The Bhoga Case – The Video Story (updated 15th of July 2010)

Jul 14, 2010 | NATHA Denmark, Silent War

15th of July

Another episode took place tonight in the silent Bhoga community (can you believe what these guys are doing?): Peter Jørgensen and another gorilla came on a motorbike and filmed all they could around the place (maybe sniffing some laundry? 🙂 i am saying this because they prove to have the same typical psychopathic behavior that is also leading to such actions). When they were spotted by someone who wanted to question them they left at high speed (as much as that pathetic motorbike can deliver). You can see a picture of them leaving after this new “adventure”.

An important reminder here is that they (Peter and Kim) are the ones who have been abusing the local police by misleading them with their false accusations of being beaten and abused in Bhoga. Then it was Peter “gorilla” Jørgensen who came like a coward the other day with a police escort to pick up his forgotten trailer parts, pretending that he doesn’t dare to come around. Now again he is the one sneaking around like a hormonal teenager, trying to provoke and harass the inhabitants. Isn’t that hypocrisy or i am over critical today?  Anyway their actions show a certain desperation as they are not getting what they so eagerly want.

Let’s see if police will come tomorrow to Bhoga to investigate the case of hindering and abusing the film crew that was making a spiritual documentary in Bhoga 🙂 🙂 🙂


14th of July 2010

Even if it is unbelievable (for a person with common sense), Kim and Peter made a complaint to the police that they were aggressed and beaten in Bhoga!

These people definitely lack some elementary common sense but compensate it with their immense hypocrisy. Yet the story is even more incredible: the “brave” Peter came yesterday to Bhoga with police escort to recuperate the parts of his trailer he forgot in his last visit (when he illegally came to provoke people by dumping some dirt on the grass and to take pictures in the farm).

He could have just ask for it since nobody even touched it since he left Bhoga. But the policemen was Peter’s friend and this was an arrangement. Therefore the policemen was visibly troubled when asked for the legality of this action. He even aggressed the camera guy in an attempt to stop him from filming the whole action.

This action was supposed to give more credibility to the whole complaint that Peter and Kim made.(video coming soon here). And more, today the police came to Bhoga to investigate the “aggression” against Kim and Peter! After all these episodes of violence, provocations, people being physically and verbally threaten by these two Kim and Peter, NOW POLICE IS INVESTIGATING THEIR COMPLAINT! Even under the conditions that initially police came and even saw the video recording with the Kim’s last intrusion in Bhoga and decided to send Kim away, yet now another team is pretending never hearing about our story and starting an investigation.

When Bhoga inhabitants were making any complaint about the incredible acts of violence these two were doing, it was received with silence from the local police department, NOT EVEN ONE QUESTION WAS ASKED TO KIM. Of course this recent action shows how desperate is Kim to steal Bhoga from the spiritual community and how ready is he to use for this even the lowest methods (below the human level in my opinion). In his narrow view he is thinking that now, when the approach of the trial in the court, a running police investigation on Kim’s complaint will be an argument for Kim to play the victim and depict all the others that he cheated, lied and even physically aggressed as the merciless oppressors.

With a little help from the local friends in the police force he imagine that he can get along with this strategy. And who knows, maybe it will work in absence of a vertical attitude of all those that are involved.There is still a good part in all this: the two are coming to visit Bhoga with police (at least as long as they want to play this strategy) and people in Bhoga will not fear to find them sneaking around the house or sniffing the laundry ;).

2nd of July 2010Peter

Peter Jørgensen came again to bhoga on 2nd of july to take pictures and further intimidate the people living there. Yes, the “chainsaw intellectual”, kim’s “gorilla”, the one who threatened people with the chainsaw a few weeks ago found as an excuse to come to bhoga a trailer full of dirt that he tried to unload right on the lawn of the parking lot!! Is that sane behavior???  We found him taking pictures and then starting to unload his trailer full of dirt right on the grass!!! In the beginning he was asked to leave but he started to threaten us with his normal bullying style.When told more firmly to leave otherwise his car may be damaged, he chickened out saying that he would call the police!

We invited him to call the police, knowing that he was not allowed to be on bhoga property in that moment. he chickened out again (he knew he is illegal on the premises) and after another firm request from us to leave immediately, he tried to attack me and the camera guy with a shovel. as you can see from the images the gorilla speaks many languages: ‘chainsaw’, ‘shovelian’ and also some local dialects

Peter Yet when seeing that he is not producing the desired effect he left, forgetting in bhoga a part of his trailer and the shovel. this last fact shows again the strange attitude and state these people have when doing these actions.

If they had been normal people, they would have asked permission to come on the property – as the law requires – in order to bring something. instead this person was in a psychotic state (see videos), trying to show his “intellectual” muscles and scare the people around, a fact that was keeping him busy from remembering his tools when leaving.

Jokes aside, everyone can see from the video that he becomes uncontrollable and violent when he looses his temper, being a real danger for people around and for himself it is obvious that peter jørgensen needs professional help and assistance and should not be allowed to go in people’s homes like this, with tools like chainsaws and shovels and with a character and behavior (and intelligence 😉 ) like his, it doesn’t take a genius to foresee what can happen.

I hope those responsible for decision making will read these lines and see the images and take the necessary measures before some tragedy happens.

I want to thank all those who have visited this page in such big numbers and even started to send it to their friends.

It is a great help what you are doing and it is greatly appreciated by the yoga students and teachers who hold Bhoga community in their hearts.

Standing for the truth and human solidarity against terror and brutal force becomes a spiritual gesture in times like these. And this case becomes more and more symbolic of what happens sometimes on much larger scales…

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18th of June 2010

kim SCHMOLLUMSince the “chainsaw action” of Kim Schmock and his “gorilla” peter took place last month, the bhoga community was two more times harassed by kim. This time he is just coming in the yard, looking through the windows and taking pictures (is he sane?). Yesterday he came again while i was in bhoga with some friends and we found him (together with another guy) in the parking area doing something at the cars???

We were firmly asking him to go away (he was supposed – according to the law he is so desperately trying to invoke – to give a two weeks notice before coming into bhoga) and he started his usual shouting and aggressive behavior. Getting more firm toward him and pushing him toward his car to make him leave the premises, he tried to hit me few times (nature protected me by giving me longer arms) making his friend shouting at him few times to stop! When he reached the car he locked himself in the car (was he afraid i will push him away from the car?)

And called the police saying that he was aggressed in bhoga ( 🙂 ) but we have all this on film, kim lying to the police while sitting comfortably in the car.

After that they left.but the story didn’t finish there! After midnight the police came in bhoga (is this normal? Or it was just kim trying again to put his misery on people’s life in bhoga?) Together with kim and wanted to check on all the people there because they received complaints from Kim! There must have been some big complaints since they came after midnight! In the end, after long talking with all the people and with some of our friends on the phone (that live in bhoga but were out in town) they left, but not before talking with kim in the parking (we heard it by chance 😉 ) and explaining that they find his claims very strange “because in the house they were nice and normal people” (as the officers put it) …. One can easily imagine what kim’s claims were since police came in the middle of the night in bhoga ! This was another series of harassment on bhoga community by Kim “schmollum”.

When will these actions against a spiritual peaceful community stop ??!

bhoga caseCan anyone do something about it?for those that read on this blog about the bhoga case here are some drawings that i received some while ago… They describe so well the whole situation…update 18th of may 2010: one of the reasons why kim came to bhoga on 13th of marchwas to bring some old furniture that he picked up from karsten fischer’s house and wanted to deposit in Bhoga. In this way kim wanted to prove his openness toward karsten fischer and together to try to sneack in some objects into some rooms there in order to later pretend that karsten was renting a room in bhoga. This new information shows the sleazy style of the kk team (Kim & Karsten) to cooperate in evil. They were once working together for the spiritual development and were standing for moral principles but now they are trying to steal the work all the team was doing in bhoga. Being given the style of these “intellectuals with chainsaws”, it is normal to disclose all their actions. To the society, they pretend being honorable persons, karten fischer having his teaching job in roskilde university (see here) and his consultancy jobs.

As for Kim, he is posing as a victim of the “evil sect” that was destroying his life (by not accepting his chainsaw proposals :)) for those that are new here i remind that karsten fischer is the guy that run away from the school after creating some severe personal problems to some of the students and then started a “sect-hunt” media campaign in order to clean his name from the past mistakes boga case peter 2(a strategy very well known in politics as a way to clean the past: discrediting everyone that have to do with the dirty spots from the past. Obviously Kasten know very well this method as a political consultant for the social democratic party in denmak). He appeared in the media as the undercover witness “jesper” until we have disclosed his identity from several sources.

Later he participated in a trial against natha yoga center where he was changing his initial deposition (that was written by his own hand!) And lied in the court in front of several witnesses (read this article).

You can read more about this on the blog or see this lecture here.

13th of may 2010

Bhoga community was again aggressed by kim schmock and his bodyguard.

Here are new pics and video footage from this “chainsaw action” of harassment (yes, they were using chainsaws… See the videos below).

Again the authorities were just watching while this aggression was taking place and did not intervene!
Some time ago, drunkards with crowbars, led by kim, were invading bhoga community and beat the people they found there, destroying the goods they found, destroying the video camera (see the video in the end of this page, with the recovered pieces of film). Now there was a chainsaw action from the same team lead by kim! How many actions like this have to take place in denmark bhoga casefor the authorities to say stop?
It seems that the masonic connections that kim have through his lawyer into the local police leadership (connections that we already started to disclose) is working fine and this is the reason why the reports that were filed by bhoga residents were met with total indifference. That explains why he was protected instead of convicted.
I hope that the action of showing openly what happens in bhoga community will awaken more people and reactions from the ones responsible for the public order!
I will continue to post here images and findings about this case. Stay attentive!
Here are some pics that were taken in the middle of the action. There are also few clips that show the kind of “dialogue” these people understand to have. Judging after the “intellectual” look and “peaceful” attitude they have, everyone can guess their real intentions.
And of course police just make sure that kim’s “intellectuals” are cutting “peacefully” the gates of bhoga ashram with the chainsaws! The policemen first carefully make sure that the guy with the camera was send away (under the illegal abusive threat that he will be taken into custody at the police station) and then they were forcing the bhoga residents to go away for kim’s “academic” team to complete their “peaceful” job.
Please note that all the bhoga people are empty handed, and only stand in front the aggressors in order to peacefully make them stop…! In this videos and pictures you can see:
-one of the “academics” preparing to teach people in bhoga more of his “chainsaw wisdom”
-After cutting the gate with chainsaws, they are teaching a guy from bhoga a lesson of language (see the body language 😉 )
-the “academic” at work: peter jørgensen calling “bitch” one of yogi women that have the “karma” to be in that day in bhoga…

1. This is the language “lesson” from peter jørgensen, the one that claimed to come and teach a moral lesson to the yogis from bhoga.

[media id=20 width=320 height=240]

2. Maybe peter jørgensen is too modest and he doesn’t want people to see his “peaceful” and “intelligent” persuasion lesson.

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As i promised in the “who is jesper lecture?” – here is the videos clip which briefly presents the strange situations that have appeared in the bhoga case. Anyone can see the escalating violence that kim schmock is pushing against natha through the bhoga case.
Recently i was also informed that karsten fischer alias ‘jesper’ is already actively helping kim schmock in his insane campaign against his old friends.
I decided to post this video here for everyone to see the pressure these vengeful guys are making against the bhoga community and natha school by using extreme violence, thievery and lying in the court.
I announce here for the first time that they are trying to use some tricks in order to evacuate bhoga inhabitants against the courts decision, by creating a smoke screen. I hope that announcing this beforehand their plans will be foiled. You can find the danish version of this video clip here .
I hope that all the people who care for principles in life will take a stand to prevent further violence and to prevent this outrageous act of thievery carefully planned by this people who lost their temper for the possibility to gain some money.
The images speak for themselves and i invite you to comment here and even to suggest different solutions to this case.

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