The International Yoga and Alternative Therapies Congress – a Great Beginning

The International Congress of Yoga and Alternative Eastern and Western Therapies – “Spirituality – The Science of the conscience that is inspired by God” began in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and joy. On celebration tones, the Sophrozin Theater from Romania presented a dynamic grouping of yoga positions inspired from the millenary yogic tradition. The public rejoiced by the actors’s acrobatics and gracefully performed asana-s. There followed a sensitive moment of evocation of the subtle angelic realms that permanently protect and influence the existence of each of us.

As the honorary president of the Congress, Advaitananda (Mihai Stoian), from the International Federation of Yoga and Meditation Atman, had the opening speech and invited one by one the representatives of the yoga schools that have sent their participants to the congress from various countries: England, South Africa, Bosnia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Hungary.

All participants attended afterwards a first spiritual experience in unison, a short but intense meditation with the state of enthusiasm and aspiration towards the Absolute.

international yoga congresThe first presentation of the congress referred, of course, to the yoga school that generously hosts this Congress for the third time in a row, the Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute, a school that is inspired and guided by its mentor, yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru. It followed a special conference sent by him on this occasion, entitled “Consciousness and its enigmas.” This presentation has been sustained by the presentation of two unique films – where yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru proves exceptional manifestation of certain paranormal phenomena.

Exceptional Demonstrations of Paranormal Phenomenology

In the first documentary, Mr. Bivolaru performs the movement at will, by telekinesis, of the needle of a compass – the experiment takes about 50 minutes. During this time, a professional compass of high precision is influenced by him from a certain distance and moves exactly as the movements of his hands.

The second documentary involves the use of a special device that is testing the bio-energetic field and the mental strength. This device was invented by a Hungarian engineer named Egely ( who tested it on several thousand people around the globe, including renowned martial arts instructors, masters of spiritual currents Traditional and others. When Mister Egely saw the film documentary that was made by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru with his experiment, he said he has never met such an amazing performance that not only shows an extraordinary bio-energetic field, but also an amazing mental power of remotely influencing the device as believed not ever existing!

international yoga congresThe whole evening was concluded with a beautiful concert of sacred music inspired by traditional peoples of the Balkans and the Middle East: the Meru band from Sf. Gheorghe, Romania. The events of the first day of the congress have been followed by a large audience online on the net on . The organizers have already received congratulations from their fellow yogis from California, South America, Scandinavia, India etc which have enjoyed the opportunity to watch the congress even if they could not come to Bucharest.

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