Advaita is on an European tour with Kama Experiential, visiting among others London, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen and Frankfurt. He will take you on a journey of discoveries through the mysteries of a thriving, long lasting love relationship. Get ready to receive the secrets no one ever told you. So far….

In this seminar Advaita will take you back to the very basics: where did the spark actually come from in the first place. 

Most of us never actually question this, we just enjoy the results. Then, of course, when the spark goes out, we have no idea what to do (because we don’t understand its nature). Understanding the spark that brings us together puts us in a very powerful place. It gives us options to choose from. It also gives our relationship endless potential and longevity.

It is possible to create a lasting relationship, constantly full of passion and always growing in love.

We just need knowledge and some guidance. That’s exactly what Advaita and Adina will provide in this seminar. Having been passionately married for over 27 years, Advaita and Adina have gained first-hand knowledge in this area. Teaching and practising Tantra in conjunction with their marriage has helped cement these key understandings regarding life and relationships.

– What the spark is and where it comes from
– 3 secrets for bringing the spark back and keeping it alive
– The definition of a true relationship
– Checkpoints to make sure the spark is still thriving
– A toolkit to overcome relationship challenges

– You ever wonder if you’re being the best partner
– You’re in a relationship that’s already faded or beginning to fade
– You just started a relationship and want to keep that “alive” feeling forever
– You’re not in a relationship now but want to start your next relationship in a much more conscious and aware way
– You know there’s more to be had from relationships but can’t access it yet

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