For yogis & tantrics, the benefits and effects of perfect amorous continence are well-known. When mastered, perfect amorous continence unlocks the possibility for couples to

  • make love for hours and experience multiple orgasms (both men and women) without ejaculation

  • transmute & sublimate the sexual creative energy for higher purposes (such as increasing stamina, intellectual power, and creativity in daily life)

  • experience deeper levels of love and intimacy in the relationship

  • make great spiritual leaps and experience states of cosmic bliss & ecstasy through lovemaking

But mastering continence is easier said than done. Especially in the case of men, perfect continence represents one of the most difficult and most rewarding achievements on the spiritual path – taking an immense amount of training and sacrifice.

And while women are naturally gifted when it comes to learning continence in the bedroom, it is not so easy to keep perfect continence in daily life – especially at the level of thoughts and emotions.

The Amorous Continence Weekend Seminar is for aspiring yogis, tantrics, couples and singles who want to better understand and eventually master Amorous Continence, for faster spiritual progress & limitless possibilities both in the bedroom and in daily life.