The retreat

During this special retreat, we will have conferences on many aspects related to Tripura Sundari, including essential introductory elements and stages on the path of Maha Vidya Yoga. There will be a very special and even unique way of ritualistically integrating the spiritual practice of yoga asanas with the sphere of force of Tripura Sundari, both in individual practice and in the practice of the couple asanas. And one of the highlights of this event will be a special initiation into Active Love which is a special integration into the sphere of power of Tripura Sundari.

The retreat will contain lectures, workshops, rituals, meditations and tantric techniques dedicated to deepening your inner experience in the communion with Tripura Sundari.

About Tripura Sundari

Tripura Sundari is the third of the Great Cosmic Powers of the tantric tradition. She is the feminine embodiment of the divine beauty, harmony and supreme truth. She is also the Goddess of love and perfect union in an amorous relationship as She is always perfectly united with her beloved Shiva. She is the energy of perfection and represents the union of the soul with its creator. With the help of Tripura Sundari, the spiritual seeker can reach the ultimate knowledge of the Truth that will reveal the divine spark or the immortal spirit Atman and finally the state of spiritual liberation.

Tripura Sundari is essential in the tantric practice for the tantric couple who seek to resonate with explicit and refined forms of pleasure and love which will harmonize and spiritualize their relationship and reveal the inner beauty of the Divine Truth.

Price: 2400/2040 Before 1st of june get discount 400 kr
Food and accommodation: 220kr a day
Special condition: only for students of Yoga and Tantra from 2nd year and up (having initiation in Kali)
Deadline to sign up: 21st June