“A Free Introduction workshop to the Yoga – An Intensive Course

19 februar 2015 19:30 – 21:30
Natha Yogacenter København Nordre Fasanvej 230A, 2200 København N, Denmark

This free yoga workshop gives an insight and a head-start into Natha’s Intensive Yoga Course. 
Natha’s Intensive Yoga Course is built as a guided journey of self knowledge and exploration, giving the students the map and all the tools and guidance they need to discover and fulfill their potential, their most elevated aspirations and needs.

This workshop offers a fun and exciting preview of this journey. In this workshop the participant is guided up the ladder of the 7 chakras, one step at a time – at each step being introduced to the reality of that chakra and experimenting with special techniques for energizing it. This includes techniques such as yogic physical positions, breathing techniques, guided meditations, visualizations, group exercises and more.

Thus, the participants get to experience first hand what awaits them down the road of this exciting Yoga course. 
This event also gives the opportunity to meet the teachers who keep the Intensive Yoga Course, hear about their own experiences in Yoga, and to ask questions. Tea and cake will be served later. 
All are welcome to this workshop and no previous experience is needed.

After the workshop it is possible to sign up for the Intensive Yoga Course and benefit from special reductions – 25% reduction for as many months as one wishes to pay in advance for.”