In this retreat you can explore yourself in an atmosphere of love and connection and discover your spiritual heart. By awakening the spiritual heart you discover that we are all connected in a network of hearts.

6 days of workshops, yoga, vegetarian food, meditations, lectures, dancing, trips to beach and forest, massage, spiritual movies, joy, bonfires, celebration, sharing and much more

The effects of joining this retreat can be many and individual, but for sure you will be more open to love and connect deeper with other people.

Most of the activities in the Summer Soul Retreat will be shared by all the participants and on top of that there will be offered two lines to choose from:

– Heart of Touch
– Heart of Creativity

The two lines will have simultaneous program scheduled as afternoon workshops.

The Heart of Touch line will focus on awakening the spiritual heart through conscious touch. There will be massage, healing touch, breath work, developing your empathy and intuition, feeling each other on a deeper level.

A relaxed attitude towards nudity will be an advantage, but there will not be any sexual touch in the workshops.

The Heart of Touch line will be guided by tantra teacher Ulrik Lyshøj who has many years of experience in teaching tantra massage and the art of conscious touch.

The Heart of Creativity line will focus on awakening the spiritual heart through creative workshops and sacred art. There will be body movement, dance, painting, drawing, music, singing, poetry and more. The workshops will create a space for you to explore your creative powers and allow your soul to manifest in an artistic and playful manner.

The Heart of Creativity line will be guided by yoga teacher Inés Honfi who has dedicated her life to sacred art. For many years Inés has been teaching people to set their creativity free and express their soul in an artistic way.

On the first day of the retreat you will get a taster of the two lines and meet the teachers. After that your heart will know what path to choose.

You are very welcome to join the Summer Soul Retreat if you are single who wants to meet new friends or if you are a loving couple who want to deepen your intimacy.

Come with an open mind and expect transformation to happen.

Dates: 4th– 9thJuly
Venue: Paradise Retreat Center, Faxe, Denmark (1 hour south of Copenhagen)
Price: 1000 DKK
Price for food and accommodation (tent/dormitory): 1100 DKK
Private or shared rooms are available at an extra cost