Being alive is Continuous Transformation. This is the podcast that gives a spin on your understanding of yourself and the world around you. Join and discover the right perspectives that can transform any life situation into an opportunity to grow.

Topics like leadership, time management, relationships, health, eroticism, mental focus and vigilant citizenship are discussed weekly by guests who want to get a clearer vision in this challenging and surprising world. 

Your host Advaitananda Stoian has a scientific background as a researcher in AI and quantum physics. For the past 30 years he has been practicing and teaching yoga, meditation and tantra. He is co-author of the most extensive course on esoteric tantra yoga and a 3-year meditation course. Over the years he has counselled thousands of people on matters including couple relationship, spiritual practice, mental focus, heart-centred leadership, and much more. 

This is a bridge between the past and future that is so much needed today! With the hope of making the high spiritual principles more accessible to people the world over, Advaitananda started this work of sharing his deep experience in many areas of life with his guests, in this podcast format. May it be transformative for many!

Episode 14: The Gift of Superior Masculinity (Inquiries by Foca Yariv)

Episode 14: The Gift of Superior Masculinity (Inquiries by Foca Yariv)

Masculinity is a gift to the world when it is present in its superior aspect. There is a lot of talk today about ‘toxic masculinity’, but I dare say that it is the rhetoric and opinions about this topic which are much more toxic. To understand the extent of the bias in the discourse on masculinity, you can start by imagining…