The Nefariousness Of An Irresponsible, Mediocre Person, Or The Deceit And Impertinence Of Former Yoga Teacher, Daniela Borcan, From Poitiers, France

Oct 14, 2014 | Silent War, Social Justice

by yoga teacher Sorin Turc

The self-righteous one is just like a covered piece of coal, which burns unwittingly. The self-righteous, wicked man sometimes dresses like a sheep, sometimes like a fox.
(Romanian proverbs)

Considering the extremely severe actions, both morally and spiritually, that have been recently committed by a former teacher of our yoga course in France, Daniela Borcan, I will briefly present you the callousness which was, and still is, specific to this former yoga teacher – I must mention about her (and this emphasizes the atrocious moral state in which she is dwelling) that she is a lawyer; she even has a PhD in judicial science! Or in other words: lawyer (and Jurum Doctor) Daniela Borcan is insolently mocking the most elementary rules of common sense. As this article reveals, she is appealing to deception, self-righteousness and wickedness in order to reach her mercantile goals and hidden material interests!

Before presenting the facts incriminating this former yoga teacher, I consider it important to quote a very significant passage which is part of a pertinent analysis by writer and philosopher, Gabriel Liiceanu. This excerpt clearly and profoundly portrays certain aspects of human “callousness”.
“Generally, a scoundrel is any individual who is active in doing harm to another for the sake of his own good. A scoundrel doesn’t hesitate when building his success on top of another man’s adversity. A scoundrel is the felon of the moral world. Dashing here and there in their lives, they color the whole image of the world with the “picturesque-ness” of their abomination. But no matter how great the fervor in fabricating their abjection, the scoundrel remains isolated in his individual “performance”, by being just a form of punctuation in a registry of malice.”

And now, here are the facts which are the subject of this article. Former yoga teacher Daniela Borcan, (who works as a lawyer for the company Futuroscope in Poitiers, France) was teaching yoga classes in our yoga school (having received permanent help and support!) in Poitiers, France until recently. At a certain point she demanded to be removed from the contact pages of all the branches of our yoga school (both in France and other countries). Her reason for this was that her name was mentioned on an internet website which aims to induce hatred towards the practice of yoga. The infamous (self-made) “mahacutra”, also known as Cecilia Tiz, is one of the people who are very active on that website (which operates from… Panama!) It is very likely that she manages the website entirely by herself. The website can be read in French and German and is oriented towards the so-called “disclosure” of “sects” – in reality the most aggressive texts written on that website are against our yoga school and its mentor, Gregorian Bivolaru – and, among others, the branches of our yoga school in France are also presented there. These centers are considered to be “antennas” of MISA yoga school and “mahacutra” associates them with the miserable lies and calumnies – well known to all of us – which have been propagated both by the websites filled with hatred against MISA, and by that part of the Romanian press which is animated by animosity towards MISA yoga school and yoga teacher, Gregorian Bivolaru.

Daniela Borcan’s request was answered promptly and willingly. Her situation was understood and she was given the support and assistance she asked for – including the removal of her name from all the websites of our associations, subsidiaries and yoga schools. In return, she was asked (which is a natural consequence of her decision to remove any connection or association with our branches and yoga schools), to return her yoga teacher diploma, as well as the yoga association founded by her in Poitiers. This association was in fact a branch of our (national) yoga association in France.

Furthermore, due to the fact that she was no longer de facto a yoga teacher, Daniela Borcan was asked to hand over the papers of her association (the association in which she had been using our yoga courses and the same curriculum that all our yoga schools and branches use both in France and other countries), and the students she had at that moment were to be taken over by our yoga association in France. This procedure was also as routine as possible, due to the fact that Borcan insisted that in order for her to be exempt from any troubles at her workplace she wanted to break any ties with our yoga school – a yoga school she had been representing until then in Poitiers and whose materials (courses, conferences etc) she had been using completely freely. Within our yoga school she was also able to give her students all the spiritual initiations she received in MISA.

To all these elementary common sense conditions, Daniela Borcan said: “Yes of course, it is normal, I will do so!” Then she handed in her yoga teacher diploma and announced she would no longer be teaching yoga – so that there would be no connection between her name and our yoga centers. In other words, everything went exactly as she had requested. She also made a promise that she would hand over the papers of her yoga association, together with all her students and the material aspects (logistics, teaching materials, courses etc), because all of these materials did not belong to her, but to our yoga school. We must also mention the fact that until then Daniela Borcan had not given us (as she should have done) any information about her students, and the income from the course payments. Therefore, she kept most of the money she got from the yoga courses for herself, especially due to the fact that most of the expenses involved in the yoga course facilities were symbolic (these expenses were in fact close to zero).

However, as soon as she saw her name removed from the websites of our yoga schools and associations (after her request was fulfilled), Daniela Borcan made a 180 degree turn. When she was, so-to-speak, “all packed and ready to leave”, she showed her true intentions, as well as her true miserable face. Thus, as outlined above, she pretended to conform to all the aforementioned common sense requests. However, immediately after getting what she wanted (which was the removal of her contact data from all our schools’ websites), she not only refused to hand in the status of her yoga courses, but with great impertinence, and as a clear proof of her callousness, she told all her students to continue to attend her courses, as if nothing had happened!! Moreover, all this time, (while she was allegedly telling everyone she will never teach yoga again and she only wants to keep the peace at her workplace where she is employed as a lawyer), she secretly created a new yoga association! And this association, she says: “follows and renews the path followed by the first association (Association Soleil) that she disbanded.”!!!

In other words, everything was actually nothing more than a wickedly cunning stunt, carried out with endless impertinence; a strategy “worthy” of a real scoundrel, so that she would be able to completely break herself free from our yoga school, while still aiming to secretly use (because apparently she thought no one would know anything about this embarrassing form of theft) all the courses and materials of our yoga school (MISA)!

Consequently, Daniela Borcan kept both her students and her yoga course location. Our colleagues wanted to rent the place (in order to continue the yoga course in Poitiers – whole-heartedly considering that Daniela Borcan had initially told them the truth), but were refused by its owners who said that they had already rented it to Daniela Borcan’s association and they did not want to have two yoga courses in the same house, even if they would take place on different days of the week.

From all these facts, which are already well known by all our colleagues in France, we can clearly deduce that Daniela Borcan acted in an astoundingly wicked and hypocritical way, because she hid her true intentions under her “I wish to have no problems at work” mask; yet all she did was leave our yoga course while secretly continuing to use all the course materials belonging to the yoga school. This is pure theft, Miss good-for-nothing lawyer!

In light of these facts we can ask (rhetorically of course because we do not expect Daniela Borcan, in her duplicitous way, to ever answer this question): how is it possible for a lawyer (who has a PhD in law and who as such knows the legal implications of theft and fraud!) to still be able to commit such a PETTY MISDEMEANOR!

In order to fully unveil the callous behavior of Daniela Borcan, it is necessary to add that when all these aspects were told to yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru, he recalled how Daniela Borcan came to him a while ago, when he was still in Romania, and told him how much she wanted to help the yoga courses abroad, especially those in France, and that she felt an intense divine calling to help the people in this country (France). As a result of her insistence, she became a yoga teacher in France.

Also, I can recall that upon arriving in France, Daniela Borcan often asked me to help her. She would call me and talk to me about all sorts of technical aspects with regards to how she could improve her yoga teaching. Moreover, I accommodated her several times (for free!) when she came to ask me for some advice, confessing that she did not feel very confident in herself and that she was not feeling truly prepared to teach yoga, etc, etc.

On that occasion I generously provided Daniela Borcan with all the courses translated into French and I gave her the advice she needed (along with the many hours that I had to sacrifice from my spare time, while treating her like a friend and altruistically and benevolently sharing many essential aspects from my experience as a yoga teacher here in France) on how to teach yoga courses in this country, and more than this, I advised her on how to proceed in order to rent a yoga hall. Additionally, she was given (still completely for free) different conferences by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru, as well as some explanations that she urgently needed about the possibilities of founding a yoga association here in France, and so on.

And yet, after this tremendous benevolent and free help that she received from her yoga colleagues, Daniela Borcan, lawyer and big time Doctor of Law (even though at first sight such titles may seem to be a guarantee of honesty, in her case the very opposite is true!) chose to act in a manner opposed to both the yogic principles of moral and ethical conduct and her professional training; she acted exactly like a thief of the lowest order; the nefariousness she displayed blatantly contradicts both her status as a lawyer and her PhD in Law!

You could have at least showed some gratitude towards those who helped you so much, Miss good-for-nothing lawyer! But for this a minimum moral conscience is necessary; and it is more than obvious that such a conscience is – as Caragiale said – “sublime, but in reality completely missing”! Is this how this pathetic Doctor of Law expresses her gratitude for the immense help she received?

It is significant that she does not offer any explanation to all of this, or to the fact that she kept – illegally – all the income and the material base of the course (although she initially said she wanted to give up and she would hand over to her colleagues everything that, by law and in fact, did not belong to her but to our yoga school in France). Actually she aims to embezzle her former yoga students, luring them shamelessly and cunningly into her new yoga association which she presents with unbelievable impertinence as a “renewal” of the old association, although in this new association she will not be able to offer them anything else but the same courses and materials she stole from our yoga school!

Unfortunately, Daniela Borcan’s case can also be encountered in other social environments (not only in the yogic one); such people (like Miss “lawyer” and “Doctor of Law” who behave deplorably from the human and moral point of view, exactly like a cheat of the lowest calibre) can be encountered with increasing frequency nowadays. Such slick and opportunistic human beings are always very attentive to take as much advantage from the others as possible and, as the Romanian proverb in the beginning of this article says: according to circumstances they ably “dress” like sheep (when they need help) and like foxes (when they guilelessly try to achieve their true evil purposes).

Normally such human beings (who see themselves as very intelligent, but in reality are nothing more than irresponsible, mediocre people) would be perfect for comedies about impostures; but sometimes they influence many naïve, ignorant and credulous people. It is with great aplomb that they pose as true epistemic authorities and they try hard to build a true “career”… out of nothing. What is even more serious is the fact that they project – with infinite audacity – their own ineptitude upon the naïve audience that they attract at a certain point. In the case of Daniela Borcan, her mediocrity is obvious both professionally (instead of being a true moral model she acts like an extremely cunning and hypocritical villain) and spiritually.
In the end we can add that Daniela Borcan’s situation and behavior point to the fact that, from the initiating point of view, the current vices as well as the moral conscience of the modern man is degenerating exponentially in our times (an age foretold and described in detail in countless traditional yoga works as the final period of the “Dark Age” – KALI YUGA, the period of maximum moral and spiritual degradation of humankind). They also remind us that in contemporary society the inferior, enslaving pleasures are often mistaken for “happiness”. Which is why in realty, “the society of pleasure” as many contemporary thinkers named the world in which we live today is not a happy society at all, but a banal reality “photoshopped” with the help of the insinuating and deceitful media, a reality where scoundrels flourish and the majority of people are no longer capable of seeing the difference between deplorable quantity and genuine quality.

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