The game of polarity is the very essence of life. Everything in the manifestation has a polar charge and takes part in this amazing multifaceted dance. Polarity is what gives us power, the thirst to live, the joy and fulfillment. The food, work, travels, experiences of all kinds – these are all aspects of us taking part in the polar play. From all the ways to play this game, a relationship is the one endowed with the most delightful complexity as well as the transformation potential.

This year’s Summer Soul Retreat in Denmark will focus on the mysterious game of polarity between the Feminine and the Masculine. The retreat will take participants on a 7-day journey of exploring the polarity in themselves and in their relationships, guided by five experienced tantric couples. It will be an unique opportunity to share in experience of those who for years have successfully navigated the waters of the tantric relationship. It is also a chance to receive the training and initiations which form the cornerstone of tantric teachings.

I will be there together with my wife, Adina, sharing Advaita & Adinafrom our experience of being over 20 years in a tantric relationship. Over the years we discovered that the polar tantric relationship is the most efficient tool on the path of continuous transformation. It provides endless opportunities to manifest active love, which is the key component to those who aspire to reach real spiritual heights. In fact, the progress on the spiritual path is accelerated ten-fold when involved in a relationship that observes the universal principles of polarity.

The retreat will offer a synergy between holiday and heart work. Amongst other things it will be rich with source knowledge, life-changing experiences, spiritual energy work, sensual awakenings, studies of consciousness and energy, intense group work, dance&art celebrations, masculinity/femininity trainings and tantric initiations.

Teachers with whom I will be guiding the retreat have had years of in-depth study and practice of Tantric methods and forging their love in the fire of transformative passion. Together we will be able to share “precious stones” of the teachings of polarity, sensuality, love games and understanding of dynamics of any relationship.

The retreat is designed to benefit both those who come as couples as well as singles. It give an opportunity to meet other like-minded people and the organizers aim to have an equal number of men and women participating in this event, so that no one will miss the opportunity to experience the polarization effects.

Topics will include:

  • Understanding of the essential code of conduct of polarity & ways of attraction
  • Special masculine energy work for awakening solar radiance, stamina and magnetism
  • Knowledge of how to approach women, relationships with them and the feminine energies
  • Special sessions for women – to awaken sensuality, the heart and the Inner Goddess
  • Knowledge of how to approach men, relationships with them and the masculine energies
  • Exploration of the power of attraction and the deep masculine/feminine connection
  • Power Polarity Yoga – a revolutionary form of yoga practiced in pairs, enhancing the power of attraction
  • Ways to ‘charge the battery’ in games of attraction
  • Ways to integrate learning, healing, and growth in first encounters and long-term relationships
  • Keys to build real trust in love relationships and friendships
  • Ways to stop love from fading away and ways to grow a relationship into an ecstatic bliss
  • Practices for getting even closer, no matter how close you already are
  • Tools to finding the perfect lover
  • The roles of men and women in today’s society
  • Understanding of why the masculine seeks freedom and the feminine seeks love
  • Why men have a radar for ego in women & women sense fear in men
  • Fulfilling alternatives to rejection, and flexible ways to assert boundaries
  • Expert Guidance in Sacred Meetings & memorable moments in the World of Tantra

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