Since many years, the retreats for deepening the subtle communion with the Great Cosmic Powers have become an important landmark in the spiritual life of many Yoga and Tantra practitioners.

This year we are celebrating the communion with Maha Vidya Tripura Bhairavi – the Great Cosmic Power of the sublime divine sacrifice, Mistress of the inner spiritual discipline (tapas), and of the divinely integrated and fully efficient action.

In a wonderful setting, in the very heart of the Danish countryside, in the beautiful venue of Paradise retreat center we will unveil mysteries of the tradition of Maha Vidya Tripura Bhairavi.

The Amazing Cosmic Force Bhairavi is also called the Terrible and Invincible Power of the three worlds. She manifests, among other things, the transforming energy of the sublime inner fire that activates the gigantic Kundalini potential inside the aspirants being, helping us to destroy all obstacles on our way, leading us towards perfection.

Also known as Durga, the Divine Light flashing timelessly as a thrill of eternity, the Great Cosmic Power Tripura Bhairavi destroys and burns out inside the terrible fire of her pure consciousness any obstacle in the way to success and any trace of ignorance.

Tripura Bhairavi is also known to be the Night of Destiny – Kala-Ratri as reference to the unyielding willpower empowered by her in engaging the needed steps towards the achievement of the spiritual sacrifice necessary for ones transformation.

The program of the eighth days dedicated to the deepening of the communion with the Great Cosmic Power Tripura Bhairavi, includes:

A unique exemplifications with certain nuances of the energy of the Great Cosmic Power Tripura Bhairavi practiced in unison with our spiritual guide, Grieg
presentations of the tantric tradition of adoration of the Great Cosmic Powers and other tantric principles occult practical aspects of entering in a state of occult resonance with the gigantic sphere of force of the Great Cosmic Power Tripura Bhairavi specific tantric exercises of transfiguration and meditation Hatha Yoga practiced in unison and integrated in a tantric manner sharing of the personal experiences of the communion with the Great Cosmic Power Tripura Bhairavi.

The retreat is kept by Advaita and Adina Stoian, founders of Maha Vidya Retreats with more than 20 years of experience in the work with the Cosmic Powers and famous authors of the world-wide revolutionary tantra course of Atman Federation of Yoga and Meditation, senior disciples of the spiritual guide and author Gregorian Bivolaru. We await you in Paradise retreat center to share together the mysteries of the Great Cosmic Power Tripura Bhairavi.

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Price: 3.580kr/484EURO (2.040kr/210EUR retreat fee+ 1.540kr food and accommodation) *This price is for accommodation in dormitory or tent.

Private or shared rooms, are available in an extra cost.

Venue: Paradise Retreat Center, Faxe, Denmark (1 hour south of Copenhagen) In order to participate in the retreat the initiation into Maha vidya is needed!