Swine Flu Vaccinations are they Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Oct 30, 2009 | Politics

Swine flu is it real threat or a real scam?

This article about swine flu addresses all those who are open minded enough to explore the information and have the courage to get out of the “official box” where everything is seemingly safe, but in fact it is not because the responsibility for this ‘safety’ has been given entirely to an exterior power, one that cannot be questioned or checked. One of the conditions for the illusion of our feelings of ‘safety’ is that we do not get out of the specially designed frame of thinking, in this way we don’t have the risk of seeing that-“The emperor has no clothes”!

By now everybody has heard of the latest virus ‘the swine flu’ or the H1N1 virus.

Some of my friends have been investigating this subject and the information they found indicates that it is more a ‘classic scam’ hiding a hidden agenda than a real world problem. Since we are living in a time when lying has become a part of our “culture” one has to search for the truth with more dedication than ever, being ready to find it where least expected. But let’s see what is “floating in the air” these days.

Officials predicted in April 2009 that the virus H1N1 would claim millions of lives; the World Health Organization (WHO) quickly declared it a pandemic!! On the 25th October President Obama declared the ‘swine flu outbreak’ a STATE OF NATIONAL EMERGENCY – despite the fact there has been ‘apparently’ 1000 associated deaths in US, in comparison the common flu causes around 36,000 deaths per year!

There is growing evidence that H1N1 is a laboratory-concocted virus!!

This idea meets a strong opposition in most people, since we are used to accept only that which has a coherent and easy to grasp explanation. In putting such an idea on the table we will then need to ask the following difficult question: “Why would a virus that causes illness and death be deliberately manufactured and WHO would do such a thing, (WHO being the key word here and you will see why later!)?” As we will see in the following, the answer to this question is amazingly simple.

Trying to understand such situation first implies that we accept it as a working hypothesis and this is already too much for some people. However the facts become clearer then ever and we don’t need much imagination in finding possible answers. This is the place where more and more people are at nowadays, starting with hesitating steps to get out of the “official box” of thinking and daring to explore the most amazing possibilities, because to the ones who want to find the truth, reality is proving they have to search for it in “wonderland”. And there is where we go now…

What is now coming to light is that the whole swine flu saga has been engineered as part of the ‘New World Disorder’ plan to murder billions of people. At least this is what alot of evidence is pointing towards….

If this is hard to swallow at first sight, we can briefly reflect upon the ‘global elite’s’ previous atrocities. Take 9/11 for example: the evidence from professionals and witnesses clearly demonstrates that the events on that day did not occur as we are lead to believe, and that the terror plot was a smokescreen for a far more sinister plan. (I have posted a very good movie about 9/11, here you will see authentic arguments and witnesses disproving the official lies!). Such a “false flag” operation performed directly under our noses just a few years back makes the “man engineered virus” hypothesis easier to understand and it would bring us closer to “wonderland”. If we also reflect on how Afghanistan and Iraq were both invaded under false pretences then this “wonderland” shows its specific landscape.

In 1976 there was an ‘outbreak of swine flu’ reported in America, it was predicted that it would result in the deaths of millions. The crisis was sparked after the death of a soldier who (already sick) died whilst on a hike, reason for death being – pneumonia secondarily to the flu. Other soldiers in the same troop were also reported to have the virus, and a mass immunization program for the US was designed. However it was soon discovered that there were no further cases of swine flu outside the camp where it supposedly had originated.

By this time though the propaganda machine was already in motion, strongly encouraging the Americans to get the jab.

The vaccination was rushed through without adequate safety tests, and the manufacturing pharmaceutical companies were given indemnity in the event of any problems occurring. The mass vaccination program began; around 46 million Americans were immunized. In time it was revealed that people were becoming sick following the vaccination, but there were no new cases of the virus!! Many acquired the debilitating disease- Guillain Barre syndrome, there were thousands of deaths associated with the vaccination, contrasting with only one death related to the swine flu!!! Eventually the swine flu epidemic hysteria died down, but not before millions were needlessly vaccinated and some with terrible consequences. Perhaps we may have the tendency to think that it was ‘just a mistake’ and in fact those people who made the plan were trying to do their jobs. However this would be a very convenient thing to say and it does not seem in accordance with the reality. For more clarity here is a short movie that clearly demonstrates the massive propaganda campaign, the manipulation and blatant lies of the officials in that case.

Now the ‘current’ swine flu epidemic, originated in Mexico the first cases were detected around April of this year, and quickly spread globally. In June 2009 The World Health Organization (WHO) declared a level 6 global pandemic (emergency of the highest level).

For such an apparently big problem the level of information is much reduced. Accurate statistics of illnesses and deaths related to the swine flu are hazy, official counts stopped, with the explanation that there were too many cases occurring to keep track of them! Can you believe that in the era of information and with the figures that were predicted (thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of illnesses) this argument in itself is giving the dimension of the lie that is coming up!

Early on in the outbreak the Presidential Science Council predicted that there may be up to 90,000 deaths, though the actual world wide deaths related to swine flu has been around 4,500 . The total deaths since August 30 to October from “Influenza and Pneumonia-Associated” illness are 1,397, reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention web site FluView (cdc.gov/flu/weekly/). But only 192 of those have been laboratory-confirmed as flu of any type. (people die of pneumonia from other causes, not only related to flu.) In fact, FluView reports that deaths from influenza and pneumonia are well within the normal bounds for this time of year — or, as the CDC puts it, “below the epidemic threshold.” !

So why then is the swine flu still a pandemic? How come that powerful states are investing billions into a vaccination program for something that appears not to be at the pandemic level that the WHO have declared . Billions have been spent on the advertising campaign to try to convince us that there is a problem, when no such problem really exists. We have seen many times before, governments that have the power to check information are making “beginners mistakes” but mysteriously the mistakes always serve the same agendas that are not for the ‘public interest’. The scheme is always the same but it is still working and therefore the beneficiaries are not considering to change it.

By now there is massive amounts of information circulating that the pandemic is a smokescreen created in order for the global elite to have centralized control – Under this level 6 pandemic status the WHO have the power to control how governments respond, if they want to have a mandatory vaccination program, they can do this with the appropriate force, if necessary. This could mean quarantines, road blocks, restricted travel and imprisonment for non- compliance.

Of course it doesn’t mean that this will happen right away but we can already see it starting to go in that direction. Already in some countries like Hungary, the newly voted law is punishing anyone who will speak against the mass vaccination and this will be implemented from now on.

With all these strange situations we can see that it is highly possible that the masons (who are also behind the WHO and UN) have this on their ‘decreasing the population’ agenda, so if the masses do not respond to the propaganda techniques, it may well be that it will come to a military enforced vaccination program.

For me this was just a hypothesis supported by indirect evidences (the indirect evidences are many times as strong as the direct ones) up until some years ago I was talking with a person who is involved with freemasonry and in a special moment of openness I was making a check, and I asked him if he knew anything about the controversial plan for the global reduction of the population. To my big surprise he confirmed that this was a topic that had been discussed in certain clubs and circles of power for many years and there are even many versions of it according to the solutions proposed.

There is a lot of evidence against vaccines in general, and it is thought that the H1N1 vaccination will contain dangerous substances that will be extremely harmful causing illness and death. As in 1976, it has been reported that the vaccination is again being rushed through without adequate safety trails and with the indemnity for the companies who produce it.

‘IF this is so’ the rush is very strange, since up until now there is absolutely no evidence that this is a pandemic or that it is at a dangerous level of development. The only aspect that we can see in this strange rush to create and distribute the vaccine under the cover of having ‘no time’ would be that many of the protocols for normal pharmaceutical procedures could be broken, hiding under the time factor all the strange aspects.

From other sources we learn that the vaccinations themselves could be the source that triggers the pandemic that will then be used to justify worldwide compulsory vaccinations. “What a stupid thing!” will exclaim those who believe, ‘all that they see’ is the ‘ultimate truth’. Indeed it is extremely weird to think that a vaccine could be the very source of epidemic that is trying to cure… but at a closer look we will see that there are several cases where this has happened in the past!

As we can see in the following short clip, Bayers (the giant of the pharmaceutical industry) discovered that their injection drug which was used by haemophiliacs was contaminated with the HIV virus! When this was discovered in America they took it off the market there, then preceded to distribute it in Europe, Asia and Latin America! In this way they knowingly exposed thousands, mostly children to the live HIV virus. No Bayer executives ever faced arrest or prosecution in the United States! Can you beleive it? A top selling pharmaceutical company was distributing hiv infected material by mistake?

This is a story for kids because a mature person would not believe that BAYER was doing this accidentaly. Not at that level. At the level of BAYER this was a deliberate action whose purposes can be multiple but what we are interested here into is that such think can happen very easy under our nose. Should have been that company an iranian one…. you can imagine the hypocritical scandal and direct statements accusing iran about international terrorism! (not that i am a fan of iran ;))

At a closer inspection, it appears for anyone who thinks using their ‘own head’ that this cannot be a coincidence. In a pharmaceutical company things cannot be infected so easily, even if there are some mistakes in the security protocols. For infecting sterile needles or syringes, one would have to make an entire plan and this cannot be put in place without the explicit cooperation of the leadership of the company. And since this fact was reported not only once… the chances that it was just an accident decrease to zero! Now, if vaccines were infected with AIDS, if sterile medical equipment was found infected with viruses that cannot get there by accident, then there would be a problem contaminating the world vaccination programme with active viruses would they? How many times should an event repeat itself until we start to realize that it is not a coincidence? This time it seems that the conditions are ripe for a global operation.

If until now you still have some skepticism left, take this information that goes in the same line and it is even more far out: the red cross organization were involved in distributing blood that was tainted with HIV and hepatitis C, and this resulted in the death of around 3,000 people!!! (this is the same number of victims that resulted from the events in 9/11)
The organisation which distributed the blood in the 1980s paid a mere fine of $4,000 for causing more than 1,000 Canadians to contract blood- borne HIV and as many as 20,000 to become infected with hepatitis C. It is also reported that Bill Clinton was at the center of a scandal in the 1980s involving the sale of AIDS-tainted blood to Canada, which was distributed through the Red Cross. As governor of Arkansas, Clinton awarded a contract to Health Management Associates to provide medical care to the state’s prisoners. The president of the company was one of Clinton’s friends! (why is it always one of these guys involved? are they doing it on purpose for us to become paranoic or… they are really involved at a bigger scale than we are ready to accept)

How can we trust that the same will not happen again? As it did with Bayers and the Red Cross and possibly many more unaccounted for actions that have been completely against the public’s best interest!! A lot of information is pointing in the direction towards a scam of global magnitude!
One must be quite naïve or scared to go down the path of considering this information if you are not at least able to look into this from another perspective after all these events and information has come out.

The vaccination program has begun in America, and as the vaccinations begin to arrive in Europe, the health care systems gets geared up for this massive program. Targeting the high risk groups such as: health care professionals, pregnant women and young children first..

But let’s play a little the worst case scenario:

If a toxic injection is given to all health care professionals; who will care later for the sick?
If a toxic injection is given to expectant mothers and young children; who will become the next generation?

The panic and hysteria is already enough for many parents to blindly lead their children to the vaccination. It is possible that health care professionals will be obliged by their status to take the vaccine and then we are facing a crisis that will be covered by the time-factor and the panic created so that nobody will try to find the real causes of the situation. We have seen this scheme at work very successfully until now and the 9/11 events are a vivid proof that this scheme works (this is the most recent one). It will be enough to have numbers of dead people to scare the world and no one will think to search for the real authors. Everyone will ask for a solution and, after the governments will come with the solutions, they will also assume the authority to silence all those who will question their integrity and their solution.

This is not just a scenario, this is what is happening right now with the 9/11 events. Despite the immense amount of evidence and the immense number of people that are questioning now the events and the official story, yet nothing significant is happening in that direction- no serious investigation takes place. Probably we will even see a law that will punish the “9/11 terrorist attack” deniers and then silence will be ensured by law! Does it sound familiar? 😉
And if this scheme worked so many times until now, why not use it again, this time with another chapter of human existence: health.
And here are more elements from the plan coming up:

In July, Greece openly called for the compulsory vaccination of all 12 million Greeks.

The important case of Jane Burgermeister

Jane Burgermeister, an Austrian journalist, is one of the first people who became involved in revealing the scam. Her interest in the story began when she discovered that Baxter’s pharmaceutical company were involved in the transportation of vaccine materials that were contaminated with the deadly avian (or bird) flu virusDue to the strict laboratory protocols it would apparently be ‘virtually impossible’ for the routine vaccines to be mixed with a live virus biological weapon! The incident was found by chance in a Czech laboratory when some animals died after receiving the vaccine, there was no real investigation made into the matter, only a vet was sent to the lab to make an inspection!!

Jane’s findings are again supporting what I was saying up until now and it is worthwhile to be follow her case closely.

Evidence as to the role of Baxter and WHO in producing and releasing pandemic virus material in Austria.

“Baxter Pharmaceutical has been chosen by the WHO to lead the efforts in finding a vaccine cure for the swine flu H1N1 virus. This in spite of the fact that Baxter AG, headquartered in Vienna, and the Austrian subsidiary of the pharmaceutical company Baxter International, headquartered in Deerfield, IL, USA, sent vaccine material contaminated with deadly live H5N1 bird flu virus to 16 laboratories in four countries in winter 2009 before a technician caught the mistake. According to Austrian Health Minister Alois Stöger, 72 kilograms of vaccine material was contaminated.”

Excerpt from the report by Jane Burgermeister.

Jane filed a report with the FBI against the WHO, the UN and high ranking and corporate officials concerning bio-terrorism and attempts to commit mass murder. In a recent interview Jane admits that she has not heard anything regarding the report she filed.
The interview with Jane is very good, as we can see that she is intent on exposing the truth.

Her website has current information about the situation.


The problem with this situation is that the flu exists and people are dying from it anyhow. The ones who manipulate public opinion are reacting to any questioning of the vaccine by stamping the person as a terrorist who wants to ruin the ‘public health’, a public enemy who is driven by strange interests and so on. We find the same scheme used by the communists when anyone criticizing or questioning the regime was immediately (and many times successfully) publicly stamped as an enemy of the people! To this situation we can respond by creating a common front of all the people that refuse to be just sheep used for strange plans of the few, a common front of the people who dare to think with their own mind and to question in a healthy positive way, their personal paradigm.

The terrible plot as ambiguous as it may seem, may well be a looming reality, the potential dangers of the vaccine could be deadly, the dangers from getting sick from the flu are also there… I would ask you again to seek the truth courageously, with your spiritual eyes wide open to realize all the angles in this matter and not only to realize the narrow frame in which the ones with group interest are trying to confine your mind.

By only saying no to mass manipulation and yes to personal transformation will it be possible for many to reawaken the collective consciousness and then to act as one organism without needing a leading clique who will be corrupted by the power given to them.

To end on a lighter more humorous note, i found a good satirical clip…


Stay tuned for further updates…..

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