Tantra Yoga


In collaboration with their teacher, Grieg, Advaitananda and Adina have created what is currently the world’s most comprehensive tantra course – the Esoteric Tantra Yoga Course. The ancient treasures of Tantra have been made accessible through this in-depth course that is now taught by certified teachers in more than 25 countries around the world.

The Esoteric Tantra Yoga Course invites all who dare on a fascinating journey of spiritual evolution and exploration, delving deep into ancient esoteric knowledge that addresses today’s real world experience and covers life-encompassing subjects. With an array of practical methods the practitioner is able to methodically and systematically take steps on their journey of inner transformation towards self-realisation, through cultivating an open Tantric attitude to life.

Tantra is a comprehensive system for spiritual awakening. More infamous than truly known, it is often grossly misunderstood. The word ‘Tantra’ is derived from the Sanskrit terms for, “weave, network or expansion,” (tan) and “tools” (tra). Knowing this we are given clues as to what Tantra really is: a network of methods and tools that are used to expand the consciousness, explore the sublime through the senses, deepen our understanding of life itself, and our experience of our true inner Self.

In collaboration with their teacher, Grieg, Advaitananda and his wife, Adina, have created what is currently the world’s most comprehensive course of its kind – the Esoteric Tantra Yoga Course – now taught by certified teachers in more than 25 countries around the world.


Tantra teaches us to courageously meet and embrace all aspects and experiences of life with eyes and hearts fully open. Consciously integrating all domains of life – from our home life, work and relationships to peak spiritual experiences – allows us to fulfil our fundamental need for a unified approach towards the realisation of our highest aspirations, inner awakening and the revelation of our true nature.

Many self-development systems today lack a spiritual anchor beyond the needs of the individualised perspective. This anchor is what allows us to reveal deeper meaning in what can otherwise become a frantic, but futile, quest for fulfilment.

In a tantric experience of life, we recognise that everything is wholly interconnected, that nothing is “random”, that all of our experiences have a deeper meaning and fit perfectly into a greater whole. Life itself, whether ‘pleasant’ or ‘unpleasant’, is our greatest teacher. We learn to open our eyes to the godly nature and fullness of reality without filters, preconceptions and veils, attaining greater and greater states of inner freedom.


The Esoteric Tantra Course offers a systematic and in-depth curriculum, through which the mysteries of Tantra are revealed and explored one by one.

Highly efficient ancient techniques and knowledge are delivered in a down-to-earth and relatable way for our modern lifestyle. Supported by contemporary scientific discoveries, the timeless nature of these teachings means that they are accessible to everyone, and through practice, amazing results can be achieved.


Tantra itself means “network” and is a vast system of ancient wisdom and understanding of the human life and the human soul. In the course, we have structured this knowledge into levels, semesters and modules, that gradually unfold the whole picture.

The fact that Tantra means network shows the ancient understanding that everything is interconnected and no aspect of life can be neglected. Therefore the course will go into all the spheres of human life, including the physical body, health, sexuality, performance, human relations, psychology, philosophy and much more.


The Tantra Course is set to mimic the naturally development of any organism. Frontier scientists have come to believe, that the universe fundamentally is organized according to incredible precise laws and natural algorithms based on sacred geometry, resonance and the holographic principle. In the same way the

Tantra Course is designed as an ascending double helix spiral formation (DNA), where each ascending cycle explore even deeper the domains of life, touched upon on the previous levels. In this way the agile student have the opportunity to gradually assimilate and develop him- or herself in all the spheres of his/her life. On each level of the course there is thus a module especially dedicated to eroticism, love and relationships as well as the other fundamental domains of life.


A gram of practice is worth tons of theory, therefore we will include various exercises, hatha yoga or meditation in each class. You are also highly recommended to set time aside daily for “homework”, to practice the techniques given in the course, which is what will give you results and make a difference in your life.

You will also receive written materials that we recommend you to study at home before each new class. These materials often contain more information, than it is possible to discuss in the class. In the course material there will be detailed descriptions of the techniques you will learn and the effects of these techniques on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.


We meet once a week for about two hours. Each course includes theory and practice where we do the techniques we have learned so far. The techniques we practice in a group does not contain any form of erotic practices, all erotic exercises are homework. The techniques that we receive in the course starts with the classical yoga techniques, which means that you learn at a basic level the Tantric perspective, and from there gradually developed other methods.

The course integrates also some playful group exercises that help one to awaken the heart, overcoming internal barriers and transform. The course is based on continuous transformation and is structured like a school divided in levels, semesters and modules. Your commitment is made either by the month, quarter or semester.


Tantra Yoga: a spiritual system based on universal laws and principles

The spiritual laws and principles at the foundation of the tantric system mutually support and expand upon each other, constituting a solid bedrock that allows for universal understanding, applicable to any walk of life, remaining the same for any age, culture or context.

The practitioner is thus able to gradually gain control and understanding over all aspects of their life, in a systematic and objective way.

The true ‘price’ of the choices we make is revealed so that one can find freedom from even the most strongly ingrained patterns, habits and vices.


Tantra Yoga: a system of gradual transformation through alchemy

The spiritual journey in Tantra can be described as a continuous process of awakening that naturally leads to the expansion of the consciousness through inner alchemy: the refining of base or unconscious inner impulses into more useful and uplifted attitudes and actions.

The Tantra Yoga practitioner cultivates the courage to look at each life experience as it is, without trying to adjust it to his own convenience. The essential capacity of being and remaining aware and lucid in the middle of the most intense experiences is the real “philosopher’s stone” that triggers alchemical transformations within, leading to a gradual transformation of the entire character of the practitioner.


Tantra Yoga: spiritualising all aspects of life

In the vision of the Tantric system, everything has its own place, significance and importance. Tantra facilitates the gradual spiritual integration of every domain of our lives, including eroticism and intimacy (but not only) and giving each the necessary attention.

A fact that is currently unknown by many is how easily we can obtain elevated states of consciousness, in the midst of our daily lives, by using the very forces which most people tend to suppress or avoid. The correct and systematic application of the Tantric methods enable us to discover states of wonder, enthusiasm, pure enjoyment, wisdom, beauty, inspiration and sacredness right in the middle of a life that, for others, is dull, banal and devoid of spiritual meaning.


Esotericism refers to certain essential realisations or truths that remain hidden to the average person, shrouded by superficial layers of life. It is, however, important to acknowledge that this does not mean the Tantric system is reserved for the very few who are already prepared.

Due to its structure around universal laws and principles, Tantra can be adapted to the specific needs of each aspirant. It is a system that supports everyone’s growth, starting from exactly where they are, and empowers each person with the most suitable tools for them to make the most of this cosmic journey.

From the perspective of the possibilities that it offers humanity, we can say that Tantra is the most accessible path in this age of individualisation and diversification, each person being able to tailor their path according to their needs.