“Nobody  throw stones in the tree without good fruits ”

Dear brothers into yoga and members of the International Yoga Federation,

Attention! Considering the fact that the letter of Mrs. Mihaela Francu contains many despicable lies and calumnies, which could “convince” only the minds of those naïve and ignorant, we challenge her by this reply to accept, with the courage implied by the actual truth, a few substantial bets that we are already sure she will lose, if she will dare to accept them. Nevertheless, we believe it is necessary to provoke her in this manner because we have a lot of crushing evidence meant to easily destroy the despicable lies she sustains. Her insolence is surprising us.

I regret the fact that the website of the Federation started to be used by some people in order to spread around without any shame despicable calumnies and dirty insinuations regarding the M.I.S.A yoga school and me personally. The visceral hatred and the resentments that animate some of the calumniators, which are full of bad intentions, make us feel compassion for them. I was surprised to notice that Mrs. Mihaela Francu plays the role of an implacable M.I.S.A accuser and she even dares to say:”most of the accusations against the M.I.S.A School and its leaders are true”.It is deeply significant the fact that some mean and ill intended persons, animated by visceral hatred and hostility against the M.I.S.A yoga school, accuse the school of phantasmagoric and hallucinate penal acts. It is even crazier since even the full of grudge and corrupted prosecutors, which fabricated the files against M.I.S.A School at a political order based on false accusations, they didn’t make such accusations!This aspect is very significant for those that are intelligent and full of common sense.

The great yogi Swami Sivananda said: “Before accusing your neighbor, first look for your own flaws”.

We will see if Mrs. Mihaela Francu forgot to do that. A wise man said that we should not trust the accusations which are not based on striking proofs. This human being rushes to make accusations based on calumnies, gossip and despicable lies. We are surprised by the nonchalance this person shows when she says she will make reference “to the things that I know that are true and which I have been able to verify”. In this reply we will invoke arguments based on facts which prove that what Mrs. Mihaela Francu says are mostly lies and ordinary gossip of the lowest degree. It is obvious that she did not read the reply of Mr. Mihai Stoian, in order to discover that certain aspects she refers to so passionately have been already clarified.

Isn’t it significant that Mr. Barney – the distributor of these tapes – already decided to withdraw from public use those erotic movies, which reached to him, by some suspicious means, through certain so-called intermediaries from Romania? (about which we tend to believe that in reality they were working for the Romanian Secret Service and they provided him with the tapes confiscated from the Sophrozin foundation when they did the house searches in 2004).

That messenger, called “Mikael”, advised him to distribute them on the ground of a suspicious contract. Mr Barney already knows about that and in the recent talk he had with Mr. Mihai Stoian he showed his deep concern. In the end of that conversation, he said that he will withdraw immediately from public use all those movies which, in reality, were not given to him by authorized persons from the “Sophrozin” Foundation in Romania. The desire of Mrs. Francu to make scandal and to promote gossip and calumny is obvious, considering the fact that she says: “I would like to specify that I have purchased the Giant Tantra Sex Box in November last year (2007)”. If Mrs. Francu is not interested in these aspects – we wonder why did she actually buy these tapes herself? It is also odd that when she speaks about the illegal way in which these tapes could have appeared on the porn market, Mrs. Francu makes an affirmation which is shocking for any human being that is intelligent and has common sense. Here is what she says regarding these movies which were distributed without the right to do so, in order to thus make a scandal and to amplify the misinformation regarding this yoga school: “How they got and are still on the porno market is perhaps at this moment less relevant”.

In other words, even if we have already proven that these erotic tapes, which had been confiscated by the prosecutors and then distributed illegally by bad intended persons which were active within the Secret Service, this very serious and un-acceptable aspect is “less relevant” for Mrs. Francu.

Attention!! If Mrs. Mihaela Francu did not understand or if she pretends that she did not understand that some of these tapes were distributed illegally by Mr. Barney, we now challenge her to make a bet of 100.000 euros. We are wondering: will Mrs. Francu have the courage to make this bet we propose to her, if she has no proof to support her hazardous affirmations, which are in fact lies? Unlike, Mrs. Francu, we have three unshakeable proofs which confirm without a doubt the truth of our affirmations (namely: several erotic tapes which were confiscated at the house searches in 2004 contained film shots that were not destined for public distribution, and they were distributed without the right to do so by some suspicious messengers, which we suspect that in reality were employers of the Romanian Secret Service.)

We underline once more that, unlike her, who lies with nonchalance, we have undeniable proofs which will prove the truth of our affirmations.With this occasion, we remind Mrs. Francu of what the wise men say: “The striking truth of facts, as soon as facts exist, is and remains one and the same. Facts never cease to exist, not even when they are ignored by ignorant, perverted and bad intended people.”

If Mrs. Francu makes this bet, we assure her in advance that she will lose it. Why? Because, unlike us, she does not have anything to sustain her despicable lies that she spreads around. This difference is essential. If Mrs. Francu dares to make this bet with us, we announce her that we will donate the entire amount she will have to pay when she will lose this bet (100.000 euros) to M.I.S.A yoga school. We are filled with compassion seeing how keen Mrs. Francu is to accuse us when she rushes to label, in an obviously tendentious manner, some scenes in which some feminine persons having urinary orgasm were filmed. She stigmatized all those things with the absurd label of “sexual perversions”. Only a sick mind like that of Mrs. Francu can label the act of urinating, which every human being does everyday, as “sexual perversions”. Did Mrs. Mihaela Francu think that when she goes to toilet herself in order to pee, according to her accusing vision, she also does “sexual perversions”? This shows the meanness and visceral hatred both against M.I.S.A yoga school and against yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru that animates Mrs. Francu in the present moment.

We ask all those who want to be convinced about this to watch those sequences with urinary orgasm in order to become clear for them whether they are or are not “sexual perversions”, as Mrs. Francu claims. Now we will refer to some absurd affirmation regarding me and which, at the same time, are some despicable lies that Mrs. Francu, in her insolence, dares to spread about me. I want to underline that I feel great compassion seeing the hatred and the stubborn desire to denigrate me, which Mrs. Francu manifests regarding me. And we have to consider that I, personally, have never done any harm to her, her keenness full of passion brings into the light also the stupidity that animates her. Mrs. Francu dares to say, without any shame, that Gregorian Bivolaru is having sexual relations.

Through this affirmation she intends to put us in the light of infamy. We are aware that the bad and pervert ones judge easily and passionately the others, according to their own perversity. Therefore, we remind Mrs. Francu the wise words of Jesus: “Before you pick the straw in the eye of your neighbour, take care of the big stick in your own eye”. We want to let Mrs. Francu know that in reality we have never had, we never have and we will never have sexual relations. If she likes to sexual relations, it is her choice. But we have never had and will never have sexual relations. Her affirmation, saying that Yoga Teacher Gregorian Bivolaru has only sexual relations is a great lie. Those who know me know that I often condemned and will always condemn sexual relations without love which from our perspective, when it does not imply love, is degrading for the human being. Considering that Mrs. Francu is used to having only sex makes her believe that we also have only sexual relations. Well, we tell her now that she is extremely wrong when she imagines that Gregorian Bivolaru makes sex only without love.

Now, we move on to the most serious and most despicable affirmation that Mrs. Francu dares to make about us. Without a doubt, her mean accusation is shocking for us and we find it revolting. At the same time, we are surprised by the stupidity that Mrs. Francu shows. She actually says: “there are more and more women who report having been infected by him with sexually transmitted diseases.”Those naïve or ignorant who will read these lines will be thrilled with horror (as this is Mrs. Francu’s intention) and they will rush to say: “This yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru is so vile, this man is such a criminal. Look, not only that he keeps infecting more and more innocent women, but at the same time, with a criminal unconsciousness, he remains constantly infected himself, having many sexually transmitted diseases. And he does this only to transmit them to some innocent women he has sexual relations with.”

Such information, obviously stupid, aims to show at the same time that Gregorian Bivolaru is a sadistic, unconscious, insane, irresponsible and also a masochistic man, because he stays for year like this, being destroyed by such awful sexually transmitted diseases which he constantly refuses to treat himself of. Regarding those “more and more women”, Mrs. Francu does not give any names. Regarding the many diseases of Gregorian Bivolaru, she does not mention anything specific. In this way, she insinuates skillfully that Gregorian Bivolaru is already infected with all possible sexually transmitted diseases, having even syphilis or AIDS. Regarding the affirmation that Gregorian Bivolaru has unprotected sex, Mrs. Francu does not say who the person that confessed these to her is. She does not care about the facts, but about the accusations, which should be as many and as serious as possible. If we were to believe totally these few frightening words written by Mrs. Francu especially for those naïve and ignorant, a person with no intelligence whatsoever could easily be decried, stigmatized, made dirty and put in the light of infamy through such despicable calumnies. If we put our mind to it and we summon her to court for calumny, we are already sure that Mrs. Francu would rush to defend herself, saying that she heard all these stories from different people and could not give at least one specific name and address to sustain the serious affirmations which now she dares to make. If she was asked how does she know that Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru has sexually transmitted diseases, she would back off, saying that she heard about this from different people but she would add that she does not know exactly if this man really has those many sexually transmitted diseases or not. Eventually, we are sure that if she was sued for calumny, Mrs. Mihaela Francu would back off saying that she only said what she heard other people saying (without considering that maybe those persons lie or are keen on bringing calumnies with bad intention against a man, in order to denigrate him).

An ancient common sense principle says: “Do not do unto others what you would not want done to yourself”. We are completely sure that if somebody would have done the same affirmations about her, which Mihaela Francu made about Gregorian Bivolaru, Mrs. Francu would have been shocked, revolted and she would have righteously asked her self: “How did this person dare to harm me so much?”. But Mihaela Francu did not ask herself this question at all when she made such serious affirmations and said these lies regarding a man whom until 2007 she hypocritically considered to be her yoga teacher. It is worthwhile to ask ourselves: does this person have common sense? The peak hypocrisy is that this person claims to have done yoga within M.I.S.A yoga school for 13 years. Here what Mihaela Francu says in the beginning of her message: “I have attended the yoga courses of the M.I.S.A School for 13 years”But we found out that the range of calumnies of Mrs. Francu was not limited to only these very serious accusations. To make her dirty inventions even more credible, Mrs. Francu has made up without any shame not only certain so-called persons which have been sexually “infected” by Gregorian Bivolaru. She even dares to say: “he has repeatedly been informed about this situation”. Reading all the despicable lies she was not ashamed to put on paper, we remind Mrs. Francu that “lie has short legs” and we ask her, in the name of truth, to answer the following questions – we already know she will not be able to answer them, because in reality such situations never existed and do not exist:

1. When exactly (date, place, year, day, hour) was Gregorian Bivolaru even once informed that he has sexually transmitted diseases?

2. Who exactly (name and address) informed him about this?

3. What is the name and address of the other persons who informed Gregorian Bivolaru that he is the carrier or transmitter of certain presumed sexually transmitted diseases?

4. What were the sexually transmitted diseases it was said that Gregorian Bivolaru had, on that occasion?

Is Mrs. Francu willing to make a bet with Gregorian Bivolaru against 100.000 euros if there was ever at least one real person (not one that was made up!!!) or at least one time (real, not made up) when Gregorian Bivolaru was informed that he was infected with sexually transmitted diseases? If Mihaela Francu is so sure about the lies she sustains in this letter, she could immediately engage herself in this bet. We announce her that anyway she will lose it, and this is because everything she makes up and spreads around are only despicable lies and dirty calumnies, which have no chance to be proven because all of them, without exception, refer to so-called “facts” which in reality do not exists. Considering that Mrs. Francu says with insolence that yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru was informed many times about the sexually transmitted diseases he had, we ask her to say exactly the names, addresses, dates, hours and places when he was informed about this. At the same time, we ask her ask her to tell us if there were other persons present there as witnesses. Beyond all these despicable lies and phantasmagorical and criminal insinuations, Yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru says clearly and firmly that he did not have and he does not have any sexually transmitted disease. Facing these insinuations and revolting accusations, he proposes both to Mrs. Mihaela Francu as well as to other people who spread such dirty lies to dare immediately to accept the following bet, which Mr. Bivolaru is ready anytime to make.

Attention!!! Yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru makes a bet against 100.000 euro that he did not have and he does not have any sexually transmitted disease. For this, the person willing to take this bet should first prepare this amount of money and give it to a third trustful person. Once this is done, yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru will go together with the person who will make the bet to have the tests regarding the sexually transmitted disease which the respective person accuses him to have. If in the end it will be proven that yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru is healthy, the person who made the bet will lose the money and that amount of money will be donated to M.I.S.A yoga school. In this way we make it clear that yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru is healthy and that he has no sexually transmitted diseases.We are willing to make this real bet starting with the date when this reply is published. At the same time, we ask Mihaela Francu to answer immediately to all the above asked questions. Considering that in the letter of Mihaela Francu it is specified a certain so-called “repetitive warning” regarding the fact that I am infected and a transmitter of sexually transmitted diseases, it would be easy to prove at least two of these warnings. In reality, we know very well already that it never existed not even one such warning from anybody simply because I have never been and I am not infected with any sexually transmitted diseases and I do not have any other diseases either.In Mrs. Francu’s letter there is another despicable calumny regarding my so called sexually transmitted diseases which she says I spread around. This is what she says: “he continues to deny and keeps spreading the diseases”

About this supplementary despicable calumny we supplementary ask Mrs. Francu to answer the following questions:

1. When did I deny that I have those so-called sexually transmitted diseases which Mihaela Francu says that I have?

2. Who was the person present when I denied these things?

3. What did I deny regarding my so-called sexually transmitted diseases which in reality Mihaela Francu claims that I have?

4. When and where was that meeting in which it is said that I denied those things?

5. Who are the specific people (names, addresses) about whom it is claimed that I had infected with sexually transmitted diseases?

Considering the seriousness of these calumnious accusations, we ask Mrs. Mihaela Francu to answer immediately and to tell us all these information that we ask from her. At the same time, as the “test of fire”, we ask Mrs. Mihaela Francu to accept immediately the bet we have suggested. This is the only way to see if she really has the courage to sustain these despicable lies, at the price of losing the bet we suggest.

Anyway, we are sure that Mrs. Mihaela Francu will not dare to make this bet, because deep in her soul she already knows that any lie is destroyed by the striking evidence of truth. Through this reply we give a deadly strike to all those who, for years, have been spreading many despicable calumnies about us, some of them being extremely stupid. It is sad to notice that some human beings waste their time and energy in order to cause as much harm as possible, plotting all kind of miserable situations. Gossip and calumny are sins which will stay with those who make them. Those who do such evil things will receive all the evil they cause. Remember what Jesus says: “Who shall sow wind, shall reap storm”. We are surprised that at the end of this letter the so called “yoghini” Mihaela Francu hopes, in a silly way, that the poison of her skillfully made up lies will be effective. After spreading all this awful gossip, Mihaela Francu will then ask with hypocrisy “you would like to continue to support this organization?”.Considering that Mrs. Francu says: “I am at your disposal for any further questions “, we will see if she will have the courage to make at least one of the bets we suggested in this reply.It is amazing for us that such a human being who lies without any shame, gossips and spreads the poison of doubt regarding a yoga school and a human being (Gregorian Bivolaru), which have been and are still treated unjustly, discriminated and unfairly put in the light of infamy, she hypocritically ends her poisonos letter with: “Sincerely”.Beyond all these, for Mrs. Mihaela Francu we feel great compassion and we pray to God the Father to forgive her for the hatred and meanness that animates her, because we are aware that in the state of ignorance she is, she does not know what she does.We hope that reading carefully and lucidly this reply, which speaks about facts and is asking for facts, and not for lies, will help those who are careful, intuitive and intelligent to realize what is the truth that often hides behind appearances?I wrote this reply because, as the wise men say: “calumny should never be disregarded or minimized, even if it is just a lie.”
Gregorian Bivolaru

Yoga Teacher

Mentor of MISA Yoga School