An Invitation to experience the mysteries of Maha Vidya TARA

Dear friends,

We are very happy to announce you that Natha Yoga School from Denmark continues the tradition of presenting the different Maha Vidyas, and this year it is hosting the retreat for deepening the resonance with the Great Cosmic Power of Compassion and Divine Grace – Tara, 22-28 July 2013.

In a dreamlike environment – Paradise Retreat Center, Natha Yogacenter Denmark invites all those wishing to deepen the mysteries of Tara Maha Vidya to participate to a unique camp – supported by our spiritual guide Grieg, under the direct guidance of Advaitananda and Adina.

The camp includes esoteric revelations about the mysteries of the Great Cosmic Power Tara,tantric principles and their application in daily life for an extraordinary spiritual evolution, Hatha Yoga practice from a tantric approach, personal experiences of communion with this Maha Vidya, unique spiritual exemplifications and meditations supported by our spiritual guide Grieg.

We look forward to sharing together a magical week of celebration, where the revelations about the esoteric knowledge of Great Cosmic Power Tara will weave together with seminars, tantric rituals, transfiguration exercises, meditations and moments of communion with nature – in one of the most beautiful holiday resorts in Denmark, on the shore of the Baltic Sea, at Paradise Retreat Center.

As an exceptional wonderful gift of Divine Grace, the Initiation in the Occult Law of Divine Miracles will be offered in this camp.

Please find out more about this great event here and pass on this link to all those who can benefit of this great camp:

We embrace you all with love

Advaita and Adina