Thank You All for the Amazing Support and Social Media Activity Now in these Difficult Moments

Mar 22, 2016 | Silent War, Social Justice

Standing up to balance the information is an action that means a lot when almost everyone is fed from only one side of the story. Share your view and your experience with the teachings of yoga that Grieg is teaching to make a difference.
Here is a comment that illustrates such an attitude.

Thank you Uwe!

Comment about the imprisonment of Gregorian Bivolaru/Magnus Aurolsson, founder of the Romanian Yoga School MISA, through EUROPOL and about the actual media campaign against him.

My name is Uwe Haspel. I was born in 1958, my profession is Doctor of Medicine and Naturist. At university I already have begun to study also other subjects like Sociology, Politology, Psychology, Arts and Pedagogics to open and widen my horizon.
Since 2002 I am in the Yoga Classes of the “Deutschen Akademie für Traditionelle Yoga“, the German “daughter“ of MISA, which meanwhile has spread over many European countries, and has also settled in several countries abroad.
From the beginning I considered the spirit of this school to very precious. Deep respect, interest for each other, compassion and responsibility all play main roles.

In the past years I have often been to the Berlin Ashram (community of the members). Furthermore I spent three months in a Bucharest Ashram to complete my image of MISA and to get more of a feeling for the ideals of this school and the social life there. I was impressed very positively, and I still am. These experiences show me that in this school ethical and moral principles of life are considered as very important.

Fulfilling sexual life and Tantra are also important parts of life there – however with great attention and sensivity for each other. Violation of the dignity of the partner is absolutely intolerable for us!

As much more important referring the media campaign I see complete other reasons:

Several times I got the informations that Gregorian Bivolaru criticized sharply political and economical scandals and grievances – especially in Romania. So I fully understand, that because of that he created himself many hard enemies.

The actual media campaign in Romania against him, followed by equally sounding defamations in Spanish and French newspapers, I consider as criminal acts. If a person knows a bit about rhetorics, he immediately can see which are the real facts.

In 2013 Gregorian Bivolaru was condemned by the Romanian Supreme Court for six years of imprisonment because of „sex with a minor girl“, in spite of his status as political refugee, guaranteed by Sweden. But in this so called crime there is no victim. The woman, who was presented as the victim several times corrected this accusation being asked by different judges (at last at the Supreme Court of Sweden). Only in Romania this statement of hers was not considered for the trial.
The Romanian authorities have distorted this court decision and told EUROPOL, that Gregorian Bivolaru was searched because of „child abuse and pornography with children“. I hope instantly that EUROPOL does not allow that it is used as a „playball“ in this „execution“ campaign.

Furthermore I hope that the media in the member states of the European Community inform themselves much more diligently, and do not only copy the Romanian articles blindly. At the moment the situation is the opposite. When I see so much and so hard defamation and slurring of the reputation of Mr. Bivolaru, I am so shocked by this behavior that words fail me.

As such a campaign also has effects on the reputation of our German part of the Yoga School, I make this statement publicly and ask you deeply to support us, that we succeed in the liberation of Gregorian Bivolaru from French imprisonment and also in his public rehabilitation – including in the media, which are actually throwing bad dirt.

Furthermore I invite you to visit our Yoga Centres in Berlin, Erlangen, Nürnberg, München, Freiburg, Hamburg and Heidenheim, so you can have the opportunities to get an own impression from the members of our school, our soial life and the atmosphere there.

Thank you very much for your interest, this is very precious for us and can help for a victory of thruthfulness.

Uwe Haspel

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