Some time ago on Christmas eve i was with my spiritual guide Grieg and a lot of other people and He was presenting this  below story. Inspired by His presence and the story, i wrote a “continuation” of the story on a christmas card to Adina (they were three cards in fact ;)). Since there are a lot of people that can use this story today, here it is in both parts. Enjoy!

The cow in pink shoes
An allegorical story
First part by Gregorian Bivolaru
Once upon a time, there was a marvellous cow, with a great udder; there was no other cow like her in the whole world. We may say that she was a unique cow. She offered a great amount of good and delightful milk everyday. Therefore her fame spread and many people came from all over the world to admire her. Some people were so impressed with her gifts they praised her in hymns. Parents would talk to their children about this marvellous cow as an exceptional model of devotion, for she fulfilled all her tasks.

Some priests would encourage the believers to pay attention to her way of being and to behave like her. Many artists considered her being a delightful model and they were convinced that she can inspire them in producing genius works. Countless people wanted to benefit from the many advantages brought by the existence of this extraordinary animal. Beyond this, the cow displayed a mysterious feature, which most of the people missed, being caught in rapture with her incredible qualities. This wonderful cow, beside the fact that her pink shoes were often dirty with dung, had a strange bad habit. Whenever she was milked, she would watch attentively how the bucket was filling up with delicious milk and exactly when it was full she would kick it with an extraordinary skill. From experience our cow had this strange skill and exquisite precision in toppling the bucket.

This bizarre story repeated every day, over and over. If amongst the human being’s attentively reading this story one discovers or feels a surprising similarity with this cow, he or she has to be certain that this is not by chance. Undoubtedly the similarity is deeply significant.

The surprising continuation of the meaningful story  about “The Cow in Pink Shoes”
Second Part
by Advaita Stoian

Due to a series of not at all random coincidences the lovely cow finally found out that people were disappointed with her. This was a great challenge for her ego and in the beginning she became very sad, thinking, due to her ignorance, that people did not appreciate her for what she was. While she was being milked she dived in these melancholic thoughts, and thus to everyone´s great amazement she forgot to deliver the skillful kick with which she would usually spill her fresh good milk from the bucket. This way people, many of them for the first time, had the chance to taste the wonderful milk. Filled with delight many gained hope and decided to give a second chance to the charming cow even if she had disappointed them so many times before.  The cow could feel, in a mysteriously paranormal way, their renewed hope, and thus her self confidence was restored as if by magic, because now she knew the reason for the wonderful improvement in the people around her.

While pondering and reflecting on how she could intensify the state of contentment and happiness which had awakened within her, the lovely cow forgot once again to kick the bucket with the fresh milk. Seeing this the people were even more amazed, especially since now she gave even more milk due to the state of happiness which she experienced. The people immediately started praising her a lot, as much as they had done in the beginning. After this the lovely cow was no longer fooled by the bad old habit of spilling her own milk and instead continued to search for that new element, completely different from everything she had experienced before, which had triggered such an amazing transformation within her. The only clue she had in the beginning was the fact that she had already started to have profound and intense thoughts of sublime and elevating ideals exactly in the very pleasant moments of the milking. ”It must be that my very good and abundant milk collects in it the immense mysterious energy of my oceanic happiness”, the lovely cow thought at a certain point. ”This is why the people changed their attitude. If I will always act like this, from now on, I am sure that the people will transform their attitude towards me completely and while savoring with delight my happiness giving milk they will also be influenced for their own good and will even become happy” she told herself, greatly encouraged by this revelation. ”I will always act the same way because I have an intuition this is the secret”, she then said enthusiastically.

The next day, while she was milked, the lovely cow felt an intense, profound and overwhelming happiness which triggered an amazing state of ECSTASY within her. Her bad old habit gradually disappeared while her milk became a true elixir filling many people with a mysterious happiness. And even more amazing was the fact that many of those who drank it also entered  a profound state of ECSTASY, being thus directly ”spiritually contaminated” with the overwhelming beneficial energies and resonances which had been impregnated in the milk by the profound and intense states of happiness experienced by the lovely cow during the whole time she was milked.

After some time the fame of the lovely cow grew extraordinarily much, becoming even greater than it had been in the beginning. Since she wanted to give people the best milk, which at the same time  would  grant intense happiness and ECSTASY, the lovely cow oriented all her attention almost constantly towards ecstatic experiences and higher and higher states of ECSTASY.

After a while the lovely cow felt that even if those overwhelming ecstatic states were extremely interesting and even though meditation had become her second nature, filling her almost continuously with an immense happiness, still something ETERNAL and essential was missing and she had the intuition that this something existed forever beyond all the ecstatic experiences.

Shortly after, taking one step at a time, the lovely cow realized that there exists something SUPREME and IMMORTAL which is present in all those wonderful experiences and in order to truly discover that something ETERNAL she must first find out who SHE REALLY WAS.Thus the lovely cow began her intense and frantic inquiry of the Divine Self  ATMAN which exists forever beyond any experience, being the silent and eternal witness of the existence of each individual and of THE WHOLE.Through intense meditation, the lovely cow realized that in reality she is just the silent and detached WITNESS contemplating how the ETERNAL AND UNIVERSAL SPIRIT offers the milk through her. The lovely cow gradually transformed into a channel for light and endless love manifested as an extraordinarily good, regenerating, ecstatic and nourishing milk. Those who savored the amazing milk were at the same time granted the GRACE OF GOD manifesting now fully through the liberated and wise cow who, full of endless love, continued to give milk.


When even a cow could do all this, what are we waiting for?