The tantric couple relationship: Man and woman, the wings of one soul
Lecture with Advaita Stoian
Wednesday 18th of February, 20.00 – 21.45

in Kulturen at NBV, Stockholm

Men and women are complementary opposites: yin and yang, the sun and the moon, plus and minus, embodiments of the divine masculine and feminine (Shiva and Shakti) … And each has its unique role to play in the couple relationship in order to create the conditions of a perfect unit.

Just as the left and right wing allow the bird to fly, the man and woman allow the soul to rise above its limitations through their complementary work together. Just as the left and right hand of the master pianist create the symphony, the man and woman create the masterpiece of Life through their union in Love. However, the fascinating game of polarity within the couple relationship is subjected nowadays to severe misunderstandings, lack of clarity about its importance and even a process of corruption through wrong notions about femininity and masculinity. In these misunderstandings and wrongdoings in the polarity game are rooted an immense number of  problems that couples are facing today in their life together.

The ancient tantric principles offer the key for transforming the couple relationship into a sacred workshop for continuously improving ourselves and thus constantly perfecting our relationship. By properly understanding and applying the wisdom of the masculine and feminine forces, couples can achieve long-lasting happiness and soar to new spiritual heights – together!

Advaita’s enlightening insight into the fascinating and vast topic of the couple relationship pierces through the layers of confusion that exist today, bringing clarity to the complex mechanisms that influence the happiness and well-being in a relationship. Through years of personal experience, he offers practical advice on how we can best understand our specific role, so each one of us can consciously play the eternal divine game of Love.

This event also gives the opportunity to meet the author of the Tantra Intensive Course, hear about his own experiences in tantra, and to ask questions.

Tea and cake will be served. All are welcome to this event and no previous experience is needed.

Participants may come as individuals or couples.

Practical info:

• Time & date: 20.00 – 21.45, 18th of February 2015
• Location: In KULTUREN at NBV, Bergsunds Strand 43, Hornstull – Stockholm (200 m. fr. Hornstull Metro)
• Entrance: free

• Language: English
• Sign up now: Email us [email protected] or call us on ph: +46 769613119
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Advaita is a rare spiritual treasure in today’s world.

He is a direct disciple of the legendary Tantric master Gregorian Bivolaru, with whom he shares the seat of controversy as together they set the standard for a new level of spiritual understanding on this planet.

During his 17 years of teaching, people throughout the world have been graced by Advaita’s presence; their lives deeply touched by his profound approach to the spiritual path. His relaxed yet witty and candid style combined with extraordinary insight and an unyielding spiritual aspiration make his presentations not only a profoundly revealing spiritual experience but also highly entertaining. He is currently the senior coordinating teacher of Natha Yogacenter, Denmark.

He is truly a forerunner in the spiritual sexual revolution of our time – he helps people both individually and collectively through consciously replacing taboos with knowledge.

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