The Tantra Festival is coming up – this time in Copenhagen.
Saturday 13th September is again a time for reflection, introspection, and renewal. It’s a time for great joy and fulfillment of secret desires; a time to free the heart and focus on what really fills your life with substance.

Give yourself a chance to find exactly what you need right now. Enrich yourself with knowledge and experiences which will make a difference in your life! Three halls filled with workshops on tantra, relationships, tantric massage, love, energy-work, happiness, spirituality and self-development.

The stage is set for a festival of sensual immersion, renewed self-awareness and the enchanting interplay between the masculine and the feminine in its most beautiful and sophisticated forms. Men will discover the power of their manhood and women will reveal and evoke their inner “goddess”.

I will not take part in the festival this year, as I am traveling for some private arrangements. So I leave the stage to my wife Adina, who will share tantric secrets with the female audience about how the world looks free of the tormenting Pre-Menstrual Syndrome! Which I predict the other half of the world will also highly benefit from…

During these two days it will be possible to have fascinating encounters with Denmark’s best-known sexologists, tantra teachers, therapists and spiritual counselors, while enjoying music and art in the tantric spirit – embracing the beauty and power of life! Enjoy!