Remember, Remember the 11th of September

Sep 11, 2020 | World Today

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana

Remember, remember … the gunpowder treason against the people and plot; I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot!”. An old symbol of acting in the shadows, conspiracy and idealism that seems to justify violence and extreme measures. Is this part of history repeating itself in our time? It seems that it does as so many people willingly want to forget most of the inconvenient truths that do not fit their image of the world nowadays. This image is created by people (incompetently) playing God which is then implemented through the use of their propaganda tools from the mainstream media (MSM). Combined with a terrible culture of institutionalised hypocrisy, this “perfection by omission” becomes one of the main causes of the rapid degeneration of the human condition today. Free-thinking and the open search for truth is reduced to a Medieval style of blind belief, the only difference typically being the content of these beliefs.

After the events of 1989 that led to the fall of communism in Eastern European countries, we all hoped the lessons of blind obedience to some kind of social Trojan horse utopia – i.e. communism when it came to be – was learned and put behind us. But only 12 years later a new plan was set in motion, using the same mechanisms of social manipulation that were “patented” centuries ago: fear and problem-reaction-solution.

The horrific chain of events that started on 11th September 2001 is now more important than ever to address and take a courageous stand for the truth. On the 19th anniversary of these horrific attacks, it is time to dust off the rubble of 9/11 and look deeper into an event that shaped, to a large extent, the world we live in today, with its mark of fear and separation.

The corrupted few who holds too much power

Nearly 3000 Americans lost their lives that day and tens of thousands were maimed and killed in the Middle Eastern “war on terror”, justified by the tragic and devastating events of 9/11 that is showing the almost incomprehensible truth: A government can and will lie to and kill its own people to fulfil its agenda. The power is centralized in the hands of a very small group of people who control from the shadows and they got so corrupted by all that power that they lost their moral compass and now look at humanity with the same kind of mentality as the majority of humanity look at animals today. With ownership, abusive behaviour, master/slave relationship and eventually if it will bring profit they will drive the cattle to slaughter.

This elite group wanted to control the Middle East for various reasons but they could not convince the American people to go to war for them based on those reasons, so they had to come up with a method to get people to do what they want and knowing how people react to different stimuli the elite can control them like a puppet on a string. The simple scheme they have used time and again throughout history is called ”problem, reaction, solution”. All this elite group has to do is to create a problem and then await the reaction of the people. When the reaction is big enough a prefabricated solution is introduced, that is containing within it exactly what they wanted to obtain in the first place. Now the people are mobilized, their common sense is completely replaced by fear and the events are moving in the desired and carefully planned direction.

From this perspective, the existence of all the OBVIOUS lies that appears when you look deeper into the official story of 9/11 makes perfect sense. It is very hard to cover up an event at such a large scale. They certainly tried their best, but the truth is slipping out through the cracks of the official story that is challenged by the growing lucid masses that are starting to awaken to that which appears as an obvious truth when you look deeper and do some research: The events of 9/11 were a sinister plot conceived by the powerful few. And though they counted on people’s naivety and not questioning the official story they were spoon fed, in many cases it had the opposite effect. It has brought up a lot of questions in people about the government and their true agenda and what is really going on behind the scenes. In fact many have pointed out that the events of 9/11 began their awakening to the truth of what is going on in our world. In 2013, global public opinion and data company, YouGov, published the results of an interesting poll to mark the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. The poll found that one in two Americans have doubts about the government’s account of 9/11. And as more and more people around the world start to wake up, this number has only grown.

In order to assist in “draining the swamp” it is necessary to take a lucid look into it. Let’s start by looking into what a swamp is: “a saturated stale mass of water that is not transparent”. It can be compared with that which is unconscious – to reveal that which is unconscious some courageous digging is needed for the dirt to come out into the light.

There has been done a lot of digging, for instance by the movement Architects & Engineers for 9/11 truth (AE911Truth), a non-profit organization representing more than 3,000 architects and engineers, where professionals whose opinions are highly relevant for the events of 9/11 such as pilots, firefighters, engineers and architects speak out against the official report, and from their practical experience and scientific expertise cry out for truth in unison: “We demand a new investigation!”.  To visit the website of “Architects & Engineers for 9/11 truth” and see for yourself the opinion of thousands of professionals click here.

Again we can see the ugly face of institutionalised hypocrisy that finds so many adepts in today’s public – who want to take the blue pill so they can sleep well. The establishment – that is now fighting for its survival – obsessively screams, “listen to the science”, but when the scientists have a different opinion than the established narrative it is immediately (and superficially) labeled as “conspiracy theory”. Just seeing this situation those who are still looking at life from a detached perspective start to wonder “what do you have to hide?” Clearly a person with common sense will not act in such a way. When you see this in society you find it repugnant, but when the entire establishment follows this pattern most people are left with a feeling of desperation as it seems to be too big to deal with and too ugly to believe that it can truly happen.

One of the difficulties with the events of 9/11 are the consequences on our lives of the conclusions regarding the TRUTH. I personally have the experience of talking to an acquaintance and presenting the irrefutable evidences about the fact that the official story regarding the events on 9/11 contain unacceptable flaws and even lies. And my acquaintance, being a very openminded person and attentively listening concluded: “I can see what you are saying and cannot find any flaw. But I cannot afford accepting any of these evidences because that would mean a dramatic implication in the life that I live right now. I cannot accept that the system that I am working for can generate such aberrations”. This is the reaction that the “organisers” of such actions count on: if the lie or the crime is too big (much bigger than the comprehension capacity of the normal people, bigger than what they consider possible to be done by themselves) then it is easily dismissed as a rumour or a “conspiracy theory”. Most people are happy to dismiss anything that does not fit in their view about the world and tend to alter it very much. Definitely only considering the possibility that the attacks on 9/11 could be done with the knowledge of someone from the US administration, or that it was an inside job requires more than an open mind, it requires the confidence that you can fly because the very floor you stand on might disappear. 

The revelations presented below highlight some of the most obvious aspects that make the above-mentioned reality stand out in all its shocking and ugly garments. There is no reason to let oblivion engulf these events as they are far from being what we are told to be. 

The Story of Building 7 (WTC 7)

One of the most unbelievable parts of the 9/11 story is that of Building 7 – World Trade Centre Building 7. The events surrounding this tower have become a key focus point for people who question the official account of what happened that day.

Completed in 1987, WTC 7 was a 47-story building with a steel frame and reinforced concrete floors, positioned about 100 metres from the twin towers. On 11th September 2001, WTC7 was not struck by an airplane, however it collapsed at 5:20pm, hours after the twin towers were hit and collapsed. Apparently, as the North Tower of the World Trade Center collapsed on 11th September 2001, heavy debris from this tower hit WTC 7, damaging the south face of the building and starting fires that continued to burn throughout the afternoon, which allegedly brought down the entire building.

In the official report published in 2008, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) concluded that the collapse of Building 7 happened due to ”fire induced progressive collapse”. An allegedly failed sprinkler system in WTC7 meant that the fires that were started by the debris from the North Tower burned out of control, and according to NIST:

“The heat from the uncontrolled fires caused steel floor beams and girders to thermally expand, leading to a chain of events that caused a key structural column to fail. The failure of this structural column then initiated a fire-induced progressive collapse of the entire building.”

However, in March 2020, researchers at the University of Alaska Fairbanks issued a 4-year computer modelling study on the collapse of WTC building 7. This report contradicts the official story that fire caused the collapse. The UAF research team concluded: 

“Fire did not cause the collapse of WTC 7 on 9/11, contrary to the conclusions of NIST and private engineering firms that studied the collapse. The secondary conclusion of our study is that the collapse of WTC 7 was a global failure involving the near-simultaneous failure of every column in the building.”

The principal investigator, UAF civil engineering professor Leroy Hulsey, and his research assistants found that the design standard of the building was not exceeded by the fire and that simultaneous and controlled demolition caused the structural steel to fail. Here is a statement from the report: 

Fires could not have caused weakening of displacement of structural members capable of initiating any of the hypothetical local failures alleged to have triggered the total collapse of the building. Nor could any local failures, even if they had occurred, have triggered a sequence of failures that would have resulted in the observed total collapse.”

Click here to download the report.

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth) rejoiced at the findings of the UAF report. They have submitted a Request for Correction to NIST, under the Data Quality Act, aiming to force NIST to “correct its deeply flawed report.” They invite people to sign their petition here.

Further to the surveys conducted by YouGov in 2013, after viewing the video footage of WTC 7’s collapse 46% of pollers suspected it was caused by a controlled demolition. Interestingly, 46%, nearly one in two, were not even aware that a third tower collapsed on 9/11.

Here is a video showing the collapse of WTC 7:

Indeed, when you watch the video you can see two obvious facts that contradict the official story:
1) The fires were out by the time the building went down.
2) It fell symmetrically at free-fall acceleration into its footprint in under 7 seconds, in the exact manner of a classic controlled demolition. A collapse at free fall speed can only happen when everything below has already been pulverized.
It is also worth mentioning that both before and ever since 9/11 no steel-frame, fire-protected building has ever collapsed due to normal office fires.

We are talking here about a steel-frame building that they claim was brought down by burning office furniture. As Robert Korol, a fellow of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineering, one of two peers who reviewed the UAF study, stated: “there was nothing in the offices beyond basic desks, chairs, computers and paper that would be of such a combustible nature so as to feed a fire and raise the temperature to above 1,400 degrees Celsius and melt the steel structure.”



If all the above-mentioned facts are not enough to convince you that something doesn’t add up in the official story, in the frenetic, confusing aftermath of the “terror” attacks, the BBC reported Building 7’s fall almost half an hour before it actually happened. If it was a skyscraper burning for many hours (or days in some cases), when the collapse was imminent, such report before collapse can be explained. But everyone from the official side stated it was a surprise, a shock … reported 30 minutes before it actually happened. Journalist Jane Standley was broadcast at 4.54pm eastern time reporting that WTC 7 had collapsed, but in the background live images from New York it was still standing. It fell 26 minutes later, seven hours after the Twin Towers came down. The BBC blamed the confusion of the day for the mix-up and came up with a very lame excuse, however their explanation was undermined by the head of BBC world news, Richard Porter’s admission that the BBC no longer had the original tapes of its coverage.

Of further interest are the offices that occupied WTC7. Apart from several banks, WTC7 housed offices of the CIA, the Secret Service, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Some researchers suggest that disrupting the SEC investigations of WorldCom and ENRON may have been a motive for the Bush administration to bring WTC7 down.

The Twin Towers

On 11th September 2001, The World Trade Centre’s twin towers fell at free fall speed: 110 stories fell in 9 and 11 seconds respectively. The official story from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is that once the top level fell it knocked the other stories down one after the other like a pancake effect. But a pancake effect increasingly slows down. What happened in reality was that as the towers went down they actually accelerated, meaning there was no resistance from the massive steel core. The structure collapsed into material that was already pulverized. This is obvious truth that honest people cannot deny and the idea that a plane was able to cause the buildings to collapse at free fall speed is insane, to put it mildly.

According to the movement AE911Truth:

The technical experts at AE911Truth have performed the important task of gathering and analyzing the scientific evidence that proves, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the Twin Towers and WTC 7 were brought down by explosives.”

Here are some facts worth considering.

  • Jet fuel burns no hotter than 1,200 degrees. Consequently, the fires caused by the plane crashes could not possibly burn hot enough to melt the core steel structure of each floor, let alone to collapse the entire buildings. This dispels the official story that the steel trusses’ joints melted from jet-fuel fires, “pancaking” the floors on top of one another – leaving completely ignored the question of what then happened to the 47-beam grid in the center of both towers.

  • Molten steel girders were found in the debris at Ground Zero. The damage to the steel itself was notable – deformed, twisted, but curiously not cracked. The only substance capable of creating the heat necessary to cause this kind of damage to steel is Thermite, which must first be detonated. Residue from nearby buildings that were in the path of the huge smoke/debris plumes created when the buildings collapsed was extensively tested, revealing that Thermite was abundantly present in the dust that covered Ground Zero and its surrounding blocks.

  • Film footage of the collapse of the twin towers, when played in slow motion, reveals a pattern of explosive bursts, called “squibs,” preceding many of the floors’ collapse as the buildings dropped straight down. This is precisely what occurs in planned building demolitions. The majority of the world’s structural, mechanical, metallurgical, and chemical engineers, architects, and demolition experts agree that nothing but a planned demolition using strategically placed explosives could mimic the perfect straight-down free-fall that characterized the collapse of both towers. More important, planned demolitions require extensive analysis of the structure, and therefore must be planned months in advance.

  • When interviewed, countless witnesses – many of them survivors from the towers, including firefighters – claimed they heard and/or saw secondary explosions after the plane crashes. Some heard explosions in the basements of the buildings, some in the lobbies, others on various floors as they were escaping to safety. So many individual reports of explosions (including live news reports on-site), each independent of one another, were summarily removed from the media’s coverage after 9/11.

  • The security company for the towers was Securacom, then operated by President George W. Bush’s brother Marvin. A brand-new security system was installed just two weeks prior to 9/11, leaving security cameras inoperable throughout the buildings during that time, and access by large trucks was given between 3 and 5 a.m. the weekend before the 9/11 attacks, reported CIA asset and whistle-blower Susan Lindaur. Read more here.

Direct photo evidence of explosives 60 stories below the so-called “crush-zone”:

Here is a cascade of eyewitnesses that report hearing successive explosives going off, which is how the free fall of a controlled demolition is obtained:

A plane colliding with a steel structure – if it is physically impossible it’s not true

We are supposed to believe that both planes completely entered the towers. The whole idea that a plane can crash into a steel building, open up the building, explode inside it and make the entire structure collapse is completely absurd. Here is a picture showing the hole where the Boeing 767 supposedly penetrated the steel structure:



The physics doesn’t add up at all. Below you can see what happens to the tip and wing of a plane when it collides with birds midair:


And… Where did all the evidence go? 

The absolutely natural reaction from a government that has as its main interest to protect its citizens when such a devastating event occurs would be to seal off the area and do a thorough investigation to ensure that such an event will never happen again. However, the fact that the debris from building 7 was quickly removed clearly indicates that the government was not interested to give scientists and investigators any chance of discovering the truth of what happened that day. It is exactly like the behavior of a criminal who tries to cover up a crime scene. It was a crime site and therefore illegal to move or alter evidence before forensics could be carried out. Why would they be in such a rush, especially in the midst of a crisis, to remove all the evidence? Could it be because the building was destroyed by explosives and controlled demolition and the large amounts of thermite used to blow up the buildings would have pointed to the attack being an inside job?

The debris from 9/11 was buried, thrown in the sea, shipped off to other places and hidden. Some was dismantled and placed in hangars as convenient ‘evidence’. However, where are all the plane parts? The serious absence of aircraft debris should have raised a lot of questions…

Later, miraculously, in the charred, burning remains of rubble, amid molten steel and unfathomable temperatures, a passport of one of the hijackers was found, completely intact, surviving the inferno that brought down not one but two reinforced steel structures – confirming that indeed al-Qaeda was behind the terrorist attacks. Not only does this make the story look more ridiculous than it already is, but it also begs the question why bin Laden was never charged with any crime associated with 9/11?

And yet people are still labelled conspiracy “theorists” if they point out these strange facts that don’t add up in any reasonable, level-headed, logical universe. They rely on our gullibility and the incomprehensibility that some people from your own government would not only condone, but instigate and be part of such heinous acts. That such psychopathic, heartless people exist in the world is hard for most of us to fathom.

The villain was named within an hour after the twin towers went down

The fact that the mainstream media (MSM) dropped the name within an hour of the event points towards 9/11 as clearly being planned to fulfill an agenda since the introduction of an official scapegoat to point at through the MSM propaganda machine was crucial in order to get the people onboard on the idea to rage a war against the Middle East. Many suggest that 9/11 was the pretext for the War on Terror and for America to invade Afghanistan.

Was 9/11 an inside job?

Larry Silverstein bought the lease of the WTC just months before the 9/11 event and took out an insurance plan that covered terrorism. After 9/11, Silverstein took the insurance company to court, claiming he should be paid double because there were 2 attacks. He won, and was awarded $4,550,000,000. Read more in the picture below about ”Lucky Larry”


Crisis and war – two ways of wiping the slate clean when it’s been dirtied due to incompetence of leadership

If we continue to ‘follow the money’, we discover that on the day before 9/11, 10th September 2001, then U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld held a press conference where he came forward stating that his department was unable to account for roughly 2.3 trillion dollars. In other words, they were cornered financially and the only way to get out was either through a crisis or a war. Both were generated and the American citizens completely forgot about this terrible crime committed against them…how convenient for those at the top…

AEF911Truth states: 

Now that the crime of explosive destruction has been confirmed by our experts, it is the duty of government officials to heed international calls for a real investigation. Until such an inquiry is carried out, the effort to determine the identities of the criminals is limited to those who are willing to conduct the research and construct working theories based on that research.”

Loose Change is a documentary investigating how 9/11 was faked and that the American people are being lied to. And if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend you do.

The documentary states: 

“We must understand that what we were told about that day is a lie and those lies drastically changed the course of peace to a course of perpetual war.”

David Ray Griffen is a retired theology professor who has written many books about how 9/11 was an inside job. In a debate he stated:

In my later writings, I emphasized this point — that I am not attempting to provide a complete theory, partly because to do so would require groundless speculation, partly because there is no need. I did, however, state what I found the evidence to show on various matters, such as the fact that the World Trade Center buildings could have come down only through the use of explosives. I also clearly stated, after the first book, that I believed that 9/11 was an inside job, that the Air Force had been ordered to stand down, and that Dick Cheney was at the center of this operation.” – Griffin, Ultimate Truth Showdown

Even though half of Americans don’t believe the mainstream narrative, believing 9/11 was an inside job comes with a great deal of stigmatisation. Being a ‘truther’ gets you ridiculed and labelled a conspiracy theorist. Apparently every so-called conspiracy ‘theory’ on the subject has been debunked and therefore people don’t bother to look further. Indeed when you try to google the subject it is almost impossible to find any information that goes against the mainstream narrative. At a first glance you are made to look and feel like a crazy person if you try to look for alternative explanations for what happened on that fateful day, and everything outside of the accepted story is labelled bizarre and you are considered to be despicable to even contemplate that what the mainstream media tells you is not the Truth. Remember the mainstream media is controlled by five families worldwide. They are corporations built on corruption and profiteering. They don’t care about truth, they are there to do the bidding of those families in power, to continuously perpetuate the lies we are force fed on a daily basis, to maintain the veil of illusion that shrouds this entire planet. But people are waking up en masse now and the more people’s souls start to turn toward the light there will be nothing these beings of darkness can do to stop them. For their ‘power’ is meaningless in the face of the True power of the Almightiness of God.

My heart goes out to all those who lost their loved ones in the terrible tragedy of 9/11. Rest assured that justice will prevail and all those involved will be held accountable for their evil deeds, one way or another.

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