The Greeks, inventors of democracy, invented also the Trojan Horse.

Maybe these two belong together since we can see now democracy using the Trojan horse method on a daily basis.
It is now the Greeks’ turn to experience the bitter taste left after realizing you have been tricked into deliberately bringing the Trojan horse into your country.

The euro currency has become the Trojan horse for Greece (and not only). Once it gets in it undermines the very structure of democracy, weakening the population and over time threatening even the independence and integrity of the state.

These days we have seen proposals of using eurobonds in order to save the euro inside Greece. Germany conditioned this to the political and juridical union of all states.
Jean Claude Trichet, the big boss of the European Central Bank, has put forth a milder version of the same proposal: limited federalism. Once a state is in default the other states will take over. What the old man forgot to say is that once this happens there is no way back.

And then, one by one, the states of the EU will be brought to their knees by the very force they took in to make things better: the euro. The euro is therefore acting as the Trojan horse that is hiding within its fat belly the fanatic globalist agents that are serving the agenda of the few.
In this way, one step at a time, the Union is forged in the artificially stoked “fire” of the financial crisis. One by one, the states will default and the others (that become now the strong and successful Union) will take over.

flags2Of course they will forget to give back the independence of that state once the crisis is solved. And those who will dare to mention anything about coming back to the status before will be considered anti-unionist, and will be attacked by the unionist media as being retrogressive, opposing the natural development.
As we can see, Greece is the first to taste the results of this strategy that started with the introduction of the euro as an EU Trojan horse.

Even the idea of taking the Trojan horse out of the house is met with immense lobbying by the (conscious or unconscious) agents of the EU inside of Greece, all screaming in chorus, “you cannot leave euro!” Must have been the same situation when the Trojans were debating whether or not to take the Trojan horse (full of Greek soldiers) inside the walls of their city, or to burn it on the spot.

In order to bring it in they even had to take out the gates, an effort that would not be needed for a gift.
During that time there were probably also some Greek spies infiltrated among the Trojans and they too (just like the activists today) were noisily advocating for keeping the Trojan horse, claiming that burning the gift will attract the wrath of the gods, which in turn would bring misfortune to the city and so on…. and these same spies were the first to flee the city once the Trojan horse emptied its deadly load, bringing death and total destruction to the entire city.

Careful analysis of the situation with the euro today reveals pretty much the same course of events, except that the Greeks are the ones who already took the Trojan horse (the euro) inside their country and now they are debating whether to discharge it or not.

We heard before that the introduction of the euro requires some sacrifices but this is for the better. Now we hear that keeping the euro also requires sacrifices. Of course there is a very simple question: what is the good of one that was supposed to bring protection and prosperity and not protection and sacrifices? Why should we then have it at all?

The arguments presented nowadays by the EU politicians are no better than the arguments presented by the Greek spies who advocated for the Trojan horse to be brought inside the city.
All that is left now is for each individual to have a moment of EUREKA!