The MegaWar or “The Lie we Live”

Mar 27, 2015 | World Today

Isis beheadings or staged terror attacks! Manufactured civil wars or the freedom of speech rallies! Ukraine Crisis or oil price! The Russian threat or Chinese expansion!

These headlines are being obsessively repeated on all the media platforms! TV news, internet, newspapers and magazines, all are continuously broadcasting threats and fears among people! We find ourselves caught between news, society mishaps or cultural and religious controversies. Lost within this labyrinth of deceptions we forget about the important aspects of life, we give up living our own lives and we desperately try to make sense where there is only someone else’s sense.

We are trading away our precious freedom for the apparent comfort of having external institutions take responsibility for our own lives, based on their unsubstantiated claim that they can provide us with everything we need for surviving.

What total mass delusion such a false understanding truly is! We ignorantly do the bidding of those powers hidden behind the scenes who use us for them own interests. They gave us internet, keyboards, smartphones or tablets and we blindly use them to separate one from each other, loosing the real human connection and the feeling of togetherness. We find ourselves alone and deprived of humanity witnessing the irremediable truth: 21st century turns out to bear all the marks of a complete breakdown through racial, religious, philosophical, spiritual, political, and national manipulation.

This utter madness which inevitably sets nation against nation, religion against religion, race against race, and man against man is presented in the short documentary: THE LIE WE LIVE. In less than 10 minutes the author makes a clear review of how our freedoms and “God given rights” are being taken away little by little. What makes this movie remarkable is the profound understanding of social and political factors and also the complete awareness over the trades we made throughout history.

We basically selling ourselves into a fast food model of education which made us weak or paralyzed in front of those who implemented the synthetic terrorism or the “megawar”: planet being destroyed, all natural resources depleted, our health and wealth under the rigid control of the self-proclaimed elites who plot to reduce human population and further limit its freedom in return for pieces of paper we came to depend on. For these worthless pieces of paper we frantically bargain toxic waters, chemical skies, poisoned lands, genetically modified food, “medicines” who makes us sick, implemented infertility, media brainwashing, demonic music and film industry, etc.

Watch this movie and step out from this mass hallucination. Stop for a moment and see the pointlessness of actions based on incorrect understanding. Anything we choose, anything we do has major consequences, and far-reaching ramifications, both good and bad.

Of course, becoming aware of the larger picture and getting out of this ‘little box’ of sufficiency is only one element, but it is a the first piece of the domino belonging to a long chain toppling which can revolutionize the world – starting from within. This first piece is therefore heavily guarded by the opposing forces, which by now we have internalized to impede us from within!

The first steps towards overcoming this obstacle need to be taken within, having the transformation begin by the increased awareness!!!!

Then, let the transformation begin!!!

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