EYE OF THE STORM INTENSIVE – Integral and sustainable success in life

This intensive training course has been designed to boost and deepen your personal transformation in the frame of a two-and-a-half day immersive, residential retreat with like-minded people, and follow-up support and guidance.

Taught by highly qualified teachers in the field, this course is a stand-alone programme that also offers a glimpse into our high-level advanced programme, Quantum Transformation.

What you will gain: 

Improve your decision-making skills – expand to simultaneously consider all areas of life.

Receive inspiration and renewed energy for your career and personal life.

Learn how to trigger the process of opening to inspiration at will.

Learn how to access your innate genius potential.

Receive methods to train the ability of remaining relaxed in intense action.

Learn how to connect to your fundamental needs and goals.

Increase your EQ: learn how to become more empathic and connect more deeply in all types of relationships.

Learn how to overcome inner blockages and inhibitions.

Discover what is feels like to truly escape the labyrinth of stressful mental agitation.

Increased self-awareness: improve your ability to “self-adjust” and stay aligned with your goals/purpose.

Receive methods to cultivate a strong and harmonious willpower that will help you reach your goals.

Become more conscious of your addictions and compulsions and learn how to override the settings of desire-driven actions.

Begin a process of non-preferential, spherical expansion: the only sustainable direction of growth.