M.I.S.A. Yoga School Will Host For The Third Time: The International Yoga Congress

On the second day of the Yoga Congress we already have some pictures in the gallery. Here is one of me at the opening ¬†conference ūüôā

he spiritual effervescence is amazing at the moment in Bucharest, in the International Yoga Congress. The large participation that the 2010 event has attracted makes it the biggest event of this kind (that I have attended so far). With more then 80 lectures and workshops taking place simultaneously in 4 yoga halls (halls that were generously provided by M.I.S.A.) this Congress offers a grandiose spiritual feast to the public.
The warm atmosphere created by the gathering of friends who have come from all over the globe combined with the thrill and excitement of meeting new people and making new friends gave an overall heart-full feeling from the very beginning! In the opening session i saw people with tears in their eyes when the presentations were given by some of the guests and also when the presentation of the amazing synchronicity that led to the name of the Congress “God is giving us signs…”. was made.
Following the opening session the attendance in the activities has kept rising and the level of the presentations have been impressive. On Thursday Adina  and I kept lectures in the same time in two different halls, and the lectures were full of very enthusiastic people, participating with questions and comments.
Then on Thursday evening we had a concert of ancient Romanian music geniously¬†adapted to the modern style by a very talented artist OMU (Catalin Truta). In a magic ambience, with a public that was thirsty for good music, Catalin gave one of the best performances i’ve witnessed for a long time. Catalin is also the composer of a lot of meditation music we use in our school for special exemplifications. This “one man show” is a delight for the soul and i hope to see him in concert in Denmark soon.

God is giving us signs
The Yoga Congress is taking place between 13th and 17th October 2010 in Bucharest, Romania

Chakrasana2Yoga is a universal science about the human being’s path to transformation and evolution. It is a path that leads towards¬†fulfilment¬†of the most important ideals of the human being, following this path of transformation and evolution. Yoga in the West was adapted to the culture and modern life style and in this process has suffered a dramatic simplification, to the point of becoming almost “sterile” from a spiritual perspective. In many places nowadays yoga is commonly thought as being ¬†a set of exercises to improve¬†flexibility¬†and assist relaxation, to eliminate stress and improve the health to some degree. Hidden by the superficial – yet quite spectacular effects – of the yoga practice, the true millenary path of yoga has been often forgotten and its simplified form fits with the agitated life style (and minds) that most have today. But by cutting out the spiritual part of it, yoga loses some of its best and wonderful gifts that it has for the contemporary people.
For this reason we started to gather together all the genuine yoga schools in an effort to revive and present to the larger number of spiritual seekers today the true spirit of the yoga system that goes far beyond the limitations we have imposed to ourselves nowadays. As an ancient wisdom, as genuine spiritual path of transformation, through its complex system yoga gives us all the tools we need to reach self Рliberation, the perfect freedom. In this context theseInternational Yoga Congresses are wonderful opportunitis for yoga practitioners from all over the world to come together to celebrate yoga and spirituality.

The name of the congress was chosen to be ‚ÄúGod Gives Us A Sign”, it originated from the miraculous event that occurred in the spiritual yoga camp of M.I.S.A. in Herculane, Romania, when on the day of the meeting of the Charismatic Movement (a large movement that was born last year in Costinesti after the hiatus spiral), a complex circular formation of rainbows appeared around the Sun, a symbolism of God’s Grace, see here the article: A Sign From God.

I will attend the International Yoga Congress this year and present a lecture on the spiritual nature of happiness and the way it can easily be obtained within a couple relationship.

International Yoga Congress 2008

Mihai-Stoian-Lecture-Yoga-Congress-12In the last International Yoga Congress that M.I.S.A. hosted in 2008,  hundreds of  yoga aspirants joined from many parts of the world to partake in this intense celebration of  yoga.
The Congress was a truly rich experience for all involved, in those three days it was as though time stood still and the space was filled with a magical extravaganza of spirituality, fraternity, unity, magical surprises and love.  Teachers from different countries and schools gave lectures about many different subjects pertaining to yoga, spirituality and tantra.

Yoga Contest ‚Äď Promoting the Ancient Spiritual Values of Yoga: A Different Kind of Competition

The yoga contest was a major highlight of the event,  the yoga Students  were  prepared for the 9 hour  spiritual marathon that tested them on different levels, not only were they tested for the correct performance of the hatha yoga Postures, they were also tested on their intelligence, perception, and endurance. The aptitude and attitude from the contestants was exemplary.

After the event the contests reported they felt part of a family and that a strong unity and spiritual fraternity grew amongst them, this is evident in the movie by The Sophrozins M.I.S.A., where we see how the¬†participants¬†are supported by the audience and their fellow contestants. Many expressing that they did not feel as though they were aiming to win or to be the best, on the contrary the experience of the contest was a uniting¬†experience. This is a big¬†contrast¬†to events of this kind that serve to separate the contests with the competitive goal of becoming the ‘winner’.

Some of the yoga Students were awarded special prizes for their exemplary efforts: a second year student from Czechia was able to remain in one of the most arduous hatha yoga postures, Chakrasana, for 20 minutes, 17 seconds (considering that the average time span for holding this posture is around 2 minutes).

Spiritual Theatre Group

Yoga-Contest-Yoga-CongressAnother spectacular event that took place was the magnificent show by the Sophrozins, a Romanian spiritual theatre group. They successfully blended art and spirituality in a refined sublime manner, transporting the audience into the Divine world of the Cosmic Powers.  The 10 faces of God, the Maha -Vidyas are the ways in which God acts in the world,  (we have mentioned previously in the article about KALI). Ten women were selected by divine lottery to embody the Cosmic Powers: Kali, Tara, Tripura Sundari, Bhuvaneshwari, Tripura Bhairavi, Chinnamasta, Bagalamukhi, Matangi, Kamalatmika.

They were brought to life in the magical show, each embodiment being presented in turn, enabling the audience to experience the full manifestation of: time and spiritual transformation, compassion, beauty, space, purification of fire, blissful void, courage, divine fascination, divine order and harmony, plenitude and fullness.

Here in Denmark we hosted the International yoga Congress in 2006. We found that organising and taking part in such events is a wonderful experience bringing together people of different cultures and nationalities into a big melting pot of spirituality, becoming a meeting of souls united in spiritual aspiration.