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It is not easy to pigeonhole Advaitananda. He is a man with a great variety of life experience and skills, who has achieved in one life far more than your average person. Not only is he an educated scientist who worked in the Academy of Science, but he is also an advanced spiritual practitioner who has been teaching and practicing Tantra, Yoga and Meditation for the last thirty years.

Arguably his greatest contribution to the world today is in his skilful bridging of current scientific discoveries with esoteric technology, giving practical solutions for the modern-day person. Especially at a time like this, of shifting global consciousness, where people are moving away from materialism in search of genuine spirituality, Advaitananda’s contribution to global and individual spiritual evolution is invaluable and highly sought after.

As a young man, Advaitananda’s thirst for truth brought him into contact with Gregorian Bivolaru (Grieg), the man who was to become his spiritual guide. Grieg is the founder of MISA, a spiritual school acknowledged by scholars as the biggest esoteric movement in the world today. As an educated scientist, Advaitananda’s sceptical nature was challenged by the obvious transformations and results of the yoga and meditation practice. He has been steadfastly following the guidance of Grieg for more than 30 years, with spectacular results through personal, experimental validation.

Advaitananda has a masters degree in nuclear physics, and worked in scientific research and artificial intelligence for many years. He is also a prolific proponent of current socio-political issues, and has introduced fundamental concepts that can be used to shape a broader understanding of human rights: spiritual human rights, soul ecology, and hygiene of the consciousness. He spent several years at the European Parliament in Brussels and Strasbourg as an advisor to several high-ranked politicians.

Advaitananda has been together with his beloved wife Adina for almost 30 years. Together they form an inspiring tantric couple which has been the source of inspiration for many around the world. Through their inspiring work and vivacious spirit, it is obvious they have cracked the code to everlasting attraction and love, and they regularly hold retreats and seminars on the subject of the tantric relationship.

In collaboration with their teacher, Grieg, Advaitananda and Adina have created what is currently the world’s most comprehensive tantra course – the Esoteric Tantra Yoga Course. The ancient treasures of Tantra have now been made accessible through this in-depth course that is taught by certified teachers in more than 25 countries around the world.

Advaitananda is the coordinator of the International Federation of Yoga and Meditation ATMAN, in which he is the Principal Teacher of the Yoga and Tantra Teacher Training Courses. He is also the coordinator and one of the senior teachers at Natha Yoga Center, Denmark. He has written several books and produced several DVDs on spiritual subjects, and has more on the go.

Annually, Advaitananda lectures at retreats and conferences throughout the world, including international yoga congresses, meditation retreats, Tantra Festivals, and tantra workshops and retreats. He is the author and coordinator of the Awakening Vira men’s courses, which are at the forefront of re-establishing masculine values in our modern times. He is also one of the principal tantra teachers at Kama Experiential, with whom he teaches international tantra retreats, webinars and seminars.

When Advaitananda is not holding seminars and retreats, counselling couples and coordinating projects, he likes to retreat in deep meditation and profound contemplation. The silence found therein offers a haven for all the inspirations and works to come…