I believe in the principle of CONTINUOUS TRANSFORMATION as the engine of evolution. Here and Now is the frame – Quantum Physics, Yoga, Tantra are my tools.



Love as a Perpetuum Mobile – Secrets of Long-Lasting Relationships

  Couple Relationships: One of the most spoken about yet misunderstood topics today  All too often relationships are relegated to the backseat of our lives, being considered more like an annexe than an integral, fundamental part of life that should be given its...

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: The Root of Integral Yoga (part one)

An Integral Yoga System as a Holistic structure We owe to the great Sage Patanjali a workable Yoga system that has become the blueprint of most of the Yoga practiced today. Patanjali's amazing wisdom comes not only from the knowledge he teaches, but mostly from his...

Remember, Remember the 11th of September

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana ”Remember, remember … the gunpowder treason against the people and plot; I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot!”. An old symbol of acting in the shadows,...

Meditations to offer Spiritual Support

In times like this the following represents an important call to effective and beneficent ACTION. Even if you do not know much give it a chance! Introduction Meditations for offering spiritual support are not a new activity engaged in by the initiates of our esoteric...

If we are to do something useful and meaningful, the time is NOW

(Contains in the end the article “The real Donald Trump may now be discovered” by Sylvain LAFOREST ) I have been asked many times: “What can we do now in these times?” It is a question that expresses what many of us search for all the time - a way to engage and be an...



For revealing the Supreme Self Atman

26 December 2020 – 3 January 2021, Paradise Retreat Center, Denmark

Every year spiritual seekers gather in Paradise Retreat Center to conclude the year in silence and begin a new year in clarity, peace and fully charged with new energy.

This retreat offers a uniqe frame of silence for allowing each participant to reach peak spiritual realizations with no phones, emails and other external distractions.


Begin your spiritual journey!


The Esoteric Tantra Yoga course is a journey of personal development, energy and awareness, chakras, love and relationships as well as tantric eroticism.

It contains a “toolbox” with methods to work with energy and to get to know yourself at a deeper and more profound level.


Learn to meditate step by step… Walk the royal path of meditation up the mountain of Self Realization. The course starts by forming a strong foundation upon which the meditative state can appear giving insights into the mechanisms of the mind.

Silence the mind and venture into the land of true initiates and the unfoldment of the amazing mysteries of the spiritual heart…


A real man is not born – he is forged! Vira is a sanskrit term for spiritual hero.

Awakening Vira project teaches the principles and mechanisms that enables the man to consciously operate success in every domain of life and to fulfill the role of the man in the complex world we live in today. Learn all the forces that forge a man.


This course is for serious Yoga practitioners who wish to deepen their own understanding and practice of Yoga and share that with others through the nople art of teaching. The YTTC was created by senior Yoga teachers, Advaitananda and Adina Stoian, under the guidance of their spiritual mentor, Gregorian Bivolaru.

Advaitananda also teach the course assisted by other senior teachers from within the Atman Federation. Because of its structure, requirements and number of hours of training, the Atman Federation’s Yoga Teacher Training Course is the most indepth course of its kind available worldwide. It is one of the most profound and insightful Yoga teacher training courses and it is connected to a specific, ongoing Yoga course with more than 20 years of weekly classes curriculum.


This course is for serious Tantric practitioners who wish to deepen their own understanding about the Tantric system through teaching and guiding others on the Tantric path. The TTTC was created by senior Tantra teachers, Advaita and Adina Stoian, under the guidance of their spiritual mentor Gregorian Bivolaru.

Advaitananda and Adina also teach the TTTC assisted by other senior teachers from within the Atman Federation. Because of its structure, requirements and number of hours of training, the Atman Federation’s Tantra Teacher Training Course is the most indepth course of its kind available worldwide. It is one of the only existing tantra teacher training programs in the world today and the only one that is connected to a specific, ongoing tantra course with more than 11 years curriculum.


  • Jordan O. on Meditations to offer Spiritual Support@Advaitananda Thank you for your response! I am happy to see your open attitude as I must admit I had expected to find a more protectionistic response (unfortunately I often see a paradox in modern spiritual communities claiming to be open and all-embracing, yet at the same time firmly believing they own the monopole on Truth.) Maybe I even fall into that category myself since for a while I rejected to try this initiative which you are advocating for. But for some reason I was suddenly reminded about it this Saturday and I tuned in to MisaTV. I can only...
  • Martin on If we are to do something useful and meaningful, the time is NOWThanks for the reply. Trying to wrap my head around all this. I’ve been meditating for the past 5 years and while I’ve had some good states I haven’t been able to bring all these parts together. What you’re saying makes sense on some kind of level - perhaps intuitive - but the reality paints a vastly different picture. How can everyone be ‘in on it’? Why aren’t more people revealing the ‘truth’ if this is indeed the truth. How can it be so well concealed for so long? Some things just don’t add up. Trying to keep an open...
  • Philip on Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: The Root of Integral Yoga (part one)First of all thank you for this perspective upon Yoga, it is very new to me. So what i understand is that in order to practice correctly yoga, from the way you describe it as an integral system, you have to reform your entire life basically from inside out! Looking into the Yamas and Niyamas i can see that it requires a lot of inner restructuring... The amount of bad thoughts i have towards other people and life situations in general are enourmous... So where to start? Is there a limb that is recommended to emphasize on in the beginning...
  • Peter J. on Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: The Root of Integral Yoga (part one)I practiced Ashtanga yoga for a few years and it was nothing like you explain here. Seems like it took a bit of a detour from the original path of what Ashtanga is supposed to mean. But then again that's what's happened with almost all the original spiritual practices on earth. Over time becoming watered down versions of what they were originally. But I guess that's what people can handle in our so-called modern progressive times. Imagine if Patanjali would appear now, what kind of sutras he would write fitting for the people of today 😀
  • Peter J. on Remember, Remember the 11th of SeptemberGreat article. Thanks for posting. Very informative. We need more information like this to be shared with the world. Let's get the truth out there!
  • Advaitananda on Remember, Remember the 11th of September@Anne Even if we know that something is true, we are closer to the familiar image about ourselves, and implicit about the world, than to the objective reality. For this reason we rather dismiss some of the facts in order to obtain a "reality" that fit with the rest of our view: "perfection by omission". When a fact is too far out of our familiar reality the effort needed to integrate it in our consciousness is great and often we prefer to make the (much less) effort to justify why that fact cannot be true and why we ignore it....
  • Advaitananda on Meditations to offer Spiritual Support@Jordan O. It's a correct perspective that one can also ask for a more general form of godly help, such as asking for a help for the whole humanity to rise to a higher level of consciousness. This will somehow include at least some of the effects of the support meditation that was presented in this article. However this method presented here, that include the revolutionary approach from the perspective of making your being a channel in an through which the subtle sublime energy of a godly attribute (here the godly help) will manifest during the meditation, is a very...
  • Anne on Remember, Remember the 11th of SeptemberHow come that when things are obviously a lie, usually those lies are the hardest to acknowledge? Even I know it so well from myself, the tendency to ignore uncomfortable truths and realisations, I still cannot believe that this tendency is so widespread!
  • Jordan O. on Meditations to offer Spiritual SupportInteresting article, but I am still not fully convinced why the support has to be directed towards Donald Trump?! I understand that the help comes from God and will only support something beneficial. But what gives us the right to define a limit to where the energy of Godly help should potentially be directed? Why not make it a more general and (in my opinion more humble) intention, to open ourselves as channels for peace on Earth? And then leave God's ways as mysterious as they are? For instance like the initiative by this organisation which I follow: http://www.globalpeacemeditation.com/ Looking...
  • Advaitananda on If we are to do something useful and meaningful, the time is NOW@Martin I understand your perspective Martin because it contains a confusion that often appear regarding spirituality and our daily existence. They are not and should not be separated. Acting in a spiritual way to help represents a totally different kind of action than we usually see in our society today. The idea that such action represents political affiliation is the same as saying that a hospital that offer help and assistance to a certain leader is expressing a political affiliation. I detailed this point here, if you want to continue to follow such ideas. Thank you for a straight and...