The Third Letter From Shri Ajita

Apr 9, 2008 | Silent War, Social Justice

Mihai Stoian,

You were very gentle last year in Kopenhagen and I was very naive.
I needed a long time to realize who you are and what your organization MISA is.
First I thought you were some special man practising an obscure form of Tantra Yoga. I proposed you my help because I know the danger of that approach.

In your respons you now admitted to be directly involved in “non-exposed” sex business.
As sex business is profit oriented, you have all reasons to stimulate desire in your customers and to be attached to money.
At the other hand you pretend to be a Tantra Yoga teacher. But a real Tantra Yoga teacher does only use desire, controlling it better and better by means of detachment, as to reach enlightenment by transformation of the energy of
desire. Assuming that you are a Tantra Yoga teacher, who can believe that you will detach yourself from your profit goal in sex business when you teach? Nobody.

So, I made a mistake considering you as a practitioner of the dangerous left hand Tantra Yoga style. You are not a Tantra Yoga practitioner at all. You are only a vulgar sex businessman using the names of “Tantra Yoga” and our
“International Yoga Federation” as an attractive cover for your controversial business activities. You systematically try to mislead people, using an uncontrollable “methodology” consisting of a mish mash of techniques and so called revelations, which are not in accordance with the standards of the International Yoga Federation.

I will advise to cancel the congress of June in Bucharest. And my conclusion is that you and your organization MISA cannot be accepted by any Yoga association.

I do not feel the need to say more, except that I thank you for the opportunity of making more light in myself.

Namaste,Shri Yogacharya Ajita
(Philippe Barbier)
Honorary Secretary of the International Yoga Federation for the European Union
President of the European Yoga Council of European Yoga Alliance
Honorary Life Member of the World Yoga Council
Member of the World Yoga Parliament
Member of the International Yoga Therapy Council
Member of the Coregroup of the Samenwerkende Yogadocenten Nederland
Director of the Raja Yoga Institute
Ilpendam, Holland
www.raja-yoga. org

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