Urgent Message from Gregorian Bivolaru, Spiritual Guide of the Atman Federation of Yoga, Regarding a Possible Catastrophic Solar Flare

Mar 4, 2011 | Politics

My dears,
Please read carefully, a few times, the article at the end of this message. You can see that at the level of the solar system the events intensify. Now the time has come for us to take our hands out of our pockets and to stop shrugging our shoulders, and to stop saying in mockery: “I am not interested in any of this.” Please take into consideration that the time has come for all those who know about the Planetary Program of Urgent Action “No Apocalypse”, to act in unison, and to practice the method during the established times. If you do not do this, we can definitely expect a planetary catastrophe, which as we know, was foreseen and depicted in a terrifying vision seen by the Virgin Mary in front of 70,000 human beings, during her miraculous appearances and manifestations which took place in Fatima in 1917.

Considering this danger that is becoming imminent, we once again, ask all of you who know of the Planetary Program of Urgent Action “No Apocalypse”, to ensure that you practice the technique at least twice every day. I suggest that the Planetary Program of Urgent Action “No Apocalypse” be practiced at least three times every day by those of you who do not have a job.

In this way, in unison, we can hope that through the help that God will offer to us when we mobilise ourselves, we will be able to avoid a catastrophe that could affect all of us and each one of us. Bear in mind that we already have at our disposal an important revelation that comes from God; remember that it is essential and that it should mobilise as many of us as possible, and at the same time it should mobilise each one of us to practice the Supreme and Efficient Method at least twice every day.

Please read carefully this message and decide that now, more then ever, it is the time to do something for Planet Earth, for all of us, for each one of us, before an inevitable catastrophe takes place, because once it occurs, our bitter regrets will be useless. Then, it will be useless to say: “We were so stupid that we didn’t mobilise ourselves in order to succeed, with God’s help, in avoiding this planetary catastrophe!” Please remember that knowing what is to be done and not acting is, and always will be, supreme cowardice, which will have disastrous results unless we act here and now, before it is too late. Remember that here and now, more than ever, we need a gram of practice that can save us, as well as Planet Earth.

It is time to keep in mind all the time that, by offering our help and by practicing the Supreme and Efficient Method, we will also help ourselves very much. In this way, we will feel the huge help that will manifest through our being, that comes from God the Father, when we practice at the established times the Supreme and Efficient Method. It is time for you to drop your selfishness and irrelevant priorities to one side and to aim, each one of you, to find the time to practice the Supreme and Efficient Method at least twice a day. We hope that in this way, God the Father will have mercy on us and that the imminent catastrophe that threatens Planet Earth will be postponed or, and why not? – even totally avoided.

We promise to keep you updated with the latest news regarding solar eruptions which will unleash from now on. By practicing the Supreme and Efficient Method twice a day, carefully and with perseverance, we can hope that in this way Planet Earth will be forgiven by God, and that the catastrophe foreseen and depicted by the Virgin Mary in Fatima in 1917 will not take place. It is time for you to show abnegation, and for you not to think that others will be mobilised and do the Method, so that you can just go on doing other useless activities, or which are obviously bad, thinking that others will do what we ourselves should actually do. We must remember that, symbolically speaking, the mythical sword of Damocles threatens Planet Earth, through the Sun.

Please act full of Self-giving, and please realize that each day that you live might now be your last day alive, if we all continue to indulge in inertia, in selfishness and if we continue to think in the mean way that is specific to many, that we do not have time for such things, considering that others who have enough time, will be mobilised. Remember that if many of those who have the “Planetary Program of Urgent Action: No Apocalypse!”
will think in the same mean way, then very few people will actually practice the Supreme and Efficient Method daily. In such a situation, we can expect that a catastrophe will be triggered which, without a doubt, will affect each one of us and everyone living on Planet Earth.

It is time to notice with lucidity the bad intentions and perversions of the mass media in Romania, which has so far refused and might as well continue to refuse to take into consideration the Planetary Program of Urgent Action “No Apocalypse”. This criminal attitude of the mass media in Romania is due to the fact that the Planetary Program of Urgent Action “No Apocalypse” is launched by this spiritual school, to which the mass media has declared an endless and unfair war. You can be sure that if such a “Planetary Program of Urgent Action: No Apocalypse!” had been launched by the worldwide freemasonry, all mass media means would have presented the information every day, until saturation. Considering that the “Planetary Program of Urgent Action: No Apocalypse!” was initiated by this spiritual school, the mass media will be silent on this issue, in this way proving that it indulges in a criminal attitude that is against the spirit of neutrality, which the mass media should have and should manifest. I mention this, not because we would have expected the mass-media to speak about the “Planetary Program of Urgent Action: No Apocalypse!”, but in order to emphasize in this way that the mass media is serving the worldwide freemasonry. This is why it no longer responds to the deep need that people have, of knowing the truth.

At the same time, it is necessary for you to notice the stupid attitude of the mass media, because if there is a planetary catastrophe, both newspapers and television companies as well as everybody working for them, will also be affected and many of them will lose their lives or their health will be seriously affected. Nevertheless, stubbornness, meanness and stupidity determine the leaders of the mass media to systematically pretend and continue to pretend that they have never heard of this “Planetary Program of Urgent Action: No Apocalypse!.

It is worth asking yourself: “Is this attitude fair?”, “Is it fair that the mass media doesn’t publish news about this Planetary Program of Urgent Action, which if known by as many people as possible and applied, will be able to save this planet?”
Given the hatred, spitefulness and perversity manifested by the mass media towards this school, it is not easy to imagine that any transformation of attitude will occur, which would be more than ever redeeming, both for our country and for the Planet Earth.

It is time to realize that all of us who have the “Planetary Program of Urgent Action: No Apocalypse!” at hand, must apply it twice a day, so that we can contribute to the avoidance of a catastrophic event which will become imminent if we are content to remain passive and to say “There is nothing to be done.”
Take into consideration that all that is left to be done from now on is to apply day by day the divinely inspired advice of the Virgin Mary. For that, all of us who have at least a seed of intelligence, responsibility and common sense, must mobilise ourselves at once, before this catastrophe is unleashed, in order to stop it before it is produced.

Remember that if we do not act now when it is still possible, nothing further can be done after such a catastrophe has affected the entire planet Earth for many months.

For those that have the financial resources, we suggest that from now on they make light offerings of one hundred candles a day, consecrating this light to counteract the catastrophe which could affect Planet Earth. To the extent to which it is possible, it is good to explain the Supreme and Efficient Method to relatives, close acquaintances and friends and eventually you can perform the Supreme and Efficient Method with them in a group, in order to contribute to the fast annihilation of the malefic energies which expose our Planet Earth to the danger of this catastrophe.
Please take into consideration that signs which have recently appeared, show that the danger of bursting out of such a catastrophe is very large. Knowing this, it is very good to act now, before it is too late. Do not forget that regret that we did not do what we had to do will be worthless after such a terrible catastrophe is unleashed, if we indulge in states of inertia, indifference and egoism.

We will soon return with a much more extended article, which we have already started to prepare. We hope that all those who will attentively read this message will mobilise themselves without delay, and will perform daily the “Planetary Program of Urgent Action: No Apocalypse!”.
Understanding the seriousness of the situation, it is necessary more than ever, for all of us to be mobilised and to act in unison, twice a day, from now on. Please do not forget that if as many of us as possible do not act, such a catastrophic phenomenon, as is also anticipated by scientists, can be produced at any time in reality, in any of the following days, shortly afterwards unleashing a terrible planetary catastrophe which would also affect us, the ones who knew the existing danger and yet, due to inertia and skepticism, did not act.

We ask you from now on, to not forget that this godly initiative which we already have at our disposal, which is the Supreme and Efficient Method, will operate (both to our own individual good, and to the good of everybody) if many of us (especially those of us who know) act in unison from now on.
“To know and to not act is a supreme cowardice. You should never give up, especially when you are an initiate and you know a lot of efficient methods which you can apply when you are confronted with various adversities. Especially in such situations, you must continue to fight even when the times are adverse. You should never forget that at the same time, such situations also constitute certain spiritual tests for you.”

Gigantic Solar Explosions That Will Destroy Planet Earth

Please watch these videos in order to realize that what is happening is a reality which should give us an impulse to do something, since the danger is almost imminent!

The NASA (USA) observatory for solar dynamics took these images of an immense solar eruption on the morning of 15th February 2011, between approximately 3:45 – 5:00 Romanian Time. The respective eruption happened within the solar spot 11058 and it is obvious, according to the estimations made shortly afterwards, that it was the most powerful solar explosion that has occurred in the last four years, including the one from August last year (2010), which could even be observed with the naked eye from Earth.

Such bigger and bigger solar storms mean that at the same time, wonderful boreal auroras are triggered, phenomena which can be seen near the polar circles, but besides all these, they also mean terrible threats for Planet Earth. This recent solar eruption emitted a considerable quantity of high energy ultraviolet radiation (HEV) and expelled an immense mass from the crown of the sun, which was estimated to touch the Earth’s surface 36-48 hours later, and was capable of affecting both communication satellites, and the energy generating systems which exist on our planet. The solar eruption was the greatest one of the actual solar cycle, which started in the year 2008 and offered a shattering confirmation of the devastating effects which can appear on our planet. When the mass of particles and radiations impacted the Earth, high voltage power lines on the entire globe were affected, as well as the functioning of the satellites and, in southern China on Thursday 17th, short wavelength radio communications stopped working.

NASA researchers had foreseen that the solar activity would intensify, and the American Astro Physician Michio Kaku from New York University has warned that this activity will reach a maximum around 2012-2013 and that in the near future, very powerful solar explosions will occur. However, what is indicated from recent events is that such extremely intensive solar phenomena could unleash even faster than has been foreseen.
For this reason, the scholar Michio Kaku aims to convince the American administration to take measures to protect electronic and communication equipment so that they will be able to resist the more and more powerful solar eruptions which will be produced. It has been estimated that in 2013 such phenomena might be triggered, which risk becoming even more devastating for the energetic (electric) system of Planet Earth.

It is good to know that, according to the calculations of scientists, the Sun is capable of producing 20 times more powerful eruptions than that which occurred on 15th February. Last year (2010), Dr. Richard Fisher, Director of the Heliophysics department within NASA has been quoted in the international press as stating among other things, the following: “We know that such immense solar eruptions can appear, but we cannot estimate how bad they will be for planet Earth”. He added: “In the worst case, the first to fall will be the communication systems, satellites and airplane guiding systems. Then, there will come the electric devices of banks, hospitals and even those in our own homes. If all this occurs, huge problems will appear for human kind. The life of millions of human beings will be endangered. Vast areas of the planet will remain in complete darkness for years because of fallen energy generating systems, as their reparation will take a very long time.” All this has been declared by Dr. Richard Fisher.

For a better understanding of the importance of this Planetary Program of Urgent Action “No Apocalypse”, in your free time, please study carefully the two volumes of the brochure “Planetary Program of Urgent Action: No Apocalypse!”


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