My dears, i want to thank all of you for your support and for being together in this journey through the galaxy. I wish all of you a Happy Celebration for Christmas (those who celebrate this moment) and a revealing and crystallizing end of this year. The waves of awakening that are washing through the planetary consciousness are creating now a clearer than ever separation between our options. The grey zone becomes thinner, the black deeper and the white brighter. That is why i will continue to put forward my options even if they are sometimes very different than those of others. In these times, from such differences the progress will be born, not without struggle from the ego-s of all involved.

I invite you all to participate to these debates and to express your options in a clearer way now, to act accordingly and not to be afraid. It is the time when gradually the Light of Divine Consciousness will descend into the human life more and more, expressed in those that manifest its qualities and attributes.

God bless all your right doings!