A heart-based life
is the key to INTEGRAL

A heart-based life is the
key to
integral success

Add more days to your week

Do you struggle with not having enough time? Apply these two keys that can make it feel like your week is longer.

Ava has been a teacher of mine for the past decade. Working with him has brought much insight which has been a great support in my personal life as well as in my creative work. In applying the teachings and practices, I have been able to connect more profoundly with myself, to transform on many deeper levels, which has beneficially impacted my music enormously.

Edward Maya

Are you looking to get more out of life?

Leadership & Real Abundance

Learn about integral success and leadership, drawing on universal principles and laws that help us work in a fully integrated, aligned way, and get the most out of our lives and career. 30+ years of intense yoga and meditation practice, and success in leading organisations across 20 countries, allow me to share revelations that can reshape the way you lead your life and business, and calibrate your path towards integrated success.

Relationships / Communication

Connect to and utilise the brilliant potential of your hearts intelligence, tapping into its exceptional resources and enriching the way you interact with others – from personal life to career. Discover the instant communication network between all hearts, based on acceptance, love, forgiveness and joy. Living a full, rich, intense and successful life implies fulfilment in all areas – not just in the workplace. Make your relationships blossom in depth, intimacy and fulfilment.

Spiritual growth

I believe the highest purpose in life is to seek answers to life’s biggest questions: ‘Who am I?’, ‘Why am I here?”. Since beginning this journey in my teens I have maintained an intense practice. I am nevertheless bewildered by the paradoxical simplicity / complexity of the continually expanding perspective before me. My work in the world is for as many people as possible to be touched by this ecstatic experience.

A Few words about


An educated scientist, advanced spiritual practitioner and teacher of Yoga, Tantra and Meditation, Advaitananda’s story is intricate and nuanced. Through a lifetime of intense academic study, daily spiritual practice and self-enquiry, Advaitananda discovered how spiritual systems actually offer unexpected yet ingenious, complete and sustainable solutions to the common problems we face today – solutions that he wishes to share through his projects and writings.

Musings & insights

Sowing Seeds

Welcome to our website, a space that is intended to serve as a garden where seeds of genuine spiritual knowledge are sown and cultivated, so that they may sprout in the hearts of all curious and intuitive guests. Forever deeply passionate about his research, Ava also shares some gems of insight here that await discovery by all.

continuous transformation podcast

Being alive is, in itself, a process of continuous transformation. In this podcast, Advaitananda gives a unique spin on our understanding of self and the world around us, aiming to assist in the discovery of the highest perspectives that can transform any life situation into an opportunity for growth.

Topics such as leadership, time management, relationships, health, eroticism, mental focus and vigilant citizenship are discussed with guests who seek to initiate a clearer vision on these pertinent topics, in this challenging and surprising world.

Advaitananda’s extensive experience and personal practice has led to his counselling thousands of people on a variety of matters, such as those mentioned above, and many more.

In this podcast, Advaitananda intends to provide a much-needed bridge between the wisdom of the past, the reality of the present, and the hope of the future.


Advaitananda’s skilful bridging of these two worlds – cutting-edge scientific discoveries with esoteric teachings and methodology – has given birth to an array of projects over the years, all nourished by his deep aspiration to support personal, societal and even global spiritual evolution.


Institute for Quantum Transformation

The Institute exists to empower those who are ready to go beyond the ordinary limits of the consciousness and tap into the superior wisdom of the heart, by offering systematic, proven techniques for utilising universal laws for the benefit of all, constantly shifting paradigms and upgrading perspectives in all areas of life.


Awakening Masculinity

Being a man, and finding our purpose in the world as men today, proves to be more complex than most are ready to acknowledge. Fortunately, the core principles of true masculinity are immortal and unchanging, and await discovery by anyone who seeks them.


Meditation Course

Human consciousness is endowed with amazing tools, but we need to learn how to use them so that they will not disrupt our inner peace or distort our perception of reality. Methods of improving the power of concentration, as the key practices in this regard, cannot be overemphasised.


Esoteric Tantra Yoga Course

The Esoteric Tantra Yoga Course invites all who dare on a fascinating journey of spiritual evolution and exploration, delving deep into ancient esoteric knowledge that addresses today’s real world experience, and covers life-encompassing subjects.


Advanced Education –
Teachers’ trainings

Benjamin Whichcote aptly said, “There is no better way to learn than to teach.” For many dedicated and passionate practitioners, choosing to guide and teach others reveals itself to be a natural step that also helps deepen their own practice.

how can Advaitananda
help me thrive?

For those wanting lazer sharp insight in order to make a breakthrough, Advaitananda offers private consultation sessions to individuals, couples, and businesses.


The programme with Advaitananda was intense; to me it was a game changer. You get in a mode of peacefulness, calm and quietness. I never expected quietness to be that attractive. And once I started living more in the moment, I was able to focus on tasks at hand which released a lot of resources. It got me balanced, and that made a great impact on the art I’m making.
Ben Flumm
Musician & Professional Speaker, Switzerland
I’ve done a lot of courses, I lead courses, and it takes a lot to surprise me and to really find tremendous value, so it’s a great joy when I do find that. In the Eye of the Storm, I was continually surprised. One of the things that was really valuable for me was I’ve had this long problem of 15 years, something that I’ve put my head in the sand about, and with the Eye of the Storm, I actually started to look at it, take responsibility, and take actions, and for me that was huge value.
Lucy Pattinson
Breath Coach & Co-founder of Quantum Questions, United Kingdom
I used to be a “busy fool”, just busy being busy, and I’d say I probably now do 10% of what I used to do because my level of self-awareness inside of business is just going up and up with the help of Advaitananda and the Quantum Transformation programme. It has given me back a massive amount of time.
Greg Garrett
Entrepreneur, United Kingdom