Meditations to offer Spiritual Support

Aug 26, 2020 | Meditation, Spirituality

In times like this the following represents an important call to effective and beneficent ACTION. Even if you do not know much give it a chance!


Meditations for offering spiritual support are not a new activity engaged in by the initiates of our esoteric yoga school. Such an action is a tool that becomes useful especially when confronted with situations when it is hard to offer any other form of support, yet it is so much needed.

This type of action was first initiated many years ago by my spiritual guide, yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru, and has proven its effectiveness even against the most heavily supported propaganda machines, against apparently unfavourable odds. Meditations for offering spiritual support represent an effective way to participate in a collective effort, according to our individual possibilities, which involves methodology that places the action beyond the level of ideological debate, beyond political colours and other human-built criteria; it is an effective and systematic action that engages the sublime energies that are available for everyone and that act in transforming the entire environment in deep and extraordinarily beneficial ways.

Since there are many who are now seeking to understand more about these meditations for spiritual support that are directed towards President Donald Trump, here are some important points.


Action from a higher perspective: the modern rightful action

When ideas sometimes become the framework of the ruling system and the tools for mass manipulation, and when the mass-media, hand in hand with social media, have a monopoly over the communication of any alternative ideas (filtering all communication according to their shadow-masters), we need to search for another way to get efficiently involved, if possible beyond the artificial wall created by the unconscious servants of the establishment. Such a possibility is offered by the tools of Consciousness that can become the “operator” for different actions we intend to perform. The power of intention is no longer a myth, now being a part of our day-to-day vocabulary. We can deal with ideas through debate or we can generate a silent influence that can go beyond debate – a possibility that appears when we enter a state of deep meditation. In states of deep meditation we can allow a superior understanding to emerge and – as science already started to show – this can influence not only our perspective but also help others to better understand theirs, without forcing anything on anyone.

Recent studies validate what was stated thousand of years ago by great masters and advanced practitioners of different spiritual systems: when we meditate we transform ourselves and at the same time we generate a mysterious field of beneficial influence that also helps others around us. Such a field of influence is still to be understood by science in its full extent, but the new frontiers in quantum field theories, correlated with the spiritual teachings, are moving in that direction.

This is not the only time when people have engaged in a collective spiritual action in order to influence the flow of events in their surroundings. Since time immemorial, communities resorted to such actions (prayer, meditation, ritual) in order to avoid a catastrophe or improve their life conditions. In our modern times, when science has become the new religion (because just like the old religions it now demands we don’t question its statements), we easily dismissed for a while all these ancient actions, attributing them to the faith of people and considering them devoid of any content. However, things are shifting again as faith, concentration, and intention are being acknowledged more and more as real forces that shape our reality to a level far deeper than we have anticipated.

A famous example in modern history is the concept of a “minute of silence” that was developed during WWII. Everyone was asked to dedicate one minute to pray for peace, at 9pm every evening. It was supported by King George, Sir Winston Churchill and his cabinet. Later on it was acknowledged by President Roosevelt and spread around the world. Upon Churchill’s suggestion, the BBC started a radio broadcast of the ringing of the bells of Big Ben on 10th November, 1940, at 9pm, marking the beginning of the “minute of silence”. From 1942 this was done every day until the end of the war.

More recently, the whole world held its breath following the drama of the Apollo 13 mission. Many public figures (including the Pope) suggested everyone pray for the safe return of Apollo 13, after a catastrophic explosion happened on board. With the chances of survival virtually at zero, and the initial trajectory calculating a crash-landing, the fate of the module and its astronauts seemed to be sealed and the American people and the world resorted to prayer. A chain of extraordinary events led to the safe return of the astronauts. Even some of NASA’s engineers later on stated it was a miracle as they could see the decisive influence of collective prayer in this beneficial outcome (Jerry Woodfill, spacecraft warning system engineer for Apollo 13, read here).

A systematic approach towards the effects of human coherent thinking or feeling has resulted in dozens of studies over the last five decades that successfully prove the immense potential that large groups of people have when being in unison and manifesting a coherent focus on the same goal or aspiration.

Among these experiments, one that stands out is the Global Consciousness Project initiated by Dr. Robert Jahn and Dr. Robert Nelson from Princeton University. Using precise protocols of collecting data from REG (Random Event Generator) devices placed around the world, the scientists were able to show beyond any doubt that events that occur in nature or within a human community can easily generate patterns within the chaos. The researchers aimed to check both positive and negative emotional factors that might simultaneously centralise the attitudes of large groups of people. A clear effect was detected not only in the moment of New Year (in various time zones), the visit of the Pope in Israel, and group meditations for planetary peace, but also in events like the Gulf War, the crash of the Colombia space shuttle, major earthquakes and tsunamis, and the 9/11 attacks. All these events were able to influence the randomisation process in the REG devices, sometimes in the area where the event occurred, while other events impacted REG devices throughout the entire world.

Another category of study precisely targeted the impact of meditation on large communities where a meditation group is placed. In numerous studies it was proven that practitioners of Transcendental Meditation (TM) grouped within a certain community, with a unified daily practice, significantly reduced the crime rate in that community. The idea that a critical mass of people that meditate in unison in a certain populated area can bring a positive social impact is now supported by over 300 studies.
Back in 1973 (three years after the Apollo 13 incident), Dilbeck and his team analysed the social parameters in 22 similar towns (communities of around 25 000 people) and discovered that in those towns where at least 1% of the population were practicing TM, the crime rate dropped 16%.
In a similar study, a group of 350 practitioners of TM moved to Rhode Island, USA, and started to practice in unison. The experiment went on for three months and resulted in a drop of 43% in all crime, including homicide, suicide, divorce, traffic accidents, rape, mugging, and robbery. Similarly, sales of alcohol and cigarettes decreased in the same proportion. After the three months, the statistics went back to normal within a week. The experiment was repeated in similar conditions the following year and the results were similar, proving that the results were not a coincidence. (read more here)

Our esoteric spiritual school underwent a similar experiment in Bucharest, a city with 3 million inhabitants at the time. The chosen time was the busiest month of the year in terms of incidents: December. After announcing the authorities about the experiment, in the hope to make it a public event and that more people would be involved, skepticism prevailed and no public announcement was made. Only students in different yoga classes engaged in the program of 30 minutes of daily meditation, being in unison at the same hour. The effects were later validated by the statistics. In the first days of January, the most important newspapers quoted a police report that pointed out that without any explanation the overall crime rate in December had dropped 30% compared to all previous years since the 1989 regime change.

Such experiments have been conducted all over the planet and have always shown similar results. Even if different techniques were employed, some elements were always the same: the participants focused in unison on the same idea (such as peace, harmony, balance).

This is what spiritual action from a distance means. The meditators didn’t need to become activists in an anti-violence campaign, nor did they have to meet any of the potential criminals that mysteriously didn’t commit their crimes as planned. Naturally this is a far more complex phenomena, it works with a great number of people and can be underlined statistically. Yet because we cannot point out one particular case – how this meditation affected the life and choices of a particular individual – it does not mean that these phenomena are any less real. For those who are beginners in statistical thinking, it is important to bear in mind that most of our lives are influenced by statistical decisions and not one individual vote.

Even if the entire mechanism of these powerful influences from a distance is still being studied, one aspect is clear: the field generated by the meditation group influenced the behaviour of the potential criminals. We should not imagine that the supportive consciousness field only made the self-defence of the potential victims improve greatly in that area. The meditation group was also supporting the potential criminals to improve their behaviour (statistically speaking), and therefore to choose a superior course of action. Therefore, it would be totally wrong to speculate that the people who engaged in these meditations were supporting those criminals as such.

Of course some can say that they are still few compared to the number of people who are comfortably relying on whatever the media serves them, but the reality is different when we employ the right tools that increase the efficiency many times over. To put things in perspective, here is an experiment that took place some years ago, which illustrates the difference we can make with the right tools (and the right number of participants of course).

It underlines the fact that a special meditation that was done in a proper manner (something similar to the one I am talking about below), was able to generate a stronger effect than another meditation group measured with similar devices. On 28th August, 2003, a group of 5000 yoga practitioners from our esoteric yoga school gathered in a precise location (on the shore of the Black Sea, in the town of Costinesti) and meditated for an interval of 108 minutes. The Global Consciousness Project network recorded a clear influence of this event at least 700 km away from the location of the meditation, where one of the REG devices was placed (a lab in Cluj-Napoca sent data to the Princeton University servers). We can even find certain influences in some of the REG devices much further away but this result is significant due to its intensity. In comparison, a group of 125 000 practitioners of a traditional form of prayer impacted the REG devices placed approximately 35 km away from the location where the experiment took place. Even if both experiments prove the impact that consciousness has on the immediate reality, they underline the different efficiency that methods can have.

With such multiplication factors as suggested by the experiment done by our esoteric yoga school, even a relatively small number of people that are engaged in unison for such supportive meditations can generate tremendous effects.

Considering the importance of every decision that is taken today, every action that is initiated and every idea that is propagated, engaging in greater numbers in such actions that can create a beneficial spiritual field represents a powerful factor of influence.


The power of UNISON: an invisible power amplifier

One of the key elements in the above experiences, which can be seen like a common denominator in all occurrences, is the power of unison created by many people participating together. The participants in the “minute of silence” were synchronised by the radio signal that broadcast the bells of Big Ben at precisely 9pm every evening. This was one of the conditions for a synergic effect to appear and amplify.

Another important aspect of unison is that all participants should have the same intention. In the case of the “minute of silence” during WWII, the intention of peace was quite obvious and easy for the millions of war-threatened people to maintain. When a clear intention is defined (sometimes as a clear statement that each participant utters in the beginning of the meditation) and full-heartedly supported by each participant, the power generated by the participants that are in unison increases thousandfold. The more enthusiastic our participation to an action, the more effective the unison effect becomes.

For the above-mentioned reasons, a program of support meditations needs to have a clearly defined frame that allows a state of unison in time, as well as in intention, and even in the emotional participation. Below you can find explanations about this program that started several months ago, and which is now is being adopted by more and more people in our times of great need.


Meditations for offering spiritual support: acting efficiently now

Considering all the above, let’s look into the method that is suggested by my teacher, prof yoga Gregorian Bivolaru (Grieg) to be applied now, in these times, by everyone who wants to offer help and direct it to support the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

An important element that represents a fundamental key to this method is the fact that from the very beginning we implore the help of God to manifest in and through our beings:

“we become and then remain a mysterious channel, in and through which the Good God manifests Himself in ways only known to Him, in order to help this man immensely.”

from the description made by Grieg

This element is clearly stated in the beginning of the whole action, when for a few minutes we formulate our prayer that represents a clear intention to let God manifest the help that is needed, without our ideas or impressions getting in the way. Here is the suggested formula:

“LORD GOD, Heavenly Father, I implore You with faith, humility, fervour, and justified hope to help this man with all that You consider he needs, to inspire, guide, and support him so that in Your enigmatic game the immense, omnipotent, sublime and endless GODLY GOOD triumphs over the SATANIC EVIL, which is limited, insignificant, impermanent and ephemeral. YOUR WILL be done, in and through the being of this man. We, the people, propose to You with faith and humility, and YOU, Lord, are the One who arranges accordingly. Amen, Amen, Amen.”

It can be easily seen by anyone, we only ask God to manifest the help that He considers is needed for the person who is now holding one of the most responsible jobs on the planet. This obviously does not consider our preferences or our political views. Any help to stop this rampant expansion of the satanic evil (in whatever form it is) is definitely needed in these times. And President Donald J Trump is one of the few who clearly started to expose the occult groups and their mechanisms of power (such as Illuminati or the FreeMasonry).

This part can be already done seated in a comfortable position, straightening your spine without tensing, and with your eyes closed. A meditation position is even better, if you know any.

The next stage of the entire action is the consecration. This gesture is an inner attitude of openness towards the higher Consciousness by unconditionally offering, beforehand, the outcome of the entire action of offering spiritual support through the following meditation. Through the gesture of consecration we also make sure that our action is naturally integrated into what usually is known as “the godly plan”. Offering beforehand to God the fruits of the action we are about to begin, we have the possibility to lift the clearly perceivable burden of attachment to the outcome of the action. In this way we will become able to feel free to act under superior inspirations and to gradually realise that the firm (but false) belief that we are the “author” of the action starts to diminish and leave behind a state of serenity and detachment that allows us even to discover that we are but a wave on the ocean of godly Consciousness and we move and act just like it.

When we make the gesture of consecration we will wait immediately afterwards, in silence, aiming to perceive a flow of subtle energy that is bestowed upon us, like a descending flow of energy that will clearly indicate that our offer was received. If after such a detached consecration of the fruits of a certain action we plan to do we do not perceive anything as an genuine “answer” it means that our action is not inscribed in the larger plan of the Supreme Consciousness. (read here about the gesture of CONSECRATION)

After the consecration we begin the meditation in unison with everyone else on the planet who chooses to offer this help, at 7:30 PM CET.

With closed eyes we aim to experience a fundamental state of communion with the subtle, sublime energy of the godly attribute of godly HELP. We instantly aim to offer to the President of the United States Donald Trump the spiritual fruits of the manifestation of this HELP so that he is supported by the good God in all the eminently beneficial actions that he does or will do, in full accordance with the godly Will.
For the 30 minutes of this special program, each of the participants becomes a channel in and through which the subtle, sublime energy of godly HELP manifests and is offered (by our intention) to the President of the United States Donald Trump.

The important aspect of this method is the conscious invocation of the energy of what is known as the “attribute of godly help”. The existence of the energies of godly attributes is one of the most important revelations that was brought into the public attention by my teacher, prof yoga Gregorian Bivolaru. For more information on this extraordinary reality of godly attributes read here.

According to this important reality, we can see why every act of heartfelt and detached help we offer is empowered – even when we are not aware of this fact – by the subtle and sublime energy of the godly help. For those who haven’t discovered yet the mysteries of these fundamental energies of the godly attributes this meditation will represent an excellent occasion to experience directly the way this sublime energy of godly help manifest in and through their being.

Practically in this situation we are the channel (or a genuine receptive-emissive antenna) for the energy of godly help and this energy, directed to the President of US Donald J Trump, will makes possible the help that is truly needed in order for the godly plan to follow.

In order to improve the state of communion with the reality of the refined, sublime energy of the attribute of godly help, you can use the musical background that is provided (see here the link to the MISATV website that plays live the music at that time)

At the end of the 30 minutes (when the music fades out), it is good to take a few minutes to crystallise the effects, becoming aware of the enriching and transforming effects that the manifestation of this sublime energy of godly HELP leaves within your being.

In the moments immediately after the meditation, it is important to pay attention especially to the distinct effects of what is known as The Law of Occult Offering that essentially states: What you detachedly and wholeheartedly offer to others you simultaneously offer to yourself! The subtle and purely sublime energy of godly help that you offer to the President of the United States Donald Trump will also be present within your being and operate specific effects according to your needs.

To summarise the program (that will be done every Thursday and Saturday):

19:15 – 19:25 Prayer (we can use the formula above)
19:25 – 19:30 Consecration to God of the entire outcome (results or fruits) of the action
19:30 – 20:00 Meditation: With closed eyes we aim to experience a fundamental state of communion with the subtle, sublime energy of the godly attribute of godly HELP. We instantly aim to offer to the President of the United States Donald Trump the spiritual fruits of the manifestation of this HELP so that he is supported by the good God in all the eminently beneficial actions that he does or will do, in full accordance with the godly Will.
20:00 – Crystallising the effects of the meditation within.

This meditation is not a political action and cannot be used as such by anyone

A hospital that would help a leader with some health issues cannot be accused of taking a political side because its action addresses an aspect of the human being that is beyond any political colours – health. Similarly, a meditation for offering spiritual support is an action that only channels the spiritual help that comes from God as a specific energy that will manifest that which is needed for the good, love, harmony, spirituality, truth, and wellbeing to be the outcome of the actions of the person who receives it, in this case President Donald Trump.
This energy that we manifest in and through our beings is extraordinarily refined and way beyond our political beliefs, our views in life or the information source we use. Therefore such a spiritual help cannot be hacked for some partisan purposes or misguided. We declare its “destination” from the very beginning and the effects appear according to God’s Will and not according to what we might think. For this reason, this type of unison supporting meditation can be done by all people, irrespective to their momentary opinions or political stands. They are an extraordinary way to unify in spirit while channelling the extraordinary energy of godly help to manifest for President Donald Trump.

It goes without saying that such an energetic supporting field has only beneficial effects; it is not even possible to have negative side effects. It only amplifies the best in those who are the chosen beneficiaries, as well as in those who actively participate. When offering such spiritual help, by manifesting and channeling it in and through our beings, part of the energy of godly help remains within us and operates the needed help in our lives.
Acting in this way from the level of consciousness, we can generate a field that can transform in the events around, even beyond any censorship, various blockages that are performed by the different sides involved, being a genuine unstoppable tool.
Spiritual support is the most transparent form of support. Anyone who has any doubts can check its destination for themselves by reading the original formulation. When the initial formula is clearly formulated towards only the good actions, inspiration that comes from above, we can be certain that this is the outcome. The clear intention modulates the destination of the support that is offered. Therefore, no one can steal the spiritual support afterwards as can be easily done with funds, information, and even with personal validation.
This action of offering spiritual support is only an action of offering ourselves as an intermediary; as a channel in and through which the subtle, sublime energy of godly help manifests and is directed to support the beneficial actions of exposing the deep state and all the corrupt human constructs that suffocate the development of the human condition today. This is the reason why the chosen beneficiary of this spiritual support is President Donald Trump, as he is the only one who has openly declared and actively pursued this extraordinarily difficult task to “drain the swamp”.
Let’s actively participate in unison because from such unison the great beneficiary is humanity itself!


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