Between the 10th of September 2016 until the 11th of September 2016, the Tantra Festival is taking place in Copenhagen. The theme for 2016 of the Copenhagen festival is Science and Love.

At the festival you will experience captivating meetings with tantra teachers, tantra masseurs, sexologists, love warriors, and goddess guides who will offer generously from their experiences from the universal principle of polarity, the attraction between the feminine and the masculine, the science behind the love. There will be workshops, lectures, energy work, demonstrations of tantra massage, spiritually inspired theatre and art, debates in Conscious Talk show, concerts and heart awakening meetings.

This whole event takes place in the spirit of the Tantra festival: to seek creative and new solutions for the challenges of modern lifestyle. In the broad range of possibilities we find a special focus on tools that can be applied in a practical way in our life; from science to spirituality, from health to self development, from sexuality to art, from lifestyle to an integrated life, that eventually can lead realizing one’s life purpose.

At Tantra festival you can learn about your own masculinity! The exercises as well the workshops and the conferences will teach you how to awake your superior man, your power, your vitality, your joy of living, self-confidence, courage, love and the joy of your soul, your mental power, ability to concentrate, find your focus and your direction – and meet the Divine through the awakening of your masculinity. Become more connected to the purpose of your life, and feel the power, joy, strength and courage growing in you. Learn about lovemaking and how to interact with the feminine. Find your mythological roots and your masculine archetype. Come and explore who you really are!

Come and awaken and unfold your wonderful femininity! Awaken your amazing qualities, your joy of life and vitality, and see how you enchant the world with the light from your heart and your femininity, your erotic power, your self-confidence and your strength as a woman, and feel how your heart is healed and how you will be able to heal and improve your relations, and love freely – get familiar with your intuition and mysterious nature, and the amazing potential of your mind, and meet the Divine through meeting your feminine heart. Become familiar with the one you really are. Learn about lovemaking and how to merge with the masculine nature. There will be workshops, lectures and both practical exercises and theory. Come and explore who you really are and what will make you happy in life!

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Tantrafestival will take place in Kedel-Hallen, Nyelandsvej 75A2000 Frederiksberg in Copenhagen.