The third annual Summer Soul retreat is dedicated this year to dive into the energies of love.

Love is a divine gift for which we should be profoundly grateful. It is the key that opens for us the gate towards the Absolute.

Love makes us open and generous. The empathic quest of the other one’s soul will bring us closer to our own soul.

At the retreat we will approach different aspects of love like:

Love as a lesson
Love is the perspective of God in life
Love into the actions, Love is freedom
Love is neutral, Love is here and now
Love is the joy of life and more!

This is what you will experience at the camp:

Seven days of deepening into the mysteries of love.
Experience the opening of your heart.
Explore the different aspects of love though lectures and workshops, meditation exemplifications, satsang and evening activities.
hatha yoga practice to awaken and purify the heart chakra.
excursions to the beach and forest, bonfire, vegetarian diet and much more.

Special guest teachers: Advaita Stoian, director of education and inter scholar relations – Vicepresident of Atman – The International Federation of Yoga and Meditation’

Adina Stoian senior yoga and tantra teacher, coordinator of the Tantra for women teachers training course.

Ulrik Lyshoj tantra teacher

The retreat will be kept in the beautiful and inspiring venue of Paradise retreat center.

During the retreat, in the evening of the 9th of July we will keep a Romantic trance party by the Eco trance group.

Discover that when we awaken the energies of love in our being the impossible easily becomes possible.

The retreat will be coordinated by the yoga and meditation teachers Arthur Lederer and Ines Honfi.

Step into the magic field of LOVE and sign up now at or at our reception.

Price: 3.070kr (1.750kr retreat fee+ 1.320kr food and accommodation)

Special price for Natha Yogacenter students:
2.810kr (1.490kr retreat fee+ 1.320kr food and accommodation)