible regardless of the outer conditions.


A specialised, exclusive training for executives, entrepreneurs and visionary leaders, in a series of intensive modules, with one-on-one support and guided periods of ardent personal training.


Graduates of the flagship Quantum Transformation programme qualify to become part of the Network of Hearts: a group of highly conscious individuals, fixed on higher ideals, who come together to receive and put into practice valuable initiations, to support each other and get feedback, share challenges and plans, and brainstorm ideas and solutions from the supra-mental level.

Striving to rapidly ascend to the sublime heights of their being, they integrate the Quantum structure of life into their daily experiences. They bring the light of consciousness into the world, down to the smallest details of the modern human’s busy life.

Network of Hearts initiates are able to:

  • Master the power of the Heart. 
  • Experience synchronicities as part of a universally integrated life, being at the right place at the right time.
  • Efficiently harness the power of intention. 
  • Discover and fulfil life’s destiny, from overall goals to daily decisions and actions.
  • Offer without reserves for the betterment of humanity. 
  • Enthusiastically engage with the path of continuous transformation.

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