A Wonderful and Unique International Event

Friday, November 23nd, the second day of the Congress easily proved the obvious complexity of this event, unique in the world. What to choose and what to attend from the multitude of activities proposed by organizers? In the four halls of the congress there were fascinating presentations on the paranormal powers that one can develop and achieve through yoga, lectures on the mysteries of the Ayurvedic Indian medicine tradition that bring along health and harmony, on Tantra Yoga secrets and… humor!

The reporter chose (with great difficulty) to point out some activities in the overall context, and has very much enjoyed the great initiative of the MISA-TV station, who promised to post and thus offer soon all Congress’ conferences and make them available on their site.

Ioana Plăviţu (MISA – Romania) had a very interesting lecture about the possibility of time travel, a dream of mankind in all times, a desire that inflames the brilliant minds of modern scientists which study the enigmatic subatomic particles that seem to defy temporal linearity, and the traditional yogic psychic power! In yoga, time is referred to as a unique form of energy where past, present and future are always merged into an eternal present moment which is accessible through certain advanced yoga techniques.

chloe-hunefeldChloe Hünefeld (Deutsche Akademie für Traditionelles Yoga – Germany) made a significant parallel between elements of Traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy and the science of subtle colored currents of force (frequencies of fundamental energy that manifest on the astral level and create, among other phenomena, the so-called colored human aura that can be perceived through clairvoyance). The holistic approach on these issues has provided interesting answers on how homeopathic remedies and those of Traditional Chinese Medicine work.

Daniela Dae, one of our most beloved yoga instructors, represented Natha Yoga School from Finland, and spoke about the fundamental state of happiness. She actually manifests naturally this state, as a result of the seriousness of her constant practice of the yoga techniques that she teaches. People everywhere strive, consciously or unconsciously, passionately or with calm, to be happier and to suffer less – and yet. pure happiness is often confused with joyful but superficial emotions. Pure and lasting happiness involves one learning to see things from the proper perspective and to reduce the gap between appearance and Reality. For this purpose, yoga is very helpful, both physically – by improving the functioning of our body and thus leading us to a state of harmony that generates happiness, but also through calming the mind, fact that leads one to discover deeper realities of his inner being, whose nature is happiness itself.

Mr. Maxim Hongell (Natha Yoga School, Finland), Dr. Violeta Parvu and Mr. Cezar Scriba from Romania have shared secrets from the millenary tradition of Indian Ayurvedic Medicine that they have practiced with great success, wise methods of regaining health and even personal discoveries, such as the relaxing effects resulted from the association of music-therapy with phytotherapy.

daniela-daeYoga instructor Mihai Teodorescu (Romania) had a presentation about the Transfiguration – the Art of transition from the profane to the sacred, followed by certain practical techniques done together with the audience The great secret of the tantric path, transfiguration, is a divine attribute, a language of the ascending soul, a tool for self-transformation and for our approach to the others, a direct key to experience God’s ineffable presence, both in everything around us and within us.

In the halls of the Obor Ashram, there were presentations of certain aspects of the yogic tradition: About Yoga Meditation – Dhyana (yoga instructor Mircea Morariu – Romania), The Golden ratio – expression of the universal divine harmony (Georgescu Gianina, yoga instructor), as well as from the tantric tradition: Sexual continence and multiple male orgasm (Ciprian Fodor, Romania), Transpersonal amorous experiences (Aida Calin, Romania).

Vajrananda (Mogens Nielsen) and Pernille (Hansen Liland) from Natha Yogacenter, Denmark had a large public for their moment: The stunning spiritual effects of a 3 years, 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days retreat. It is very famous in the Tibetan tradition the retreat in a cave for 3 years, 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days. Vajrananda and Pernille, under the guidance of their spiritual guide, Grieg, chose an adapted version and did this retreat in the Carpathian Mountains, near the village Sirnea. There they followed an intense meditation program (Pernille’s diary mentions over 13,000 hours of meditation), yoga positions (asanas), Karma Yoga and different techniques from other spiritual traditions (Kalachakra, Tantra, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga , Shivaism). Their lecture was an exciting moment of confession and poetry, which included a presentation of several hundreds of photographs illustrating the highlights of their spiritual adventure.

Fascinating Links Between Science and Spirituality

In unison with one of the topics of this congress it was the lecture kept by Cristian Constantinescu and Dr. Dan Spătariu. Cristian Constantinescu (MISA, Romania) presented a lecture on the topic: A special method for creating resonance with solid Platonics. Modern physics has revealed many truths that were hidden within the precepts of the ancient world’s wisdom. For example, the energy of the form, which was very much used in antiquity, until recently has remained an enigma for scientists. The most spectacular and at the same time initiating forms are the 5 basic shapes from Pythagoras (so-called perfect polyhedrals and Pythagorean bodies). The intensive study of the archetypal forms, by using ancient symbols, astronomical calculations, quantum physics, resonance of acoustic waves and so on, has created over years a solid theoretical base that later resulted in the construction of certain special devices. Each device has a unique and specific capacity to manifest and generates resonance states with different specific frequencies of vibration. Thus it is triggered a specific phenomenon of resonance occult with one particular subtle energy center of the human being, or with several such resonance foci (chakras ) simultaneously. This is an easy, yet accessible way to activate the centers of force within the human being and to experience their reality and the levels of understanding and experience that they facilitate.

Dr. Dan Sorin Spătariu (MISA, Romania) had an intriguing lecture on quantum physics and the ultimate experience in Samadhi Yoga. Quantum physics opens a new chapter at the confluence of spirituality and science. All great thinkers in this field reached certain conclusions, which, in the absence of a genuine spiritual integration would remain only paradoxes. Great modern physicists have come to describe the universe in a way that reminds very much of the metaphor of the ancient yogic tradition. Moreover, quantum physics postulates and even demonstrates (mathematically) to be real certain possibilities that for now may seem to be only fantastic ones , powers that scholars have stated in Orient for thousands of years and that are known as siddhi-s in the yogic terminology ( paranormal powers) …

humor_4And last, but not least, on Friday we had the bubbly humor contest with public participation! Daring spectators went on stage playing a joke and then describing its spiritual meaning. The contest was organized by the talented theater actors Sophrozin, who have presented, appreciated and awarded the best jokes. Moreover, they performed a few very funny and successful plays. The awarding of the best “funny-advisers” was done by the band Devas who also held a delightful mini-concert of electronic music.

This way, in an uplifting atmosphere combining symphonic harmonies with trance rhythms (from the new Devas album, Trance-Fusion), has ended the second day of the congress, on long and enthusiastic applauses of more than 500 spectators present in the big hall in Pipera 1.

Taken from internationalyogacongress.net