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Mar 21, 2009 | Politics

The Big Picture is a very good documentary that combines different elements; it is excellent for ringing the alarm bells. It is not a documentary that delves deeply into the essence of the problems, but one that makes connections and puts you in the position to see more deeply into the problems and the situations. It is also a very good documentary for those who want to cut through the enormous quantity of conspiracy theories and information that is floating on the market. A lot of the information is put out there to create confusion, some simply being speculation by all types of people who want to look interesting, but in fact they don’t know what they are talking about!! And other information simply is genuine! In The Big Picture they make very interesting correlations and have the common sense to say that this is a certain point of view without trying to push you in one direction. They just show you different perspectives, giving the viewer the freedom to choose to combine this information or to draw their own conclusions… ‘this is a possibility, think about it, think that maybe today things are happening for a certain reason and forget about all these conspiracies from 2012 about Martian invasion or whatever strange things you might dream about’. Actually this is a very important point, this is what distinguishes this documentary from many others, because in a certain way it follows the same fundamental idea as different spiritual systems – the suggestion of going back to the ‘present moment’. They don’t say that the present moment is ‘like this’ or ‘like that’, they just say go back to the present moment, observe the present moment, be aware of what happens to you now, not in ten or twenty years, but what happens to you in this moment as this is the most important aspect and here is the seed of what happens in the future. Actually this is a very important key element. Indeed there are a lot of speculations and manipulations out there on the market because people are naïve and they go in all kinds of directions, trying especially to live in the future and to decode the future, but they use this as a distraction and an escape from their present situation. This is the method the manipulators use for manipulating the masses; by making them concerned or to dream about the future, so they don’t observe what is happening with them in the ‘now’. The Big Picture is a very good movie because it has carries a practical spiritual message – to go back to the ‘present moment’ and to look at what happens to you now. From this perspective it is a unique movie. Beyond this, it is a movie that is documented from the media, it is not a movie that brings all kinds of ‘let’s say’ information from scientific sources or something, it’s a movie with information from the media, from what you could see on TV, but what you could see on TV exactly if you are attentive now, and this is also a very good aspect of The Big Picture.
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