The Final Decision in Gregorian Bivolaru’s Case is Postponed for the Second Time.

Mar 22, 2012 | Silent War, Social Justice

Today in the High Court of Justice the Gregorian Bivolaru-Misa case was postponed for the second time. The new term is 29th of March 2012. But the media is totally silent about the case, about the unprecedented european attention upon this case, practically about everything related. By this they are unwillingly but clearly confirming for all the international observers that the support and the attention is needed and vital for this trial to have a correct outcome. Here is what means the media artificial silence in this case…

One cannot stop wondering if this new postponement is related to the almost 40 Members of European Parliament that were taking a firm stand and supported an international watch over the last phase of the case after they were made aware about a possible an interference in the justice act from different power groups from Romania. Maybe in Bucharest some of the things start to move or some people started to realize that hiding our head in the sand cannot be a long term solution (especially when they put concrete floors all over the place). But this is more like a wishful thinking because the signs are not very encouraging regarding the lessons of european behavior that the romanian authorities might have learned in this time. Here are some observations for the european supporters of Gregorian Bivolaru’s case that are not very familiar with the romanian reality:

In the case that is now pending at the High Court of Justice in Bucharest, there is an unprecedented international attention oriented toward the justice mechanisms and the way they are working. It is not only the sad fame that Romania is “enjoying” among the other MEP’s when it comes to justice and dealing with their own citizens but it is also the magnitude of this case and its shocking aspect that is convincing MEP’s from different political groups that something have to be done in order to encourage the justice to follow it natural course in Bucharest irrespective of the embarrassing outcome for some politicians. It is clear for everyone that knows Romania that in many key power positions people have “glue” on their chairs and, once they sat on that chair they cannot get off without severe pain in their but (unfortunately this is just half of a joke!). This is the reason why in this moment, after eight years of keeping Gregorian Bivolaru and tens of thousand of yogis in the most miserable media campaign based on these court cases, it is a disaster in their mind to come out and say: “sorry we were wrong, there was nothing illegal or wrong with Gregorian or with the yoga school MISA”. And the disaster comes from the fact that after such a mistake one normally have to leave the chair …. but in their cases (when their bottom is glued on it) this means pain and sufferance. And this is why they will still try with all means to get a conviction on Gregorian and later to throw that label over the whole yoga school using the already patented media scam that was brilliantly explained by one of the romanian secret service whistleblower (you can read this letter here). In many places where the chairs of power do not have this special property (having glue on them) people on power are able to admit a mistake when it becomes obvious and they are sometimes stepping down without trying to take everyone out in order to preserve their position. But this is not what is happening in Romania and Gregorian Bivolaru’s case underline this unfortunate situation more than ever before.

One should not forget that there are already few years since Gregorian Bivolaru was granted political asylum in Sweden and he is ever-since enjoying special protection from the Swedish authorities. All based on the abuses that the romanian authorities were performing against him, mainly through the media and the justice system! The fact itself would have generated a great debate and eventually a reformation of the entire system in a country where chairs of power are not glued on the politician’s bottom. But in Romania the minister of justice was asking for the magistrates to be investigated under the pressure of the MEP’s that were showing their concern. And when the attention was drawn to ardent international matters, the official conclusion of the governmental investigation was that the yogis were staging their beating dressed in police forces and filmed the whole thing, delivering afterward the images to the media. Therefore there were no abuses and in reality the crimes Gregorian Bivolaru and others are accused are only some common ones without any political involvement. Just two years after the governmental commission came out with this aberrant conclusion, the prime minister in 2004 publicly admitted that the whole case was a mistake! (see the video in the article here) … despite the fact that this again contradicts an alleged serious governmental investigation (what kind of authority can they have in such conditions?), one would expect that this will be the end of the whole story with apologies and flowers. But not in Romania! Instead of this, a new file was put forward into the court, a file that was built Exactly In The Abusive Actions That Were Admitted As Being Wrong! Again the same story with the same actors that seem not learning anything from the past lessons.

Never before a case that was regarding a person or an NGO was getting the support of so many members of European Parliament and even one commissioner (the Human Rights commissioner) were showing their support. And yet the media that was serving like a pet the interests of the politicians that were making all the mistakes in the first place is again cooperating with the corrupt authorities by Keeping A Guilty Silence. An tenth of the attention from an european forum in a justice case would get all the front pages of the newspapers and the primetime news but in Gregorian Bivolaru’s case the media is now Completely Silent. But not before they have wrote over 8000 libelous articles and broadcasted over 10000 libelous TV news about Gregorian Bivolaru and MISA. Now when they were supposed to report about the attention that again Europe is paying to the Gregorian Bicolaru case they lost their otherwise strident voice and with this their last sign of professionalism. The hidden masters of the media groups are the same politicians that would loose face in case Gregorian Bivolaru is proven innocent and this intense european attention unpon the case should be reported to the people.

The silence of the media right now is in reality the clear sign of the control almost complete and censorship that the romanian media is unfortunately enjoying. One cannot imagine that all journalists on the entire country are simultaneously deciding to have a failure of the professional life but rather another sign of the control that exist behind the scenes in the romanian media. The media silence over the european dimension of the Gregorian Bivolaru’s case is showing in the same time that they are afraid and they are trying to save their image in front of the romanian voters … well, it is an electoral year after all and this media is what one can call the virgin hooker.

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