This weekend I will be in Arhus for Tantra Festival event. I will give a lecture at this festival with the title “How to become Multi-Orgasmic – Tantric Wisdom for Men and Woman”. Here you will find all the practical information about Tantra Festival. We are glad to welcome you in Athus, Denmark to enjoy the festival with us.

How to become Multi-Orgasmic – Tantric Wisdom for Men and Woman
Lecture/workshop by Advaita Stoian, Natha Yogacenter

The multiorgasmic capacity is one of the most amazing features of human sexuality. And yet the one of least known and even more seldom practiced with real success. Commonly known for being a hidden erotic potential of women, its accessibility to men seems erroneously nothing more than a legend. Despite being recently rediscovered and spoken of in various sources, it still remains for most people a phenomenon veiled in myth and mystery. But that path can be accessed not only by the few fortunate ones – once one gets to know the fundamental secrets of controlling erotic energy, this potential, inherent in every human being, can be unfailingly awakened. During this year’s Festival, Advaitananda – Tantra teacher of immense knowledge and personal experience, will shed light upon this life-changing delight, presenting esoteric information about its uses, correlations with discoveries of science, and most importantly – practical methods by which it can be successfully awakened in both men and women.

About Advaita Stoian
Advaita has engineered an exceptionally effective system of transforming practices and knowledge that addresses authentic inner growth. His teachings are in accordance with the ancient spiritual tradition and have been passed on to him through the guidance of his spiritual mentor Grieg belonging to the Maha Gupta Siddha Yoga school with roots in Kashmir Shaivism. Advaita’s exceptional seminars and workshops encompass a broad range of topics, bringing in an adapted form the ancient teachings of Tantra and Yoga to the modern world. He unites these traditional spiritual sciences with the discoveries of modern science, providing an authentic yet accessible path for today’s individual. His Tantra Intensive Course is used as source material in men’s and women’s groups around the world and is considered an important resource for spiritual transformation and sacred sexuality within many spiritual communities. Advaita is, among other things, senior teacher of Natha Yogacenter in Copenhagen and Stockholm, and teacher of the Atman International Teacher Training Courses which are unique training courses in yoga, tantra and meditation, in our world today. He is also the one who got the inspired impulse to create a Tantrafestival.