Love Creates a Powerful Positive Field Around Us Which Enables Us to Create a Better World

Love is the most powerful magical elixir which we have at our disposal which is why it is wonderful to enjoy it unceasingly.
We are in the midst of a very special spiritual event. Inspired by the book “The Secret Tantric Path of Love to Happiness and Fulfillment in a Couple Relationship” by my spiritual guide, Gregorian Bivolaru, Natha Yogacenter is keeping The Tantric Path of Love Retreat.

Over the last week we have journeyed through some important and essential elements of the couple relationship, including intimacy and attraction, the inner alchemical processes, the joy of love, transfiguration, and forgiveness, exploring the extraordinary and complex world of the couple relationship as a spiritual path.

In this day and age, when relationships have become more habitual than a source of inspiration and freedom, the notions presented during this camp represent a revolutionary approach to the couple relationship, which reveal its deeper purpose and meaning.

The couple relationship can be discovered as a spiritual path of evolution in itself, but the ingredient which is necessary for this is the pure true love which animates the relationship.

When we are in love and we follow the natural dynamism of the relationship we are free from the limiting grip of the ego, we tend to spontaneously live in the present moment, beyond the agitation of the inferior mind, transported from the concerns of the immediate reality into a sublime existence that is sometimes far more difficult to reach through other methods of spiritual practice.

In a couple relationship we can attain extraordinarily intense intimacy that can naturally trigger states of cosmic orgasm or states of expansion and effervescence of the energies that are pushing completely off the limits that we set before in our normal states. In other words, it is very easy in the couple relationship to experience states of Samadhi (divine ecstasy). This is the immense value that the couple relationship has from a spiritual perspective especially when we start to understand the need to crush
the illusory boundaries that we have set up for ourselves. In the dynamism of a couple relationship in its natural rhythm we spontaneously discover the possibility for crushing these illusory boundaries and to break free of the clutches of the ego.

The journey up the tantric path of love is one of aliveness, an endlessly fascinating and deeply fulfilling experience that gives us the possibility to discover the most profound reality of our life together with our beloved. Provided of course that we are animated by pure, true love in our relationship.

I wish all of you divine success on your path of love.