A man is not
born he is

Awakening vira
A movement for modern men

The Awakening Vira project is dedicated to the establishment of a new standard of superior masculinity in the world today. VIRA is the Sanskrit term for a SPIRITUAL HERO.

A man with meaning and purpose is truly alive

Advaitananda is the author of the Awakening Vira men’s programmes, a proponent of re-establishing true masculine values in our modern times. One of his aims is to bring to light the archetypal perspective upon  the nature and purpose of polarity and, as such, emphasises on the importance for men of consciously cultivating their masculine role – something that in today’s society has been grossly neglected or misunderstood. His programmes have supported hundreds of men in assuming their role as a true spiritual hero, or Vira.

Envision you are a heroic warrior always in a state of readiness. After many countless hours of training, you know you can face any challenge. No obstacle can make you deviate from your goals. Nothing can stop you from living according to your highest ideals. Women are naturally drawn to and adore you and men want to be you. You know precisely your role in this world and revel in fulfilling it.

“Just an outdated fantasy”, many might say.

In the world today masculinity faces a crisis, and this fundamental vision of the spiritual hero, the VIRA, seems more and more forgotten and inaccessible. Being a man, and finding our purpose in the world as men, proves to be more complex than most are ready to admit and acknowledge.

Fortunately, the core principles of true masculinity are immortal and unchanging, and therefore await discovery by any man who seeks them. With the right information and inner training, none of us have to settle for a life of mediocrity, disillusionment or frustration. The only “toxic masculinity” is the immature and misunderstood caricature of real masculinity.

Developing this true masculinity, which inexorably places the practitioner in a harmonious relationship with the world, requires maturity, wise guidance, and well-directed efforts. When we understand certain principles and mechanisms of masculine development, then apply them systematically in our daily life and relationships for long enough, we can become the unstoppable spiritual hero, living a life that many men only dream of and becoming the men that the world is in desperate need of today.


Imagine waking up every day knowing exactly what it means to be a man, having a set of guiding principles that have been observed and handed down for thousands of generations, with values illuminating how to grow and become a true model of genuine masculinity in all areas of life. Envision having practical knowledge and techniques that develop masculinity from the inside out, so that your masculine power and strength is utterly unshakable yet harmoniously integrated in today’s complex world.

Your understanding of these principles holds the keys to success, efficient development, and fulfilment as a man in every domain of your life. The Awakening Vira project gives the opportunity to begin the challenging journey from where you are now to a state of unimaginable masculine power, confidence and inner fulfilment.

Since time immemorial, it was necessary for the brotherhoods of men to pass down the fundamental principles and guidelines of masculinity, from generation to generation, to forge the harmonious and potent development of the masculine power and keep its flame alive. This was needed, not only because perfecting the masculine nature requires understanding, guidance and training, but primarily because this process is a result of deliberate, conscious evolution. We must want and choose to walk this path, and for long enough, to discover for ourselves its necessity in growing our own sense of happiness, purpose and fulfilment, as the men of today’s generation.


His reason for living grows luminous in his heart. When he decides to turn his superior intention into ACTION and courageously embrace all of the necessary challenges and inner transformations (that mysteriously appear with perfect timing along his way), we can truly say that he has begun to walk THE PATH OF VIRA.


The journey of becoming a man

Becoming an awakened man isn’t something that can be done overnight, or through mere superficial changes that do not reflect deep inside, under the surface of our being. A true pillar must offer more than just the appearance of integrity on the outside, we must gradually become structurally sound all the way through! Becoming a real man is a journey.

It is the fulfilling process that builds and shapes the character of a man in accordance with his profound nature and structure, which is why you can’t build yourself into the man you aspire to be without understanding the principles and forces that comprise genuine masculinity. It is an unchanging and eternal pillar which we forge ourselves to grow more and more into perfect alignment with.