Mini Course:

Stress Mastery


Stress Mastery

7 July 2020, Online Seminar

It’s not the stress that kills us, but our reaction to it.

Most of the time we think that stress appears as a result of “difficult life circumstances” or having “too much to deal with”. The truth is that stress is the result of our own inner resistance to action.

In this course we will explore the subconscious & psychological mechanisms behind the phenomenon we call “stress” – including WHY and HOW most people unconsciously generate stress in their daily lives.


Paradise, Denmark

15-22 July 2020

 Godly Attributes Retreat

Godly Attributes Retreat

15 – 22 July 2020, Paradise Retreat Center, Denmark

Hosted by Advaitananda & Adina Stoian
Communion with the supreme consciousness through the Godly Attributes

In YOGA the reality of the human being is deeply mysterious, and the highest aim of yoga is to gain direct, immediate knowledge of the truth about who we are, and the nature of consciousness and existence itself. With other words, to know God. In His mysterious nature, God is pure spirit. The Absolute Spirit, which brought light into the darkness, which caused order to appear in chaos. 

Summer Soul Retreat

23 – 29 July 2020, Paradise Retreat Center, Denmark

Find yourself in the Heart of Nature, Soul & Creativity

A 7-day Summer Soul experience in Paradise Retreat Center, a place of touching beauty. Surrounded by nature, fresh air and peace, you have the opportunity for a digital detox, leaving behind all the gadgets, distractions and constant noise.

The focus of Summer Soul this year is on human connection and amazing creativity, exploring the depths of your soul and being in communion with nature.