A Trip To The Land Of The Four Elements – Iceland

Jun 27, 2009 | Personal

For Adina’s birthday, this year we decided to go on a trip that we had planned for many years but we had never found the right time for it: ICELAND.

During the trip Adina started to write some of her impressions and I asked her to make a description of the trip in order to share the wonders of this magnificent journey.

The aspect that impressed me the most – besides the wonderfully amazed eyes of Adina when she was staring into some of the natural cracks in the ground or at the hot water springs – was the amazing presence of the four elements in a continuous and powerful interaction: the earth power as immense mountains and the land molded by the earthquakes, the water as glaciers making deep cuts in the mountains and also interacting with the inner fire becoming hot steam, the powerful winds that are blowing constantly a freezing cold breeze over the hot ground emanating sulfuric gases. In these lands, man is an insignificant creature that is just adapting to life and is using in an intelligent way the power of nature… when the nature allows.

icelandSometimes the fight between the elements wipes out in few hours all that the humans have built in that area in many years. But after that, humans return and rebuild everything as it was, with an optimism that might impress the gods of these forces…at least for a while. When seeing all this power at work, one will feel humbleness in front of nature and will realize how little our powers are when alone in this trip to tame the forces of nature.

And before giving Adina the word, one last advice: if you go whale watching make sure the whales are also having their human watching hours in the same time, else…the only whale you will see is yourself reflected in the sea because of the very thick costume you are wearing….

For my birthday this year my beloved Mihai gave me as a present something priceless, especially for these crazy times we are experiencing together at the moment, due to so much traveling and courses in all four corners of the world…:a little holiday only the two of us, in the most remote and very dear place to my heart: Iceland!

Iceland, mon amour!

How did I hear about Iceland?

There is a mysterious connection between my soul and Iceland… It started with Grieg (who else ) showing us the documentary “Investigation about an invisible world”, about legends and beliefs from Iceland. We felt very inspired about this documentary, and in the end he said to Mihai and I: “You shall go and visit those places in Iceland and see how you feel them”. I was very happy about this, wondering already how we can get there. But after this time, all the big scandal with Grieg’s asylum removed the idea from my mind.




Until one day, when I was searching for a place to spend my birthday so that the astral configuration as presented in the so-called ‘sun-revolution chart’ would become more beneficial that it looked like if I would have spend my birthday in Copenhagen or other town in Europe. Looking carefully, as a passionate astrologer I am, I found out that the more west I could be on my birthday in June 2005, the better for my life in the year to come… The only place suitably close enough to Europe was Iceland.


The Icelandic saga begins..

In 2005 it was only three days, but enough to amaze my soul completely, beginning with the landing at Keflavik airport at 1.30am, but in so much light, as if it would have been only 6pm!

Of course it was not enough to get more than a teaser of the wonders Iceland hides.

So I came back again in 2006 for a full tour around Iceland and my heart was so delighted that I started to insist upon us opening a branch of Natha in Reykjavik, with the advantage of having a teacher born there (Serafim).

icelandIceland inspired also my desire to organize spiritual trips in special places, so in 2007 we had the first excursion of Kama Travels. And, with that occasion Grieg had inspired us to make the first triangulation meditation with Stonehenge, Snæfellsnes (the famous volcano that Jules Verne had written was a gate to the center of the earth, considered by the occultists one of the three most pure places on the planet) and a forest in Finland.

Thus the tradition with the solstice triangulation meditation begins.

The following year, 2008 I was again in Iceland. This time the group was even bigger because a team from Ganesha publishing house were rewarded with the special time in Iceland.

And I qualified almost as a professional travel guide for this amazing realm.

Iceland fifth time!

Finally I believed with that trip it was resuming my Icelandic experience, but… Natha has opened a school in Iceland as it was foreseen… It started a bit shy but grew stronger. And the unexpected stroke me again this year, the fifth time!

Mihai invited me in Iceland as a birthday present! Of course I have tried to convince him to come along all the other times, but he repeated that only when we will have a yoga school in Iceland he will come. So was it! After me insisting 4 years, on the 1st of June 2009 we have landed at the same midnight hour in the international airport of Keflavik.

It was Mihaiiceland’s turn to be amazed with the white night, deeply pleased that it gives such a freedom because you are never limited by the fact that it’s getting dark and that you can’t do some things you want to do.

We had the first romantic trip along the promenade of the harbor, enjoying the very fresh air of the North and the amazing silence of the biggest town of Iceland. With a population of only 300.000 in an area of 100.000 km2 (about the size of Great Britain or a bit less than half Romania), and from these people 250.000 situated in the capital area (which in this way competes with Braila J), Iceland is, for us, a very remote location, where we did enjoyed the solitude to its fullness. After very crowded areas like Chennai (India, 8 millions persons) or Buenos Aires (Argentina, 13 millions) that Mihai has visited in the last months, Iceland was looking almost virgin, for the big amazement and happiness of our hearts thirsty for a bit of intimacy and relaxation.

The town was really quiet and the orange light of a sunset merging with the sunrise (Reykjavik is a bit away from the polar circle so the sun goes under the horizon for around 2 hours) was so special…

Moreover, what was amazing to perceive clearly (as we are used with the process of meditation) is the fact that the common subconscious level is so clean and… quiet! It is a feeling hard to be described, since my first visit, it was what has enchanted me the most: one can enter spontaneously states of mental void, effortlessly and naturally, due not to a meditative process but only because, the nature is so pure, and the people so few that the subconscious level is not-polluted!

Wherever I have meditated or practiced yoga before, and especially in the city,

iceland-31-300x225I could always feel the subtle interaction with the persons around me: being them in a block with many apartments, or even in the country side. Not mentioning that this feeling of being merged in an ocean of humans pulsating with impulses and thoughts, gets to its peak when I am in India… But there… just quietness and peace… A phenomena of spontaneous transfiguration happens, just because when the subconscious is not bombarded with stimuli from around, it rests in its inner light, going deeper to its source, the soul. The closer comparison I can find is with the state one gets after some hours of laya yoga with good expansion into a state of purity and transcendence, and even this comparison is still far because you cannot compare the sublime resonance with mystery and virginity of a place so big and so deserted with anything from the populated world.Incredible enough, the physical reality reflects this subtle one: there are no wild animals in Iceland (and never were, at least the last centuries, except some small foxes), there are not even rabbits, there are just sheep, goats and horses. And a lot of birds mostly seagulls and swans, puffins in the north, all making the landscape amazingly idyllic.

Huge fields of dark lava, with nothing above make some parts of Iceland to look like from another planet. In other older parts, over the strange formation lava builds, it grew moss, the famous Icelandic moss (as a good participant to the Shakti groups I have studied about the great effects of the Icelandic moss in sublimating menstruation, but I could never find it in Romania at the nature shops…). Icelandic moss was here plenty, all around, lying over huge distances, grayish with green shades, enlightened by its incredible purple or pink sweet little flowers, grouped in inflorescences about the diameter of a plate, shining their beauty under the pure sky.

Ahh! And NO TREES!!!

icelandFirst time when I was in Iceland, after two days of visiting, amazed by the beauty of the unspoiled nature, breathing in the crystal clear air and drinking water from the streams bobbling on our way, contemplating astonishing waterfalls, glaciers and hot springs, I started to feel strange, inexplicably something was missing. And with the time passing the feeling has became more and more intense, until I realized: over hundreds of kilometers around Iceland we met NO TREES!

Nobody told us this before, but after discovering that, we have inquired and found out that the Norwegian Vikings colonizing the island, they were using the woods, cutting the trees without any care, probably believing that they will grow back as in Norway, but the very rough climate of Iceland made so that the trees never grew back! So, one more thing making the Icelandic experience unforgettable is that one can notice himself missing the trees, moreover, the subtle interaction with the trees!!! It is hard to catch in words this amazing world!

The continuous light, dimmed in the evenings, passing unnoticed into mornings to rise up in the middle of the sunny days brighter and clearer that I have ever seen in my entire life, huge mountains of ashes with snow hats, astonishing beaches with black sand (first time when I have seen one I couldn’t speak some good minutes, it was totally opposite that how my mind has experienced the sea before: instead of white (whitish) sand with waves of bluish water, black scintillating like onyx sand with waves sparkling amazingly white on top of them! I simply couldn’t understand it, so my mind gave up for some minutes to let my soul just be overwhelmed in wonder!

In this June, it was Mihai’s turn to be deeply delighted to the bottom of his soul, contemplating the fascinating mysteries of Iceland.

icelandWe had visited Hafnarfjordur, with its residence of the elves king (as described in the documentary I mentioned in the beginning), feeling the communion with the world of little beings inhabiting the stones into another dimension, interacting less and less with the world, but still highly esteemed by the Icelanders who will never remove a stone even from a construction site without asking a psychic medium to intermediate in the moving, so that the elves living in that stone wont feel offended and therefore revenge against the humans!

On a lovely day with a sunny clear sky, we went along the Golden Circle (above all we were also tourists!) admiring the colossal rift were the North American and the Euroasian plates moving apart from each other, making Iceland to grow some centimeters every year. Due to this continuous activity of the two plates, the volcanic life of Iceland is still manifesting all over. In this way hot springs represent one of the main sources of energy, all the houses in the country are heated with their water and, to our surprise, all the hot water that comes out of the taps smells stronger than in Herculane! One has to get used to that!

We continued towards the famous Geysir and its brothers, finding out that what we commonly know nowadays as being a geyser, in reality is the personal name of just one of them! The biggest but dormant one since some good years now.

Besides it,

Strokkur is still rising out a column of 100 degrees hot water, high up to 40 meters, every few minutes, to the big delight of all the visitors. You cannot stop to compare the phenomena with an explosive orgasm, the stone yoni of the geyser (deep whole going under the surface down to tens of meters) is full with hot water and when the pressure gets over a certain limit, it forcefully expels the steams and hot water high up, moaning with pleasure!…

And, such as if we were not enchanted enough, the wonderful Godafoss waterfall,

outstanding for its beauty, stand as a proof of a colossal earthquake splitting the course of a huge river into two floors with steep margins. The entire scene is breathtaking… we spent quite some time admiring the unleashed forces of nature: huge water wiping the stones, again and again, over centuries in an eternal battle for supremacy!

iceland-25-300x225Mihai explained to me the entire perspective in a very spiritual way, describing everything as a war of the four elements: earth, water, fire (in the volcanoes) and air, to model the surface of Iceland, how the Eternal Artist is still working, changing from “time” (His Time) to time the face of the valleys or the course of the rivers, maybe not pleased with how they look like and than trying again.

Another day we flew to the North, to touch the Polar circle, to experience also the white nights! Akureyri with its wonderful bay awaiting us on a cloudless noon!

We took a small cute red car and went on, towards Husavik, so I could finally present to Mihai some of my unusual friends I have fallen in love with in Iceland: the whales! Every single year returning from Iceland I told long stories to Mihu about how amazing these creatures are, how they are coming close to the boat we could take a whale watching tour, and he was always cool about it.

Therefore this year…. They didn’t come!

We had an astonishing three hours tour in the bay of Husavik, under a blinding bright sun and blue sky, clear water and very cold air, but no whales!!! This was a first time happening for me, and, of course, the rest of the trip it was the preferred subject of Mih to make fun of Adina: “you and the fish tails we saw while freezing on a boat”! My conclusion was that we had a ‘whale watching tour’ but the whales probably didn’t have time for ‘human watching’…

Going further we had homing in Myvatn area, my best favorite place of the entire Iceland. In the middle of another world famous tourist tour: the Diamond Ring! We spent four dream days there: romance, love, passion, fruitful ideas, me taking care of him in the sweetest way I could, him answering with devotion and gratefulness for those great precious moments of intimacy.

Thanks God the nights were white, so we could also visit a bit around!

The Midnight Sun is an extraordinary spectacle in these northern latitudes: around the summer solstice,

the sun sinks down just to touch the horizon before rising again in breathtaking tones of red and gold as you can admire in the picture.

We spent great moments visiting Dimmuborgir (the Dark Castles). They are very strange volcanic rock formations to the east of the Myvatn lake. The area is characterized by numerous forms of mystery and imagination, carved in lava, created in the violent throws of an extensive volcanic eruption. The best known formation is “the Church”, a cave open at both ends with a high dome-shaped roof.

icelandWe climbed up the volcano from the back of the house, we visited Krafla (the active volcano nearby) not so pleased with our intrusion, so he revenged back burning Mihai’s hand, when he had slide over one of its sides and touched the very hot and yellowish sulfuric mud. Closer to this site is the “Hell’s kitchen” big pots of boiling mud filling up the atmosphere with an unforgettable smell!

And, hence, not to forget, the deep and soooo pleasing and relaxing time we have spent in the Myvatn lagoon! An incredible place: a natural basin with turquoise soap like water, coming from the depths of the volcanoes, containing the oldest organism of the planet, a bacteria able to survive in the hot springs, giving to its water the hue of blue-green nuance.

We spent three gorgeous evenings there. The first one had a symbolic value, while we were still amazed by the entire landscape: big boulders of black lava encircling the awesome turquoise so hot water (in some areas of the basin we couldn’t go because it was simply too hot!), we were speaking that the entire evening was surreal, like a cut from a fairy tale. Almost midnight, the sun still up in the sky, light dimmed and reflecting in the mountains of the volcanic ashes around (still steaming vapors from some little cracks from time to time)… all these gave us an impression of not belonging to this world anymore, when….. some unbelievable sounds started to manifest: when we got closer, we noticed a bunch of approximately 50 people, gathering slowly into the middle of the lagoon, the voices growing into an angelic choir! That was, as we say in Romania, piece of heaven! We were told afterwards that in the region there was a choir festival, and the German choir had an evening in the lagoon with us. Inspired by the beauty of the moments, they couldn’t stop singing! They touched our souls to tears, while we were relaxing in the hot blue water listening to their angelic voices!

We took it as a great synchronicity, proving the spiritual integration of our entire romantic trip.

icelandAnd, to be even more sure about that, whilst we climbing up the dormant volcano (Hverfell) close to Myvatn, chatting about the spiritual significance of us, together, succeeding to arrive in the top, enjoying a great view over the entire Myvatn area, Mihai had the idea to look in its pot. On the bottom, in an angle we could have not noticed if just passing by, there were written with big arranged stones, A+M,

our initials, standing there, waiting for us to contemplate them! This synchronicity filled our souls with amazement and gratitude: we then understood some mysteries related to our relationship and got bigger wings for us to continue!

Ahh! I shall also not forget , the fulfillment of the promise Mihai made to me long before, that he would visit Iceland only when the yoga school will be there: we had (of course) a touching wonderful meeting with the students of (very) Northern Academy of Tantra and Hatha Yoga (NATHA) of Iceland! A lovely bunch of people (not all of them true Icelandic Vikings as we could expect) but very charming, alert and curious, embracing us with the unmistakable energy that will make us go to the end of the world to teach: the thirst for spiritual Truth. So the promised was also accomplished and I had the most amazing gift Mihai gave me as a birthday present until now.

Thank you, my love!

P.S. As a last sign of the spiritual integration of our sweet Icelandic romance, on the flight back from Akureyri, above the core of the island, the clouds made a very clear and huge shape of a heart… the divine embrace that embraces us permanently.

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