Mihai Stoian & Adina StoianOn 29th and 30th January, Adina and I visited London to host “The Secrets of Tantra” weekend. This momentous spiritual event was the opening for the new Tantra course in London. Through workshops, lectures, art and performance, we revealed the Secrets of Tantra to an audience of more than 200 people. The weekend began with a spectacular opening performance by the Romanian theatre troupe, Sophrozin – a ritualistic invocation of the ten Great Cosmic Powers and Shiva. Shiva, the Supreme Consciousness danced His Divine dance of life. Following Him, His ten aspects – the fundamental divine energies – manifested themselves, encircling him, each one offering their gifts and Grace to the audience, (and, symbolically, to the country). It was a powerful manifestation of subtle energies and even those who didn’t have any prior knowledge about these spiritual aspects were visibly moved.










After the sensational performance by Sophrozin, Adina and I gave the opening lecture -An introduction to resonance and the subtle centres of force, the chakras.During this lecture we also introduced the two new Tantra teachers, Andronicus Torp and Maria Porsfelt.


In order to keep with the tantric practice of developing polarity by enhancing masculinity and femininity respectively, the men and women were then separated for the next lectures.


By separating the sexes, we can create an atmosphere where the men and women feel open to express themselves and it gives a chance for certain gender specific topics to be discussed in depth, and during the course of the weekend very lively discussions were to be heard in both conferences.


These conferences were related to a spiritual way of looking at the erotic life and how to explore this part of our existence, to make the best of it and to use its power in order to transform our life into a happier, more harmonious and healthier one. (The Tantra course is for both men and women, but sometimes they have separate specific talks and workshops in order to fully evolve their unique and complementary qualities.)

Reunited once again, Adina took us deeper into the realms of the tantric experience with an enticing practical workshop entitled, ‘The Awakening of the Senses’.  The point of this workshop was to illustrate how in Tantra we can use the experience of the senses in order to expand our consciousness through the experience.


One by one, each sense was awakened through the use of different elements specific to that sense.


What transformed this workshop into a tantric experience was the conscious approach towards each sensual encounter. By choosing to accept or refuse the experience we were able to realise the difference between these two fundamental attitudes.


Over 200 people enthusiastically participated in this set of experiences as proposed by us! They were very open to this practical workshop and exhibited a very relaxed, playful and expanded attitude.

An extraordinary new movie on the topic of sexual continence was shown. Full of expert advice and testimonies from ordinary people, this movie is a very useful insight into the benefits and life-changing experience of making love with sexual continence, for both beginners and advanced practitioners. It is the first in a series of documentaries which will soon be released to the public. Personally I was impressed by the exceptional quality of the film and its documentary value.

The Sophrozin graced the stage once again with their sublime show, “The Divine Game of Life”.


Every time this show has been performed is has been a breathtaking experience, even after seeing it three or four times!



One of the moments which was very well received was the lecture on the subject of “Tantra and Success in Life”. From a spiritual perspective one should redefine what success means, as for most people success is about following their limited individual will and desires. In this way we harmonize our options with the Divine master plan, success no longer being a matter of uncertainty but a matter of time. The huge success one can have, after understanding this game, is to successfully step back to contemplate the Divine manifesting through him/her.


London’s new tantra teachers, Maria and Andronicus made their debut with a workshop about relaxation and awareness. It was a good chance for people to understand the apparently paradoxical and deeply revealing experience of awareness in relaxation and relaxation in awareness for expansion of the consciousness.

Throughout the weekend we received a very positive response from the audience. I was impressed to see how curious, open and active the people were in their participation. It was also interesting to see the level of openness of people in the UK towards Tantra.

The ‘Secrets of Tantra’ was organised by a team from our school in Romania in co-operation with Tara Yoga Centre in England. The English team under a new leadership made a very good event from an organizational point of view and the overall impression was of a wonderful, wholehearted international team.

To close this wonderful event, Shiva and the ten Great Cosmic Powers were there to manifest their Grace, creating a very beautiful and sacred end to an extraordinary tantric weekend.








Tantra course

The new Tantra course has just begun in London. It is a weekly course taught by specialized Tantra teachers. The many students in the course hail from all walks of life, some have prior knowledge about Tantra and want to discover more while others are complete newcomers. The diversity of the students is proof that the Tantric path is suitable for all and the large number of participants shows Tantra is a path of growing interest! The feedback from the course has been very good, with the interest and openness towards the subject leading to many open discussions.

For more information about the Tantra course visit www.taracentre.com


P.S. Immediately after this special weekend ended it started snowing out of the blue, and it continued for several hours until it became one of the biggest snowfalls in the last 100 years in the UK, covering everything in a immaculate, beautiful, white layer.