A Unique and High Class Event – the International Yoga Congress 2012

The last day of the Congress included, in addition to conferences, seminars, films, the long awaited contest of Promoting the Yoga values and the second part of the conference Consciousness and Its Enigmas, prepared by the mentor of the host school (Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute), yoga teacher, Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru.
Among the most attracting activities in the Obor Halls

Johannes Dragonoff (Natha Yoga Center, Finland) had a presentation about the Concept of infinity in mathematics, physics and metaphysics – psychological and spiritual implications. Thus we learned that while general physics seeks to eliminate as much as possible the infinite from its theories, mathematicians deal with the same concept as an extremely useful tool for analysis, recognizing even an infinite series of numbers as trans-infinite, each of them “more infinite “than the other, tending towards that what Georg Cantor called Absolute Infinity (or simply the Absolute). On the other hand, Rene Guénon stated that the only truly infinite is the Metaphysical Infinite, an object situated beyond the concept of number and any possible limitation, and that object subsequently was assimilated to God. Johannes’s merit is to use the creative yogic meditation focused on these ideas, in order to become aware of the infinite. The practical ways offered in order to have a direct experience beyond words and concepts of the infinite astonishment the audience who was very willing to experiment this.

Lucian Milea (MISA, Romania) has lectured about the Manifestations of the mysterious energy of the ether in the inner universe of the human being and within the “Free Energy” technical devices. Such an important topic of the modern world, the energy problem and the possibility to obtain it freely, together with its expression in our inner world, has gathered a large audience in the Obor Halls. Mr. Milea has mentioned that, according to yogic spiritual tradition and certain advanced scientific approaches, the ubiquitous energy of the ether (the void, zero point energy) occurs both in the human being and in certain generators of such useful energy. An intriguing example that supports his statements is the phenomenon Inedia (medically proven, with no possible error), that involves a total renunciation to food and feeding with the subtle energies of ether only. Many Christian saints and yogis, such as Therese Neumann and Giri Bala proved this phenomenon to be true.

uddyanabandaOn the other hand, the achievements of certain scientific geniuses such as Nikola Tesla and Viktor Schauberger, have also proven that the energy of the ether can be converted technologically and beneficially used in man’s life. Thus, Mr. Milea’s presentation has dealt with esoteric and scientific aspects of the ether, and the correlations he made with various principles and practical devices for using this power, demonstrating that both in the case of the Inedia phenomena and for the “Free Energy” devices there are involved the same type of energy and universal principles.

Hakim Kuusela and Cristian Hallivuori (Natha Yoga Center, Finland) have prepared a presentation about certain aspects referring to the tantric universal principles and how they are applied in the daily life. This can lead to profound transformations (including curing of certain diseases, or general personal development). In the end of the Obor’s program there were presented several case studies that were performed by well experienced physicians of alternative therapies and Ayurveda: Dr. Cristina Câmpean (MISA, Romania): The Ayurvedic approach of the treatment in the case of erysipelas, Dr. Monica Maria Pascalau (MISA, Romania): An Ayurvedic perspective on heart diseases’ treatment by natural means and Dr. Anca Cioltan (MISA, Romania): An Ayurvedic perspective on amenorrhea’s treatment by natural means.

Emil Noll (Natha Yogacenter, Denmark) had a presentation on Mindfulness (Beneficial mental intervention) combined with meditation and other yogic methods in order to improve and even cure some of the widespread diseases of modern man: depression, stress and anxiety. From England, Maria Stine Porsfelt (Tara Yoga Centre) held a very well appreciated interactive seminar with the public, experiencing certain Tantric procedures developed in the special study groups that she coordinates. Thus, the participants have experienced transformative experiences where they were able to easily perceive the game of the fundamental Yin-Yang polarities.

yogaThen, there followed two films in premiere – “The Portal” (about the discovery of an area of access and communication with a beneficent extraterrestrial civilization) and “The ultimate ancient secret of a real sexual revolution, giving loving couples endless happiness: sexual continence.” By the courtesy of the organizers and of MISATV, the documentary movie, The Portal, can be watched online here.

The activities in Pipera 2 have ended with Advaitananda’s (Natha Yogacenter, Denmark) lecture. The representative of the International Federation of Yoga and Meditation, Atman, presented an Amazing and wise answer offered by the traditional Tantric science to the challenges the world is facing today. He spoke about the fact that the current pace of humanity’s development seems to have long far surpassed people’s ability to follow it or even to understand it. Thus, being “left behind” by the very progress desired, humanity is facing an impressive amount of problems and challenges on all levels, which are becoming more and more complex and larger day by day. By trying to solve one problem, people find out that, due to ignorance and superficiality, other two ones become worse… Therefore, we can even say that, rather than the current energy, financial or even moral crisis, humanity is facing a major crisis of solutions in all domains. But these solutions actually already exist. They are rooted in a spiritual past that now unites within the supreme consciousness and the future, and they are applicable in the eternal present moment.

The tantric wisdom has revealed these global settling directions (on different branches and levels of vibration), thousands of years ago. But their validity is always kept alive because these wise solutions are based on universal laws and principles. In this conference there were presented some of these millennial solutions, perfectly adapted to modern times, that give us some of the much needed answers.

The Competition for Promoting Yoga Values

Pipera Hall 1 – the glorious crowning of the Congress

Unique in the world of the yogic millenary tradition because of the requirement of the competition itself and the large number of participants, the competition has brought us this year a few major surprises. The 62 yoga practitioners from England, Ireland, Denmark, Hungary, Sweden, Finland, Italy and Romania have successfully passed through the four stages, amounting to a total of about 8 hours of competition! The contest started with the correct execution of yoga positions – both men and women have practiced three yoga techniques demonstrating mastery in their execution.

There was a test for men only: achieving yoga positions for a long time period. And here we had the first extraordinary surprise – setting a world record in the practice of the posture. Mr. Adrian Cotora, (Bucharest, Romania), practicing yoga in the MISA school had a record time of 11 minutes and 39 seconds! The best timing for the Mayurasana posture was recorded by Mr. Perozzi Matthias (Italy) with 3 min 56 sec.

The complementary test designed for women only has especially pointed the elasticity in 2 yoga postures (Chakrasana, Prasarita Padatansana). Both the best executions were won by Carmen Stoian, Bucharest, Romania MISA yoga school.

paschiAnother exceptional performance was achieved in the subtle perception test. 8 out of the 62 participants were able to perceive telepathically one precise state of the 49 possible! Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru chose and emitted a certain state for 10 minutes (a total of 5 states) and the participants, connected telepathically with the subtle field emitted by him, had to perceive it accurately. The envelope with the states to be chosen was sent by Mr. Grieg and was brought in the room from the beginning of the test and the correctness of this part of the competition was flawless. Amazing is also the fact that 3 of the online audience of MISATV television station that broadcasted live throughout the contest, have also correctly perceived the state – 2 people from Bucharest and one in Geneva (Switzerland).

Then there was the intelligence test – 12 questions that were also sent by the mentor of the host MISA school, Mr. Bivolaru and then a test of esoteric yogic knowledge.

Once the contest ended, meaning after about 8 hours, there followed an extraordinary live concert of the Danish band ISIS who released on this occasion their latest album dedicated to the Great Cosmic Power of Divine Compassion – Tara.

yoga juryThe Pipera 1 Hall proved once again to be too small for the more than 700 participants who were present to listen the exceptional conference that the yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru has sent: Consciousness and Its Enigmas (the last part). You can listen to it here, by the courtesy of the MISATV.

The evening ended with well-deserved applause and awards. The yoga winners’ awarding brought us another wonderful surprise: this time it was won by a yogi woman, Ms. Carmen Stoian (MISA, Romania). The best congress conference was awarded to Dr. Doru Benjamin Bode (Germany): Space, Time and beyond through Yoga.

Thus, after such a spiritual feast which involved many touching and uplifting moments, where we listened to very interesting conferences and attended various seminars, we enjoyed great music, theater and initiatic film, we vibrated in unison with the participants in the yoga contest and long applauded the well-deserved awarded people, we ended this International Congress with a deep sense of fulfillment.

It was truly a celebration of Millennial yogic values. See you at the next edition in 2014!