This Is The India of The Indians

Aug 4, 2011 | Silent War, Social Justice

This Is The Other Side Of India! These Are The People Of India!

After all these strange facts I have presented from the Indian media, some might get the wrong impression about this wonderful country. No, this is not what India is, this is the Masonic India – the India of globalized resources serving localized (private) interests. The real India is buried under this surface, and has a completely different face. I have been in touch with this part of the country also and for the sake of balance and objectivity I will share this side also.

This is a letter I received in an email from an Indian whom I met in a seminar there. I choose not to give his name because of the strange witch hunt that was started upon the students of our school in India.

This is the kind of people who show the real spirit of India, the face of the country that few want to mutilate with their morbid concepts about life and humanity.
It is becoming clear that India’s image today is confiscated by the occult groups that desperately try to bring this great nation to its knees and to transform it into a cheap labor source, a huge market that will once again refresh the flattened western economy.

By encouraging extremism and manipulating the masses and especially the young generations, these people of the elite are closer than ever to transforming India into a docile colony, even more so than it was under the British rule of the army.

Amplifying puritanical tendencies to a ridiculous extreme, taking away from people their traditions and replacing them with a so-called rational spirit without giving them the proper spiritual tools, creating a middle class that is defending the occult elite with their own interests and allowing thus the New World Order to be installed against the interests of the people, India is gradually becoming by itself what the empire tried to create with an occupation army: a colony that is self-administrated and provides the world empire of the elite with the resources needed without raising any problems. The ideals for which Gandhi and his followers died have been confiscated since Independence Day by these elite who are now almost seeing their dream come true.

And here is what people are saying:

Dear Stoian,

Trust you are well.

I just wanted to apologize to you from the bottom of my heart. I feel that as an Indian we have violated our own basic principles of love and courtesy to anybody from outside.

I saw a part of the News today that was highlighted as an EXPOSE.

What I saw was all about a bunch of guys JUDGING AND DAMNING you based on their own ideas of self, sexuality and more importantly love.

I feel disgusted that you the center was being flaunted as a place of vice. I believe spirituality has to cross through the sexual road also, Indians can treat it as a taboo thing but it is part of us. It is only by accepting what is real that we can hope to transform the energy. But alas, the media along with the politicians have created so much negativity around your efforts now. Sorry to see this go this way now. I just wish that you operate in india. This will be a great service to the indians.

I just wanted you to know , I am sure you are already aware that INDIA like any other place is a mix of good and bad.

Hope you are well and do not face more obstacles

much regards,


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