The Media Prostitutes: The Manipulative Press Campaign of “Times of India” Against Satya Esoteric Integral Yoga (See Video Evidence)

Jul 19, 2011 | Silent War, Social Justice

On the 3rd of June 2011 a press campaign started, supported by the Indian police against Satya Esoteric Integral Yoga in India. This campaign, which – as shown below – is based on nothing but lies, insinuations and false allegations has put in danger a group of serene yoga practitioners to be subjected to fundamentalist violence, police investigation and turned their lives upside down, branding honest citizens with a sincere spiritual practice as sexual perverts. We demand here that Times of India remembers its responsibility in the society as an organ of providing researched information, instead of becoming a tool of a malicious conspiracy against true spirituality.

The following script analyses and reveals step by step the lies and false allegations published first by Times of India (TOI) which were followed by other media against Satya Esoteric Integral Yoga. It discloses that this campaign is part of a worldwide organised action against the yoga schools which are members of the International Federation of Yoga and Meditation ATMAN with the aim to destroy efficient genuine spirituality as we have seen in other cases like the Falon Gong movement in China; and from India we can mention the cases of Ananda Marga, Muktananda, Svami Rama etc. Identical accusations like the ones made by TOI were produced in European countries by media and police against different yoga schools associated in ATMAN but never with any proofs and never found guilty in any trials. Since the strategy of these attacks are so similar it is obvious that the false allegations of TOI are a continuation of the correlated campaign and attacks against the ATMAN schools.

In order to make things more clear, at the end of this article you can find a comparison between the words of the journalist in his articles and the reality as everyone knows it. Together with the lies and manipulations that I underlined earlier, we can see what kind of person this Arun Ram really is
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Times Of India Interview

(click on the link above to download the interview made by Arun Ram)

What is amazing is that these media parrots (the name comes from the fact that they repeat again and again what they are told without even noticing that they are making a fool of themselves) are building their story on nothing and still they continue. But in this way the scheme that was previously explained by a secret service worker in his letter (see here the translation of the letter that I recommend) is taking shape in the Indian media. It is in fact the clearest evidence of this scheme that we have seen until now.

For Continuity Here Is What The Worker In The Secret Police Revealed:

As I mentioned in the previous letter, the pattern of action against M.I.S.A was developed according to a model which was used by the same international Masonic groups in order to eliminate esoteric movements from other countries. This modus operandi involves attacking the leaders, the public discrediting of the movement and its leaders especially through scandals of a sexual nature, the scission of the movement from the inside, the elimination of important leaders through corruption. I had access to the document that indicated the way in which these actions should unfold and it confirmed once again the true dimension of this case.…….To explain how these operators work, here is the plan, as a fellow “expert” in the field explained to me. The method that these operators apply is the constructing of an image in a “swivel”. In this way, they write an average amount of false information on private media (blogs, forums), and then they are referred to in public media of lesser importance (newspapers and TV) as credible sources of information on the subject of M.I.S.A. Then the information in the public media, in this way enhanced as credibility factor, is quoted with great enthusiasm as indubitable evidence in the private media (blogs and forums), which becomes in this way more reliable and searchable. Thereafter, the public media (newspapers and TV) of a bigger size quote the private media that have just become more reliable after the first round of the “swivel”. Thus the swivel is filled up with information, although it is practically the same information invented at the beginning and nothing new is brought into discussion. Consequently, there is no need to resort to high pressure on the mass media directors. It is sufficient that some managers of newspapers, who have connections with the Masonic lodges and so are duly obedient, to accept the game and the “swivel” begins. Now you can observe the artificial credibility of the “swivel”.

In the same line with the indications revealed by the above source, in the first article in TOI the main (and only) source of information for the journalist was the proven secret service group of anti-misa workers (the ones whose website was forbidden by law in Romania by a court decision). Then the Romanian media picked up the story and said: “this is what the Indian media is saying about MISA!” without saying that the Indian media was using Romanian sources. Soon other media picked up the story and in this way the scheme runs by the book, amplifying some lies and in the same time washing them as clean as a virgin through this mechanism of manipulation. It seems simple when exposed like this but if it wasn’t already explained long ago by a whistle-blower from the secret service in Romania I would have a hard time myself to figure out this scheme, especially because it seems that simple. But now anyone can read the news and read the letter from the secret agent and … connecting the few dots (you don’t have to be a genius to figure it out because the facts are extremely clear), the scheme comes out in the most obvious way I have ever seen. Until now, if anyone wanted to explain this theory, many good people would still tend to stamp it as “conspiracy theory”, but with the help of the Indian media it is now a good case study for the way mass manipulation is conducted these days with the consent and sometimes active (but often unconscious) contribution of media people and local authorities.

Good work Indian media, one cannot wish for a better involuntary disclosure of the whole media farce.

I know that some of these media parrots will comment that they are independent and nobody told them to do anything, but in such a case (supposing that is true – and there are many chances that such a statement about the independency of a journalist is a lie) their lack of spine and their predictability makes them just unconscious victims of a larger campaign of manipulation. The ones who conduct such a campaign (the ones who order and support it) know that these creatures will repeat, apparently out of their own will, all that they are told, just like a parrot apparently speaks a human tongue while in reality it doesn’t understand anything but just skillfully produces a particular noise. This is the reason why the pride of the journalists is often surpassed only by their lack of intelligence or moral principles, in this way serving the interest of the media owners.

We are not seeing here (in this campaign) the mistake of a journalist who is misinterpreting the data. There are a lot of facts that are wrong, and lies that are constructed in a very childish way in order to create impressions. And all of these are seemingly done without any other reason than for the good of the citizen. Then, what is the point of inventing an interview that never happened, what would be a good reason to create public pressure against a group of people that you pretend to defend?

It is indeed a defamation campaign that is tailored exactly for the Indian market, to have the biggest impact. Of course we know now (after the facts have proven it) that these journalists are not after the truth but after the few coins they get from selling their papers. Still it is again disclosing the thick white strings that are pulled behind the curtains of this show by some circles of occult power that are trying to eliminate any spiritual knowledge from the masses.

We can see why, in an Indian culture that is drowned in its own attitude of denial and that is covered nowadays by hypocrisy, it is easy to get away with fabricated lies that are not even carefully fabricated. Fake interviews and comments that don’t fit with the images that supposedly prove the comments would not be accepted in a normal situation, and would be considered unprofessional, illegal, … But in this case we have seen it already happening a great deal.

Now we will analyse all the lies put forth by Times of India and the intended missing information.

1st article by TOI, 3rd June

Manipulative statements by Times of India The actual facts
An European cult that mixes yoga with sex and pornography has been found to be operating out of Chennai. What TOI calls a “cult” that would be “operating out of Chennai” is in reality a genuine group of yoga practitioners, Satya Esoteric Integral Yoga, member of International Federation of Yoga and Meditation ATMAN, strictly following a very traditional yoga system. TOI is throwing a defaming allegation without any proof. Satya Yoga has never shown nor produced any pornographic or erotic material. The teachings do not contain any sexual therapies, nude activities nor any acts of intimacy. As it can been seen in this article TOI does not have any evidence nor any statement from students or former students that would support this allegation. All activities in Satya Yoga are open for everyone and announced publicly on the web page. Mr Arun Ram, the reporter who did this article, and who had several meetings with the team of Satya Yoga was explained in detail what the activities of Satya Yoga are. He never asked us in our meetings to show him the curriculum of teaching and the written course material nor did he show interest in participating to or observing a Yoga or Tantra class or part of the Tantra camp although he was specially invited. Obviously he was not interested in the true facts about the activities of Satya Yoga but was following a hidden agenda to attack us with the well known strategy of false allegations of a sexual character which so many other spiritual movements have faced in history.
Training nearly 100 youngsters in yoga and “tantric love” What an infamous lie! Satya Yoga does not do any “training in tantric love”, but is purely theoretically explaining (among many other things that have nothing to do with sexuality) the concept of brahmacharya (sexual continence), in the context of both – a single, abstinent person and for a couple. More than this, Satya’s Tantra teachings contains only few chapters about brahmacharya (sexual continence) within a vast curriculum that covers several years of teaching. And in the interviews, which we gave to Mr. Arun Ram from TOI he was clearly informed about this. THe also knows that the average age of the practitioners in Satya Yoga is over 40 years and that only in the Yoga course there have been 4 youngsters participating and not one to the Tantra course. But he deliberately perverts the truth to insinuate that Satya Yoga is dealing with youngsters in an immoral manner. We wonder: what kind of twisted mind comes up with such ideas speaking about a group of yoga practitioners? Mr. Arun Ram, do you have any paedophile tendencies?
A majority of them, including the lead couple Mihai Stoian and Adina Stoian, have starred in porn movies produced by Copenhagen-based production house Sublime Erotica, which the Misa group has close ties with. ATMAN or any of its member schools incl. MISA are not linked in any way with Sublime Erotica. The videos mentioned in the article were produced by private individuals and neither were nor are in any respect associated with the ATMAN federation or Satya Esoteric Integral Yoga. Apart from that, Sublime Erotica is not producing “porn movies”, the videos are in actual fact documentaries produced and intended for educational purposes only. They represent a private initiative of individuals many of them not connected to yoga or tantra who wish to offer a spiritual alternative to the decadent and full of taboo view of modern people upon intimacy and sexuality. No financial gain was or ever will be registered from such videos for any of the parties involved. The teachers of Satya Esoteric Integral Yoga have not been involved in any erotic movies, but are spreading the wonderful practise of Yoga and Tantra through offering classes open to all. Why did the reporter from TOI miss this fact?
Misa operates under different names in different countries. It is Natha in Denmark, Tara in the US and Satya in India. What is “operates under different names” supposed to mean? Misa, Natha, Tara (by the way, in UK and not US) and many other yoga schools all over the world with different names are very official individual yoga schools, and they are all organized under the well-established and officially registered International Federation of Yoga and Meditation ATMAN. They have in common that they teach the same curriculum provided by ATMAN. After wrongly connecting Misa to a privat initiative of educational erotic movies, Mr. Arun Ram makes his next calculated move to make it look like a suspicious underground organisation.
Gregorian Bivolaru, has been jailed on several charges, including pornography, and is now said to have taken political asylum in Sweden From where did Mr. Arun Ram get the information that Gregorian Bivolaru, the Spiritual Guide of ATMAN and Satya Esoteric Integral Yoga, would have been jailed on charges of “pornography”? There was never such a charge against Gregorian Bivolaru. In fact, the Romanian Tribunal Court now acknowledges “that Gregorian Bivolaru was politically persecuted and communists dictated all his convictions before 1989 Revolution. Gregorian Bivolaru was innocent for all the supposed crimes for which he was tortured and imprisoned!” (read more: Obviously, Mr. Arun Ram, did not make any research before publishing this article, but instead he is just spreading some rumours with the intention to link Satya Esoteric Integral Yoga to pornography.

2nd article by TOI, 8th June

Manipulative statements by Times of India The actual facts
On Tuesday, the police questioned five members, including Ulrik Lishoj from Denmark, Simona Colesniuc from Romania and Nicole Markus from Romania. “We have asked them to produce their travel documents and asked them to explain about their practice. We are inquiring,” S Pavun, Inspector of police, Teynampet, told the Times of India Another lie created between the police and TOI and another proof of the unprofessional work done by the journalist and the hidden agenda that is becoming more visible every day to be behind this campaign: All the people, mentioned in the article, left the country Monday the 6th of June, just as their tickets were booked months before, and none of them have been interrogated by the police. This fact can very easily be checked. Evidently, the journalist is trying to create more confusion on top of his initial lies in order to convince people about them.
The foreigners’ regional registration office said that as these people were on visit visas, they were not allowed to teach yoga or do any such job. The police said they would check the visa documents. If it was found that the group was not practising genuine yoga, the members could be deported or charges filed against them, a police officer said. TOI can’t become more unprofessional. Obviously, this was written in a hurry and published without editing: First it is stated that it is not allowed to teach yoga on visit visa, and then that if the yoga taught would not be genuine that charges can be filed! Does there exist a law against not genuine yoga? What about all the fitness centres who offer gymnastics under the guise of yoga? What about “power-yoga” etc.? If we go by the traditional scriptures and by the results obtained – which should be the standards of measuring genuine yoga – most of today’s yoga classes will not qualify. Have there been other such charges filed in India, which indeed is a country full of both genuine and false spirituality? Actually, Satya Yoga would welcome a certain standard for genuine yoga in order to separate those who are just doing some superficial exercises and those who are really practising yoga as a spiritual path of self realization. But of course we wouldn’t go so far to file charges against non-genuine yoga. And by the way, the teachers in Satya Yoga came to India with business visas.

3rd article by TOI, 9th June

Manipulative statements by Times of India The actual facts
Based on a report by TOI that the European cult had been training nearly 100 youngsters in yoga and tantric love in the city for two years, the police summoned some of its members to the police station along with travel documents on Tuesday. Here TOI is using the well known strategy of repeating lies to make them appear public truths: TOI states some defaming lies in one article without any evidence to back it up, and in the next article these statements are taken as facts as if a lie would become truth by being printed. And this happened after we have sent our press release personally to Arun Ram, demanding our Right to Reply – and he confirmed that he received it – as well as to the editor in chief and many other contact addresses of TOI and other newspapers, plus it is posted on our website. What Times of India is doing here, is not only lying, but a calculated and strategic disinformation: For the 3rd time the lie about “training 100 youngsters in tantric love” is repeated, though in reality there were 4 youngsters participating to the yoga course and not one to the Tantra course, and there is no “training in tantric love”. For the 2nd time the lie that several people were questioned by the police Tuesday the 7th of June is repeated. The only person who spoke with the police was Rainer Trubel and he went there freely to clarify the misunderstanding that was created after the TOI articles; unfortunately only to find out that the police and the press are working hand in hand in this campaign.
The members from MISA told the police they never forced anyone to get into the cult. “The team showed us a lot of videos and explained about their art. They also gave us a copy of videos on tantric love,” another police officer said. The police are investigating to see if Indians are a part of the cult. First of all no member from MISA ever spoke with the Indian police. A representative of Satya Yoga, Rainer Trubel, who spoke with the police, was never asked about forcing or not forcing people to join the courses. Obviously this kind of questions were too absurd to be asked to a yoga teacher even for the Indian police. The videos that the police confiscated were conferences from a workshop of Spiritual Healing. It contains 11,5 hours straight lectures on healing and self-healing from a spiritual point of view. We never showed them any video on Tantra, but we invited them to our program. It takes a great deal of “imagination” between the police and the journalist to alter lectures about healing into “tantric love”. In the same way they say “their art” instead of saying ‘yoga practice’. It is another strategy to subconsciously introduce suspicion by skilfully mystifying the truth.

4th article by TOI, 11th June

Manipulative statements by Times of India The actual facts
Members of the Movement for Spiritual Integration in Absolute (MISA), a European cult involved in pornography, have gone absconding after the city police filed an FIR and sealed their rented premises operating at Chokalaingam Nagar, Teynampet on Friday. The members of the Satya Yoga team are not from MISA but are members of ATMAN. Again, TOI is using the same strategy mentioned above: They present the lies about MISA (and between the lines Satya Yoga) being a “cult” and about being “involved in pornography” as if they were already known truth, just because they printed these lies before.
Throughout the whole police investigation the Satya Yoga team had contact with the police first in person through Rainer and later when their embassies advised them to be very careful in regards to investigations of the Indian police and even to leave the country, the team avoided direct contact with them, and some actually left the country. However, the contact with the police and juridical authorities has been continuing through their lawyer, which is the very normal procedure. In fact all people that TOI had mentioned earlier had already left the country. No arrest order was ever given, but on the contrary it was stated by the police to Rainer that he was free to travel if he wished so. Till date no arrest order exist so how can TOI speak about “absconding”?
The police said it had obtained a warrant to search the premises occupied by the group which has been conducting classes in the name of yoga and tantra for more than two years. “We will probably search the place on Saturday,” said N Rajarajan, assistant commissioner of police, Teynampet. “We have also requested the immigration authorities to freeze their travel documents.” For any careful reader the blatant manipulation jumps up immediately: since when is the police announcing through the media to the suspects that they will search their place? And also warning them that they have requested to freeze their travel documents! Is this a bad joke or is it just another way of throwing suspicion on Satya Yoga, criminalizing our spiritual activities for some hidden interests? Sadly the answer comes out more and more with its ugly face.
….. where the group used to conduct late evening classes on tantra. On the front side of the entrance door of Satya Yoga TOI could see that the evening program was running from 7 – 9 pm, which is normal since most working people cannot reach before 7. And why only tantra? What about the yoga program which is actually happening on most of the evenings? What about the morning classes from 6-8 am? This is calculated disinformation by omitting the facts. TOI writes “late evening classes on tantra” to activate the readers superstitions and prejudices about tantra that it would be something occult, obscene and even evil that can only be practised in the night, which unfortunately is a widespread belief in India. It is obvious how they are trying to connect these superstitions to Satya Yoga in order to cast suspicion on it. We also have to see these statements in the light that the journalist Arun Ram made several interviews with the team of Satya Yoga, where both was explained to him: the prejudices and on the other hand what tantra really is, from the teachings of ATMAN. He even agreed several times with us about the problem of the hypocritical attitude of the Indian society, yet he is using and even increasing exactly this kind of attitude through his little psychological game he plays upon his readers.
…the watchman of the building said the place would remain silent through the day, with occasional visitors, but the place would turn active in the evenings, when the classes begin. Again TOI is trying to cast suspicion on Satya Yoga by mentioning only the evenings activities, though the reporter is very well aware of the morning programs of yoga from 6-8 am from the schedule of the front door. The watchman of the building stays only from evening from 6pm to morning 7 am, so how would he know what is happening during the day time? In fact, the program of Satya yoga is exactly adapted to allow working persons to participate: weekdays mornings and evenings, and on both Saturdays and Sundays the program has been running during the whole day, just like many other places that offer yoga.

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