Special Program to Spiritually Help Satya Yoga School (India)

Jun 15, 2011 | Silent War, Social Justice

The program will begin on 16th of June 2011

Every day we will perform a meditation of invoking the Divine Grace and support for the Satya Yoga School. For this we will perform a meditation with the Great Cosmic Power TARA.

Everyone should be aware that by giving we are in the same time giving to ourselves and by helping we are in the same time helping ourselves. This program is not only designed to help the Satya Yoga but at the same time represents a genuine spiritual gift that every participant will receive in the extent of the participation to this program. The fact that thousands of people will perform these meditations in unison is creating the special field of mental coherence that empower the resonance with the gigantic sphere of power of the Great Cosmic Power TARA, making her Divine intervention even more effective.

Meditations Program
21.30 – 21.35 (Indian Standard Time) Consecration of the fruits of this meditation to the Great Cosmic Power TARA for Her to offer the Divine Grace and support to Satya Yoga school and members.

21.35 – 22.00 (Indian Standard Time) Meditation of profound spiritual communion with the Great Cosmic Power TARA. (for this see the below indications about the procedure)

22.00 – 22.03 (Indian Standard Time) Thanksgiving to the Great Cosmic Power TARA for bestowing the Divine Grace upon us and upon Satya Yoga school

About the spiritual practice in the program:

For the meditation part, one can use a musical background that is increasing the resonance with the subject of the meditation in absence of the proper initiation.(for example the initiation into the laya yoga with the mantra of the Great Cosmic Power TARA). In this way, the music is giving the subtle “orientation” for the attention of the practitioner not to run away from the subject of the meditation.

Therefore, after the consecration of the fruits of the meditation toward TARA, we are completely detached about what is coming with the meditation and open for the Divine inspiration to guide us. We will start playing the special music for resonance with TARA. We will focus then upon the main principles that are specific to the Great Cosmic Power TARA.

You can download the special music for TARA from here:


Here you can read more about the Great Cosmic Powers or the Dasha Maha Vidyas:


For reading more about the Great Cosmic Power of Compassion TARA please read here:


In the end of the meditation we will manifest in silence the thanksgiving attitude toward the Divine Grace already manifesting toward ourself and toward the Satya Yoga school.

Additionally while also using the specific music for TARA one can optionally use the specific YANTRA of occult resonance with the Great Cosmic Power TARA.

You can download the yantra here:


A Method of Contacting the Great Cosmic Powers, With the Help of the Corresponding Yantra

In Sanskrit, the term YANTRA refers to an external support or secret instrument of telepathic communion and spiritual connection. YANTRA is a simple, geometrical diagram, which reunites the symbolical characteristics of a certain Great Cosmic Power or God. Each Great Cosmic Power has its own specific YANTRA. It is used for a spiritual telepathic consonance, in order to fuse with the Consciousness or reality of that sphere of force.

YANTRA is an essential symbol with divine characteristics, of the powers or of certain fundamental aspects of the sphere of force of the respective Great Cosmic Power. In order to connect as intimately as possible with the specific Cosmic Power, the wise clairvoyants were revealed the essential geometrical forms through which the Cosmic Powers could be contacted easily. During the first stages of practice, it is advisable that you read the theoretical information regarding that divine aspect before starting meditating with the YANTRA of the Great Cosmic Power. At the same time, a YANTRA may be used as a support in meditation over that Great Cosmic Power and often it may be integrated through inner visualization (SHAMBAVI MUDRA).

A YANTRA on which the disciple focuses or meditates makes possible the materialization of the aspects and characteristics belonging to the divine Cosmic Power before the inner spiritual eye. If we constantly work with the YANTRA (focus or meditation), we may attain different supernatural abilities – SIDDHIS, corresponding to the respective Cosmic Power. Visual focus on the YANTRA increases mental concentration and gradually eliminates all the evil derived from negative desires, anger or other defects. A YANTRA may be used as an amulet, a true “porte-bonheur”, which radiates positive energy at a range of fifteen metres. Moreover, we may see the YANTRA with our mental eye (SHAMBAVI MUDRA) if we want to meditate but we do not have the YANTRA. The fundamental information regarding the YANTRA has to be kept strictly secret. We may share our experiences in yogic practice with profanes, but we must not reveal the methods we use in order to obtain these effects.

Methods To Work With The Yantra Of A Great Cosmic Power, In Order To Contact Telepathically, Through Resonance, The Mysterious Sphere Of Force Of The Respective Cosmic Power

1. Call to your mind the main ideas characteristic to this Great Cosmic Power’s sphere of manifestation.

2. Approach this technique with aspiration, fascination and enthusiasm, preparing this way your subtle inner being and opening yourselves towards the manifestation of the Great Cosmic Power.

3. Become aware of the fact that YANTRA represents a precise geometrical form which facilitates the access to the sphere of force of the respective Great Cosmic Power, through resonance. This process transfigures you and creates an affectionate connection with the YANTRA, which thus is more than just a mere technical support, becoming a living possibility of subtle, telepathic communication with the chosen Cosmic Power. Thus a process of subtle “charging” of the YANTRA takes place, animating it with your enthusiasm and aspiration.

4. Sit in front of the YANTRA, at a certain distance so that you may easily view the entire image. The YANTRA is placed so that its centre is situated at the level of your third eye, Ajna Chakra (the mental command centre). Then, focus your eyes on the centre of the YANTRA, seeking to maintain the mental concentration on the YANTRA only. Proportionally with your mental and physical focus on the YANTRA you will resonate due to the energies generated by the element of form (the form of the YANTRA) with the sphere of force of the respective Great Cosmic Power. If you are perseverant and amplify the resonance with the Great Cosmic Power with the help of the YANTRA, you will eventually identify yourself with the gigantic sphere of force of that Great Cosmic Power, in its most characteristic aspects.

Special meditation

Additional to this program, by the large requests we have been receiving from the students from Satya Yoga (and not only) we open a special meditation in unison for awakening the soul of the Indian nation. This special meditation will be done by everyone that wants to be in resonance with the subtle reality of the soul of the Indian nation and we will be using a special musical selection with a specific resonance with the Indian soul.

In this meditation one can perceive at the subtle level the reality of this Indian national soul that is beyond the appearance of a certain historical moment, it characterizes the whole nation in its most profound and sublime levels. While doing the meditation one can also pray for the nation or send profound positive thoughts to the whole nation by the agency of this subtle formation that exist and is called the soul of the nation.

This meditation will be done:

EVERY THURSDAY from 21.00 – 21.30 (Indian Standard Time)

you can download the special music from here:


Important Final Note Of The Meditation Program

*We are aware that announcing this spiritual program will trigger a lot of agitation in the ones that are guided by darkness and it is even possible that the pressure upon Satya Yoga will increase. Yet we should not forget that the only success these poor souls can have is to convince others not to practice these simple spiritual techniques. That will be their only hope and this is the way we can really defeat them: practicing this techniques in unison as many times as possible, creating a unison of real spiritual seekers that are standing for their spiritual values by practice!

Dear Satya Yoga Students and Friends

We are very sorry to announce you that due to the recent slanderous campaign supported by pressure exerted by some extremist groups upon our school we have to cease the renting contract for the rooms in Teynampet. Therefore until further notice the classes are temporarily on hold. All of you that have been following this yoga school for years now will have the chance to continue with the practice sessions as soon as possible.

We stand up for the truth against all the false allegations and slanderous lies against our school first brought forth by Times of India and followed up by other media without any kind of investigations. We published also a press release as an answer to the accusations the same day as the first article in the Times of India appeared, but no media wanted to print it even if we personally delivered it to them and they reported about this situation but with their own lies. This fact itself is showing to everyone the real ill-intention that stand behind this smearing campaign against Satya Yoga school.

We firmly state:

Satya Yoga has never shown or produced any pornographic or erotic movies. The teachings do not contain any sexual therapies, nude activities nor any acts of intimacy. This is of cause very well known by all of you who have attended our activities.

On the 3rd of June Times of India claims in a front page article that Satya Yoga mixes sex, yoga and pornography. All of you who have practiced in Satya Yoga know that we practice asanas and meditation very seriously in its genuine, traditional form and that also in the yoga and tantra classes there is absolutely no erotic practices nor acts of intimacy. It is in fact a common misunderstanding that is specific to layman to obsessively associate tantra with sex and lust, and it seems that this is what the TOI reporter is trying to use in order to create a deliberate confusion among his readers.

Tuesday the 7th of June NDTV broadcasts a completely manipulative program showing clips from the Cosmic Spiral Meditation mixed with other clips from other yoga schools from abroad and an unknown couple embracing each other, thus insinuating that acts of intimacy were happening during the Spiral. There is also a fake interview where a reporter seemingly asks if it is true that all the teachers in Satya Yoga have been acting in porn movies and a recorded voice replies “yes yes – it is absolutely correct”. But the amazing fact is that this interview, only supported by still pictures, has never taken place! It is 100% fabricated by the news channel NDTV. Even if this is a criminal act the police was never trying to act against the people that are behind such fraudulent action.

Instead a Police Inspector is interviewed saying publicly that the allegations (mixing sex with yoga) against Satya Yoga are found to be true. This statement was shown only one day after the police started the investigation based on a complaint of the fundamentalist movement Hindu Makkal Katchi. How can an organ of justice – as the police is supposed to be – publicly find an accusation to be true, while they just started investigating about it? What kind of base for finding the truth is that? Apparently the police supports the slanderous campaign against Satya Yoga by spreading rumours and discrediting our school.

For all the friends of truth we have to say that the journalist from TOI was also trying in several cases to threaten the teachers team of Satya Yoga and even to induce all kind of suggestions in order to obtain some specific easy to manipulate answers. Fortunately we have recorded the talks with him and we will soon disclose publicly with video evidence the hypocritical and completely unprofessional behavior of the journalist from TOI.

On the 8th of June came another slanderous article in The Times of India stating that Tuesday the 7th of June 5 foreigners, associated with Satya Yoga, 3 of them mentioned by name, were questioned by the police about their visa situation and their practices. Here is another proof of the unprofessional work done by the journalist and the hidden agenda that is becoming every day more visible behind this campaign: these people mentioned in the article left the country Monday the 6th of June and none of them have been interrogated by the police before that. The journalist is just trying to create more confusion on top of his initial lies in order to convince people about them. Yet we consider that our students and friends are intelligent people and they will not accept such manipulations that are made by people with a weak intellect.

The same day a completely sensationalistic-fictional article appeared in the Tamil yellow press magazine “Nakkeeran” (or something like this). In the same style as TOI article, this article basically springs forth from the imagination of the reporter and has nothing to do with reality. He even lied about the spiral, telling how it took place in a farmhouse and how Mihai was talking about tantric sexuality and how to become one with each other and nature. Those of you who participated to the spiral all know that this is pure fantasy of the “journalist” and this can be proven since the whole event was video recorded. Yet the fact that other media channels are starting to behave in the same way (we can call it the TOI syndrome) proves once again without error the existence of the same hand that is coordinating this campaign and is covering it no matter how many laws (moral and social laws) will be broken for this.

Friday the 10th of June Times of India is publishing yet another article where the police seemingly announce that they have a warrant and that most likely they will search the school the following day. For any careful reader the blatant manipulation jumps up immediately: since when is the police announcing through the media to the potential criminals that they will search their place? Is this a joke or is it just another way of throwing suspicion on Satya Yoga, criminalizing our spiritual activities for some hidden interests? The answer sadly comes out more and more with its ugly face.

There are several statements in the media that Mihai Stoian and Adina Stoian went absconding after the police started the investigation. This is another proof of the hidden interest of these media parrots that are only repeating what they are told. In reality Mihai, Adina and the other visitors left the country on the 6th of June because they had flight tickets with fixed dates of departure, which were bought months ago. This fact can easily be checked.

Moreover members of the Satya Yoga team were attending in person and through legal advisors several meetings with the police investigators, offering them all the cooperation requested. This information could be easily found with a direct call to the police station and not insinuating all kind of “sources” from the inside of police. Therefore the statements from the media that the Satya Yoga team was hiding are once again proving (if it was necessary to have more proofs) that this campaign is conducted by people that know the immoral behavior of some journalists and they count on this. We are even ready to make a bet that our statements will not reach the media that otherwise claim to be so keen to find us and to hear our side of this fantastic story.

It is obvious for us that some forces with hidden agendas against Satya Esoteric Integral Yoga are trying to scare people away from the school. Their facts (superficially concealed by their actions but disclosed for any careful observer of the events) are proving this again and again. It is not the first time in history that a school or an organization, teaching genuine spirituality, has been attacked by anti-spiritual forces: remember Osho, Swami Rama, Muktananda etc. In such hostile climate and irresponsible and unprofessional media coverage (with easily proven lies in practically all the news fabricated until now on the Satya Yoga subject) we have been deliberately choosing to communicate our statements on the website only and avoid any contact with the journalists for the moment. Should any media channel prove willing to reflect in a fair way the story, without manipulations and lies (is that a fantastic request?) the team is willing to meet and have an open dialogue because we do not have anything to hide.

Yet we stand for the Truth and we will not stop until these lies and manipulations will not be completely disclosed together with the people that are behind them, the real responsible for the actual state of things in the Indian nation and worldwide.

We thank all of you who have been helping and supporting and praying for us in these last days even if it is difficult and challenging. It is also very challenging to us. Please keep up your spirit, and remember that you can do a lot even as an individual when you know the Truth and act in its name because this is the common ground (making the unison) of many. We are with you, and our actions are directed towards our success together. We ask you all to support and stand up for the Truth without fear, shame and inhibitions. Whenever you are confronted with the lies against Satya Yoga we ask you to come forward with wisdom and discernment, raise your voice and tell the truth.

Ultimately let us not forget the ancient saying “to know and act as if you don’t know is the supreme cowardice”.

May God bless You all!

With Love and Peace

Satya Esoteric Integral Yoga

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