Model of Life and Spiritual Transformation

Have you ever found yourself with a strong state of aspiration and self-giving towards God so that genuine revelations inspired by the divine fire within you suddenly started to silently burst forth, so that whatever came out of your mouth or through your gestures felt to be literally enlightened by the mysterious power of the Spirit?There is too much suffering, ignorance, hate, suspicion and anxiety in the world nowadays. Genuine spiritual schools ease the suffering souls, opening up for them new perspectives and wonderful horizons, while helping them rediscover their own inner harmony, equilibrium, peace and wellbeing, both bodily and spiritually. Traditional yoga systems reveal the fact that above the material laws that have been discovered by men, there are the laws of God, whose power is infinite. In yoga, the necessary gram of practice helps us reveal God within our own inner universe and in this way we have the revelation that God the Father bestows His spiritual and healing gifts upon whomever He considers deserving.

As spiritual beings, we need to become aware that our mission is, before anything else, to do as much good as we can, and to bring as much happiness as possible into our hearts and around us. As we know, that which we give to others, we give to ourselves as well. We need to become aware that, ultimately, in each moment of our existence there exists within our own being exactly that which we have given to others.

By living a simple life of love and altruism, one can become a true focal point of light and love, around which the spiritual life will grow and blossom. If we permanently live in a state of infinite love and unshakable trust in God, this will become the secret of the mysterious light and force manifesting permanently in and through our beings. Ultimately, we refer here to having faith, constant loyalty towards our highest goals, and, especially, of putting into practice such sublime ideals.

It is good to be devoted to a high spiritual ideal, but still we should not give it too much importance, nor attach to it exterior forms and dogmas. We need to place the accent on our inner spiritual life, the only one that matters, and make the right efforts to open as soon as possible towards this life of the soul and of the spirit. As long as our inner life is not sufficiently developed, it will be almost impossible to respect the sublime ideals that are described in the fundamental texts of wisdom. A real yogi is the one who loves the most and who forgives every time it is needed. Although there are many paths leading in the same direction, only after we have the profound realization of the spiritual truth does the true fraternity that is so much needed nowadays come.

The Human Being Has No Enemy Greater than His Own Ego

lightning-rod-retreatYogis throughout the ages have placed great importance on this fundamental truth. When we speak of spiritual transformation, we refer also to the inhibitive and damaging role of egoism in our entire life. The ego is the biggest enemy of our transformation, both bodily and, especially, for our soul and spirit. Ego, in any form, including ”spiritual” ego, does not allow one to enter into God’s kingdom. It blocks our access to this blissful state and as long as it is the master of our being, under the form of the egoistic I – as personality, all efforts for spiritual development will prove to be unfruitful.

Along this line, as part of Natha’s Summer Retreats, we will host, starting from tomorrow, another wonderful week where there will be given an initiation in a powerful technique which allows us to unite our individual will with the Universal, Divine Will. This method is known as the Lightning Rod effect of the all-powerful and determining will of God, and it represents in itself an inspiration from God, through my spiritual guide, Grieg and has been offered for the first time on Earth in our school.

The Path Leading to God Is Full of Mysteries

During this week we will discover certain privileged moments and practice certain revelations in order to be able to easily discover and fully enjoy communion with God, and one of them is exactly the initiation that will be offered this week. Lightning is the symbolic representation of one of God’s attributes and through this retreat we will have the chance to discover why this is so. We will also refer to sacredness and ways of ”understanding” it, or better said, ways to have the intuition and revelation of certain fundamental truths. In this way, we will see we are able to find an end to conflicts, fears and disharmonious aspects of our lives, to realize with complete amazement that in such states of consciousness, each of our actions and thoughts are in perfect unison with the Universal Ocean of Life.

On top of this initiation, I have prepared certain lectures and workshops on how to achieve ”personal” development without amplifying the ego and while still maintaining a spiritual integration. This will be a very interesting subject for those who want to find out how to master their lives while being in unison with the Universal Harmony, how to achieve happiness and success in all areas of life and much more. Learning how to combine the spiritual with the material level, we can achieve a productive and successful life in total accord with the Laws of Harmony, fulfilling us on all levels of our being.

This whole retreat may very well trigger wonderful transformations in all of us, filling us with mysterious synchronicity and spiritual awakening in order to better perceive the uplifting influence of divine grace and inspiration in all our actions. By synchronizing our will with the Universal Will, we will discover that this surrendering of our ego actually becomes a gift of Love to the universe, expressed in every moment and every action and we may realize that we are not at all separate from this love, but we are in fact inextricably intertwined in the Universal Love, our hearts beating in unison with the Cosmic Heart.

May this week bring you light and contribute to the full awakening of pure love in your hearts and souls.